The king demon shall now summon the other demons to his rescue.Stinky corporate gym sock puppet Scott Walker has a crafty new rule for Wisconsin state Capitol visitors: the guys on his team, Republican gun nuts who want to be able to carry their guns wherever they go, will now be allowed to bring concealed weapons into the building. The people on the other team, the harassing Marxists who want to be able to bring in video cameras to record lawmaker goblins whooping and dancing around the bonfire of voting rights and state pensions, will still be violently arrested and carted off. But here’s Scott Walker’s main point for you libtards who refuse to leave him alone on his own turf: which team here now has guns?

TheĀ Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Under rules planned for one chamber, guns would be allowed on the Assembly floor and in the Assembly viewing galleries, said sources who have been briefed on the plans. That would mean the public could bring guns into the viewing galleries but would still have to adhere to other existing rules, including one that bars the use of still cameras and video cameras.

Oh, Scott Walker. He is such a terrible wuss villain that he has to make other tough guys do his intimidation work for him. Sounds about right. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

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