• HEY LADIESIf you were not up late last night you may not have read Jack Stuef’s epic and important jeremiad on the subject of Shirley Sherrod and her unnecessary journey under the bus, courtesy of the people in the Obama Administration who threw her there. Go, on read, it, then come back here for some maybe mildly good news! Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (Sherrod’s boss) is taking time out of his busy schedule of wandering around ComicCon in his “sexy Winnie the Pooh” outfit to “conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts” in this stupid and maddening case. Now she is not entirely sure she wants to go back and work for her former employers, though, because, you know, they were dicks. [CBS/AP]
  • States with cratering pension funds are starting to look into this “Social Security” thing the rest of the country seems to like. [NYT]
  • David Cameron and Barack Obama and their families exchanged gifts, because that is what everyone seems to expect. The Obamas got a painting from a graffiti artist! No, not Banksy, another guy, who you haven’t heard of. Cameron’s son got a jersey from the DC United, which will probably get him beaten up. [BBC]
  • Hey, everybody, let’s dig up the Ceausescus! [AP]
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  1. Shirley! Shirley! Shirley!

    Vilsack should fire Andrew Breitbart, or, you know, whichever member of his staff reads/listens to Breitbart, and then he should go after every f*cking burrowed Bushie in Ag.

  2. Please keep her fired.

    We need our nation’s double standard of elite oil polluters, swindling CEO’s, and restroom soliciting politicians keeping their jobs and lowly civil service workers losing theirs based on the reactionary propaganda of race-baiting shitbag anger-tainment merchants.

    It’s what the founding fathers wanted. Ask any of the of out of work right-wing comedians and screenplay hacks who have between jobs since 1999 who string words together for all of frat boy Andy B’s BIG Blogs.

  3. Here’s something to give you pause about saving for retirement. Current life expectancies mean the average person will work for 40 years, then retire for 20 years before dying. That means for every two dollars you spend during your earning years, you should save one dollar. Put another way, you must save at least one-third of your income to maintain the same level of living in your retirement.

  4. Yeah, heard the Ceausescus thing this morning on the BBC. One of their relatives is concerned that the couple get a full Christian burial and that they lie side by side. I wonder if they feel like the victims of the Ceausescus deserve the same.

    I’m against the death penalty, but I can completely see why the Romanians had a military tribunal, then shot these two and dropped them in a hole. Interesting factoid from the BBC. The Ceausescus were the last two people executed in Romania.

  5. Somewhere Tucker Carlson is fapping in tears wearing his “awesome” Dancing With the “Stars” outfit and wondering why everyone is ignoring his “brilliant” detective work on that journo-list serve.

    The whole Non-Racist lady mess isn’t going to help Barry with his habit of punting “controversial” people over the side thing, but is this really the best BitPart’s got? In the “big” picture BitPart’s guys lost to Barry on Sotomeyer, they lost healthcare, lost the stimulus and financial reform… you know the really important shit that is going to help US Americanos and shape US America in the years to come while all they got were the scalps of two black appointees (neither of them deserved to lose their job.)

    Celebrate your chickenshit victories, Bitpart, cause you really showed Barry what’s what.

  6. I saw a short interview with the white people Shirley Sherrod was talking about in her speech. They love her and they give her credit for saving their farm. This should be the end of the story.

  7. [re=622035]rafflesinc[/re]:
    “Put another way, you must save at least one-third of your income to maintain the same level of living in your retirement.”
    Easier said than done for those struggling to put food on their families. Maybe I will just stop paying rent and live in a van down by the river. THEN I will be able to afford to set aside a third of my income.

  8. [re=622035]rafflesinc[/re]: Uh, sorry you’ve got the wrong number. What’s that? No, no problem, bye.

    PS There’s also a little something called a 401k with the investments and the whatnot and the idea of compound interest.

  9. Slap the o-fay hard, Shirley. And then make him pucker.

    Btw, Mike Steele is in a quandary. Should be support Shirley?
    Pro: Street creds.
    Con: He’ll have to wash and wax Jim DeMint’s car for a year.

  10. [re=622042]Sgt. Biyatch[/re]: You forget inflation. And 2008 market collapse.
    [re=622041]HedonismBot[/re]: That’s why I started it with “give you pause”

  11. So why is Obama so afraid of those scumbags at Fucked News? Does he really think he needs to pander to Glenn Beck? Does he think anyone who listens to that lying shitbag is going to vote for
    him or any Democrat? How many African-Americans has this administration already run off? Time to grow a pair and tell these shits where to go. Did no one learn anything from the edited, faked, ACORN tape? The rightwingers did. They learned that, with the instant reaction of this paranoid White House, they can ruin many lives very quickly, then just crawl back under their rocks when the truth comes out.

  12. [re=622044]S.Luggo[/re]: I wouldn’t count on any of the GOP loudmouths weighing in on this. Too many of their followers still need to believe Shirley Sherrod is “a racist”.

