Look at that face. Now check the box marked "attracted to Ewan"Today, we find out how many gay people there are while the Vatican works miracles in book selling (not that book!), and a new sport everyone can do but a new reality show almost no can join. Hmmm….
  • How many gay people are there, really, in the United States? Luckily, the answer’s actually pretty easy: exactly the number of people who’ve met Ellen Degeneres or Ewan McGregor, whether in their dreams or in real life. [The Atlantic]
  • Because the Vatican won’t stop complaining about it, everyone decided to buy the nun’s book on self-love. Because the only thing better than Oprah’s Book Club stamp is a public proclamation from the most public religious entity in the world condemning your book! [Washington Post]
  • There’s a shin-kicking Olympics. Short people, unite! Now we can finally get payback famous for a sport that comes naturally to us! [Boing Boing]
  • The Dutch are thinking of hosting a reality TV show to pick astronauts to make a colony on Mars as a way to raise funds for that colony. Honestly, this story toes the line between amazing and exciting and worrying and a little nuts. It’s the news equivalent of America’s Next Top Model. [Slate]

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