Make him a sandwichHey hey Chick-fil-A, how many women did you fire for having children at home so they could be “stay home mothers” in blatant disregard for sex-discrimination laws and common decency and humanity on top of all your other pressing PR problems that are totally “neutral” in the culture wars today? Oh, just the one, Brenda Honeycutt of Duluth, Georgia? But maybe like five more? In just one restaurant? Well depending on your judge that may not be enough to show a pattern of willful discrimination, so by all means, carry on!

GLAAD reports on Honeycutt’s gender discrimination suit, wherein Honeycutt points to five other women who were either demoted or terminated and replaced by men; in at least one other case, this happened after the woman became a mother. But here’s the kicker: defendant Jeff Howard apparently told Honeycutt that was why he was firing her. Dude, time for a refresher course from HR.

Anyway, please be sure to pick a better, more legally defensible reason to fire your lady employees next time, Chick-fil-A, like that maybe they did not have big enough jugs.

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