  13. He does actually look like a dick in that picture, albeit one that has a sort of cute Winnie the Pooh condom on. But a dick is a dick. Was that why they made him Secretary of Agriculture, because he would be a priapic symbol of fertility who covered his head in pooh (and they thought it was poo – the farmer’s friend)?

  14. Wait a minute.

    We have the power to change the world.

    John Lennon taught us that “War is over, if you want it.” Well, Wonkette endorsed Jody Hice at the last minute, and, at the very last minute, he won a runoff position in the GOP in Georgia.

    Let’s start a grass roots movement, spontaneously, to have Breitbart reclassified in the Linnaean system as a fungus and then sprayed with RoundUp (TM). Of course, if it’s a real grassroots movement, we’ll need a multimillionaire to sponsor us, first, so perhaps Jack Steuff can be our Scaife.

  15. [re=622030]MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend[/re]:
    AND HOW. But something tells me that this woman will perhaps do a couple of requisite interviews, and then leave the shit alone. Dignity and integrity are quiet things, no?

    Also,, wasn’t there some vid that maybe Liz Glover captured a while back of Breitbart pooping out of his mouth about how teh Wonket existed solely to make fun of everything? Yeah, so read Stuef’s post Breitbart, you shit-for-crap bottom-feeder, and WEEP, for you are not a funny joke, but a pathetic one.

  16. Shirley Girlie, I wouldn’t go back either. I’d love to see you sue the shit outta Breitbart though, y’know for slander. And being an unconscionable, racist asshole. For that too. Also.

  17. While Ms. Sherrod not wanting to go back to the dicks who threw her under the bus is understandable, I think it is important for her get back there, preferably with a promotion, for one simple reason: it’ll piss off Breitbart and the Fox News crowd, which is always a good thing.

    PS: Josh, I don’t think she’d be working for her former employEEs.

  18. I wish Brightfart would go on Rachel’s show , she has the biggest balls on TV right now.The good thing is that now people, I’m looking at you Hopey, will possibly fact check all the nonsense and race-baiting crap that spews from the Right wing.

  19. Vilsack has shown himself to be a knee-jerk reactionary and a fool, perhaps Obama should ask everyone to resign and hand things over to Breitbart. What a bunch of fucking tools. The only one on the high road right now is Ms. Sharrod, whose vilification is scandalous. I hope to god she can bring some serious lawsuits to bear against all those involved in this miscarriage.

  20. Jesus H. Christ hangin’ off the cross. Leave those two sacks of shit in the ground. What they did to the people of that country was nothing short of crimes against humanity.

  21. [re=622038]OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin[/re]: Libel is normally very hard to prove, because the plaintiff must prove not only that the allegedly libelous statement was not true, but that the defendant knew it wasn’t; in other words that they flat-out lied. However, this is Breitbart we’re talking about, he lies every time he opens his mouth; proving he lied should be like proving Joe Isuzu did.

    Oh, and those ACORN employees he slandered should get to suing his ass too.

  22. [re=622057]JMP[/re]: Trouble is, Bams and his gang seem to have gotten it into their heads that pissing off right-wing nutjobs is some kind of bad thing.
    At times like these, I wish George Dubya were a liberal. We need a leader stubborn (or stupid) enough to never retreat, combined with the heart and soul to do the right thing.
    Hopey forgets that he won his election by a wider margin than his predecessor (in either the first one, which he lost, or the second one. I think he only got a plurality in that one, amirite?) If this doesn’t give him a mandate for progressive change, I don’t know what could.
    And he wonders why his poll numbers are dropping and his base is disappointed in him. He needs to stop cratering to the right, and the Dems in Congress need to stop acting like they are still in the minority or – as with all self-fulfilling prophecies – they soon will be.

  23. I suggest that Obama could sweep this Shriley Sherrod thing away by inviting the principals over to the rose garden for a beer (or maybe wine spritzers?).

    Definitely invite Biden too…

  24. [re=622087]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Lots and lots of beer, with cameras and a microphone. If drunk enough, the old racist Breitbart should stop using code words and go off on a full, Gibson-style racist rand that can be played back at him every time he pulls the “no teabaggers are racists; these black people are the real racists” shit.

  25. Or Shirley gets to kick his ass for a time with no secret service involvement…still pro obama but he did fuck up this one.

  26. [re=622073]JMP[/re]: or at least that they were negligent with regard to whether or not it was true, no? Even if you believe his bullshitty, “I haven’t gotten the non-super-edited video yet, because this guy is mailing it to me, in the mail, with the postal service, so it will take a while” line (he’s an internet blogger, on the internet, why is that a problem), he ignored context provided within the clip itself when he posted it. Even if you take him on his word, it’s not clear how you could possibly conclude he wasn’t either acting in bad faith or grossly neglegent.

  27. [re=622042]Sgt. Biyatch[/re]: 401k? You mean those things that aren’t worth anything anymore??? My inlaws have them, they were going to retire, but when they looked at their recent statement several hundreds of thousands of dollars seems to be missing…I guess retirement will have to be put off for 20 years…

    401ks and other crappy retirement investments only make “financial advisors” rich and able to afford retirement…give me my gubmint pension!!!

