Rick Santorum must now gay marry his microphone.

The Maryland Senate passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage that the House also passed last week, which the governor will now sign shortly, hooray! This makes Maryland the first state with a direct reference to Catholicism in its name to legalize gay marriage and the eighth state to do so overall, which immediately forced Virginia to also advance an anti-gay adoption bill today as a bulwark against common sense spreading any further south of the Mason-Dixon line. Twitter, meanwhile, is growing agitated that Rick Santorum has not yet issued a reaction that is gravely offensive to the basic principles of decency for it to mock. Come on, he did it for the Ninth Circuit ruling against California’s Proposition 8! Did someone forget to put another quarter in the squawking toy clown’s butt?

Comedy demands your imbecile response, Rick!

Let us also briefly note that some people are going to argue that gay rights activists “owe” zombie virus Dick Cheney a “thank you,” because he reportedly privately lobbied a Maryland GOP legislator or two to vote for the bill. He has a gay daughter, remember? So those possessed of a short-term memory might think, “eh, he at least did one thing right” instead of doing the only possible moral thing whenever his name comes up, picturing an Iraqi toddler with her limbs blown off. The thank-you notes go to the legions of activists who work on these issues every day to support and advance gay marriage without engineering the murder of thousands of civilians or promoting torture and war crimes. [WaPo]

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