Bears a striking resemblance to one Riley Waggaman...FINALLY YOUR WONKETTE HAS A STOCK PHOTO OF ANTHONY WEINER: Some people on Twitter like to use photos of themselves as children for their avatars. Now famed guy-who-sometimes-yells-on-the-House-floor-about-how-Congress-is-a-sham Anthony Weiner has joined that club. Somehow Weiner survived his childhood while looking like this and being named “Anthony Weiner,” which is quite commendable. We assume this Anthony Weiner photo hung out with this Norm Coleman photo all the time. [@RepWeiner via Daily Intel]

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  1. [re=642183]Buzz Feedback[/re]: too easy. howz about: OOH! OOH! OOH! Mister Kotter, I second Vinnie Barbarino’s motion that we tell Iran to stuff it.

  2. “Somehow Weiner survived his childhood looking like this and being named “Anthony Weiner,” which is quite commendable.”

    Not to mention the fact that his brother Ferris was so much more popular. That had to have been tough.

  3. He was hilarious as the precocious kid living with his hick parents but after the series ended he became a crackhead and then ran for Congress.

  4. “The gentleman is correct in sitting…FOR HIS YEARBOOK PHOTO!”

    Back when I was in elementary school in the early 70s, a cleverly-disguised pedophile would give each of us boys a cheap black plastic comb before taking our picture, and then tell us to “fix yer hair”. This habit of forced grooming always made me feel a little uncomfortable because at least a third of the guys in my grade rocked an afro, or a hebefro, or occasionally — as in the case of Moishe Washington — both. (Shalom, homes!)

    The moral of my story? You can pick your friends, and you can pick your hair, but you can’t pick your friends’ hair.

  5. [re=642247]Extemporanus[/re]:
    ♫♫ When I was eight days old, my boys,
    Hurrah, Hurrah,
    When I was eight days old, my boys,
    Hurrah, Hurrah,
    The rabbi came with a big sharp knife,
    And I surely thought he would take my life,
    But all he took was a little bit off the top. ♫♫

  6. [re=642285]getoffmylawn[/re]: As Red State stated: Bush’s Horshack moment? He had those.

    “Bush you got the game wrong.” this Anthony Weiner retorts. He whistles to our former cheerleader’s second head like Humma Kavula.

  7. [re=642257]weejee[/re]: Not being Jewish, the version of that tune I learned ivolved racist gay army ants or something.

    [re=642285]getoffmylawn[/re]: You’re close.

    Anthony Weiner is actually the lesbian love child of Janis Ian and Carole King.

    ♫♫ “At seventeen…it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late…” ♫♫

  8. The 70’s chick magnet look. Oh yeah, we could go back to my place. My parents will be out of town for the weekend and I’ve got the new Paul Simon album. Or we could watch my new Betamax video. I just got a copy of Shampoo with Warren Beatty. It’s great.

  9. Oh the fun we can have now! Just put Riley is a few compromising positions, snap away with the phone camera and boom – we’ll have ourselves our own Congressman.

  10. Be real. That’s about as good as anyone looked in the seventies.

    (OMG. I just took another look and totally does look lie Lea Michelle! Except for the hair. That’s spooky.)

  11. [re=642236]weejee[/re]: I… I just… thought somebody else… would get the joke. Technically it’s “Wiener-Sickles” if that helps………………………….

  12. [re=642395]Sharkey[/re]: If it makes you feel any better, I got it.

    And, if I may be so bold, I would suggest that the image Ken chose to accompany the aforementioned post would make for an especially apropos avatard for a heretofore tard-less Wonketteer with the killer handle “Sharkey”.

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