  28. Look, this woman is past fifty and moreover has a higher proportion of melanin in her skin than some others. She does not perform racy songs, or create videos wherein she writhes about in a sea of gold dubloons and jewelry, she has presumably not fucked any of LeBron James’ friends, so at this point it’s a little unclear as to what use she actually ever served. To invoke a semi-famous phrase from the early years of the last administration, she totally qualifies as “fair game.” Because, really, I mean, look at her.

  29. [re=622102]mumblyjoe[/re]: Yeah, or reckless disregard for the truth. And it’s not as if Breitbart and his cronies don’t have a history of that.

  30. [re=622036]Terry[/re]: I’d dig up Elena Ceauşescu if only to make certain that the wooden stake was still deeply burrowed into her heart. Compared to her, husband Nicolae was Gandhi. It is rumored that as she was taken to her execution, Elena — still shocked by the results of her public trial for corruption — berated the individual members of the firing squad and called the Romanian people her children. However, maternalism can get you only so far.

    Considering the human deprivation, malnutrition and disease (including pediatric AIDS) in Romanian orphanages, the Ceauşescus deserved their fate and worse.

  31. [re=622048]nutcracker[/re]: Glenn Beck says Vilsack fucked up. He likened it to someone videoing one of his “I saved myself from the bottle” speeches and stopping the tape right after he says he was drunk all the time. I think Breitbart has singed his own asshole on this one.

  32. [re=622119]S.Luggo[/re]: My ex-girlfriend served in the Peace Corps in Romania a few years back. She heard some horror stories. At one time, Ceausescu ordered orphanage workers to starve the babies. One courageous soul – a friend of my ex’s family – broke the rules and fed them, at great personal risk.
    The Ceausescus were truly terrible people.

  33. [re=622038]OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin[/re]:
    She needs to sue for libel and defamation. Breitbart, Fox, NAACP, UDSA, all of them

    Agree. Also, lets prolong the the media coverage of this racist crap. And, I would like to see the point reiterated that the basic problem in this country is not race its class. Or course race baiting has been the traditional, and all too easy, way our Owners have distracted us from recognizing the fact that they Own us.

  34. Shirley is finding out what Obama still hasn’t: all this thinking shit will only get you into trouble. You must speak forever in two-second sound bites, any one of which can stand alone to represent all that you wish to be, even when taken out of context by assholes without two brain cells to rub together.

  35. [re=622141]JooJoo Bee[/re]:
    “…even when taken out of context by assholes without two brain cells to rub together.”
    The problem is, Breitbart does have a few brain cells to rub together, as do the fucks behind Fox (not the anchors, or the Fox Fiends. They are bobble head dolls.)
    These people know exactly what they are doing. They are stirring the shit and riling up the rabble. The Teabag partiers are the ones without two brain cells to rub together, and Breitbart, Limbaugh, Beck and Fux News are playing them like a knockoff Les Paul.

  36. [re=622050]Numbat Dundee[/re]: People in Iowa don’t understand how he got the job either. While Governor, he never lifted a finger to help family farmers. Corporate hog lots rapidly expanded in the state. And other than Des Moines or Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, economic development was non-existent. He announced his candidacy for President and when polls showed that he would be crushed by Hillary in the Iowa Caucus, he bailed out on that little escapade.
    People on the far left like to call Vilsack a shill for Monsanto. I don’t think he even knows what Monsanto is.

  37. [re=622128]HedonismBot[/re]: They would literally steam roll whole sections of the capital Bucharest. There were people living in huge apartment buildings there, but they wanted to create this glorious boulevard and the ugly homes were in the way. Most people had no more than a day or two of notice before their homes were destroyed. And they were given no alternative housing or compensation. As a direct result there are more stray dogs in the capital than there are human beings. So yeah, dig those motherfuckers back up, douse them in kerosene and watch them burn them in the middle of their precious fucking street.

  38. [re=622073]JMP[/re]: One Acorn employee is suing someone…too lazy to look to see who, but there is a legal action on that fake out.

  39. [re=622035]rafflesinc[/re]: You sound, um, surprised. No offense dude, but those of us with the mad math skillz HAVE been doing that. And yes, we live in a hovel, but we don’t plan on living in it at 70. Much easier to do the hovel lifestyle in one’s crazy yoot (aka those years under 55), we figure.

    Also, since Shirley is a rightee certified racist, can she milk the wingnut welfare circus for a few bucks? Or is she too articulate?

    Anyway, good on you, Shirley. You and Bunny Greenhouse should get together and shoot the shit over some drinks, on me.

  40. [re=622036]Terry[/re]: What they really need is a necromancer not a grave digger. The Ceausescus were tried and killed so fast so they couldn’t bring down their cronies with them. That’s the really sad part. They shouldn’t have been the last two executions.

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