JUSTICERepublican nominee for governor of Minnesota Tom Emmer supports “tip credit,” the policy of most states of a lower minimum wage for waiters because they make tips, but he made the mistake of saying waiters are making $100,000 a year in tips and hurting their employers. That angered waiters and such, so he had to hold a town hall meeting for them. And some guy wearing a messenger bag came up and dropped an NPR tote full of 2,000 pennies in front of the guy.

The smug look and then pennies happen at 0:35 or so in this video:

Haha, hockey! Nice comeback. Hockey players are best known for never jumping.

The pennies were supposed to be a “tip” for Emmer, don’t you see? No you probably don’t. What?

Yes, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is generally a fun idea to dump 20 bucks worth of change in front of your nearest politician. This should be a YouTube meme. This should be the new bro icing.

Can you imagine dumping a bag of pennies on, say, Daniel Inouye? Yes, as that is a video that will appear on the Wonkette YouTube account next week. “Hey Coinstar, eat my pennies!” Hah. [TPM]

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