'Debate mode'? Is that a sex position?
This should be entertaining: Christine O’Donnell is debating her opponent Chris Coons tonight on national teevee. Why does Chris Coons see the need to debate her? He doesn’t. He just knows that his poll numbers get better every time she opens her mouth. Speaking of her opening her mouth, will Christine O’Donnell be asked questions about the new revelations that she is quite the moaner? Will she demonstrate this for the electorate?

The Chris Coons part should be boring, obviously, because he’s the normal one. But if everyone who’s ever watched that first O’Donnell is her, by the transitive property, Chris Coons is also her. So Christine O’Donnell will be debating herself tonight. We will hear both how much she hates sex and how much she likes sex with her pudding boyfriend.

Join us here from 7:30-9:00 ET, if this Twitter thing is to be believed.

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