Here’s a tour of the neighborhood — good stuff and bad alike — by Adams Morgan community organizer Bryan Weaver. It’s a ripoff of a much funkier homage to a famous old Paul Wellstone spot, but Weaver worked for Wellstone so it’s kosher … unlike Weaver’s kids, who appear to speak Spanish. Anyway, this wins on many levels.

Except, maybe, at the actual election level this fall, when Weaver’s up against entrenched three-term councilman Jim Graham. But we’ve been sent links to this video by about a hundred people since the weekend — including a bunch of reliable Wonkette operatives — so maybe there’s a “grassroots” thing. Plus so much good food to eat, everywhere, and bicycles parked outside bars on a hot day. And muggers. [YouTube/Bryan Weaver]

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  1. This is exactly the racist, socialist, anti-corporate-benevolence Archie Brite Bart and 239 of his BIG whatever blogs have been telling, we the meatheads, about. Anti-American. Disgusting. I hope there is an investigation.

  2. Whoa, that’s Josh’s neighborhood? He’s a great mugger. Very professional.

    Also, yes, I would totally vote for him (Brian, not Josh).

  3. [re=621940]Radiotherapy[/re]: Exactly. What kind of moran thinks that talking about achievable things he’ll do if elected will get him, uh…elected? What about the terrorists, and the Messicans taking our jerbs? That’s what scares people. Plus: 9/11!!!1!!

  4. He rides the metro, community organizer and likes to eat too? I almost wish I lived in Ward One so I could vote for this guy.

  5. Real nice guy but he ain’t got a chance. Graham brings home the bacon and always answers emails — even those detailing minute bullshit about garbage pick-ups and creeps smoking crack in your alley — which is enough to keep you ward seat in DC politics.

  6. I live in Alexandria but I want to vote for this guy because anyone who has the line “Hi, I am Josh, and I’ll be your mugger today” in his campaign commercial deserves it.

  7. Wouldja look at that, a wee 3-minute slice of American media that portrays a civilization that I can recognize as existing in the same universe as my own. Plus that song makes him seem like some kind of 70s superhero, whooshing around fixing shit.

    If this guy is willing to do the job, I say elect the poor bastard to pretty much whatever.

  8. Isn’t “Howard University” a colo . . . :::Whoops::: . . . negr . . . ::Whoops::: . . . darki . . . :::Whoops:::: . . . NAAC . . . :::Whoops::: . . . .

    Damnit, you know what I’m trying to TeaBa . . . :::Whoops::: . . . say here.

  9. He moved into my oldest neighborhood just around the time I left Chocolate City. That means I can mail in my vote and have it count, right? Oh yeah, if that’s old Stax Records music, I may just mail in two.

  10. [re=622353]Neilist[/re]: He went to Howard?! His offspring speak Spanish?! Red alert, he has Gone Native!! Terminate with extreme prejudice! Remember what happened to Col. and Mr. Kurtz…

  11. yayyyyyyyyyyy — i knew there was a reason i registered to vote for the kenyan! now i can vote for this yahoo too since i live in ward 1. thank you wonkette!

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