Jesus knows that Bullying is part of American Exceptionalism, et cetera.The Bible is full of important life lessons and anecdotes, such as “sharing is good” and “love your neighbor” and “please stop complaining about bullies, you are being so whiny and gay right now.” (This is exactly what Jesus told the young leper boy, when the other schoolchildren made fun of his painful medical condition.) But for some reason California’s public schools teach children that bullying is rude — typical hippie homosexual indoctrination which is deeply insulting to Yahweh. Drop some knowledge on these degenerate liberals, weirdo wingnut lady “Rebecca Burgoyne” from the California Family Council!

“Nobody wants a child to be bullied,” [Burgoyne] acknowledges. “Nobody wants a child to [be] hurt. Most people say ‘Oh, great! We’re teaching our children not to bully each other’ — which is a good thing. But it’s being used instead to push the homosexual message.”

Nailed it. Q.E.D. [Right Wing Watch]

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