Totally what Pete Souza had in mind.
Here’s the latest wacky photoshop going around the wingnut blogs: It’s the Oval Office, but full of hilarious socialist iconography and some old-fashioned racist fun. Can you identify the hundred things added to this image to amuse jobless old white people on their ‘puters? And how many of these things would the confused elderly teabaggers even get? Is this even Political at all, or is it just some dumb 4chan or TF ‘shop, for lulz? WE WILL TELL YOU WE MADE A KEY.

This took way too fucking long.
Can you identify all these retarded things? No? Well then, you’ve clearly spent too much of this Century doing work or “raising your kids” or whatever, instead of following “memes” on Animated-GIF message boards loosely related to some video game or sports team.

1. Lenin lampshade.
2. Taking down the Washington Monument.
3. Vintage USSR flag.
4. Gay rainbow flag.
5. Statue of Liberty crying in shame.
6. George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner, because why not?
7. Trio of Portraits: Ugly face ‘shopped on Michelle Obama, Stalin, Mao.
8. Elmo and Barney dolls.
9. Thompson gun, Malibu Barbie convertible.
10. Nicely stocked bar.
11. Smiling black man carrying bucket of Heineken through Katrina floodwaters; the famous “black person looting” photo.
12. Lava lamp, tribal doll.
13. Mug of draught beer.
14. Midget Jimmy Carter coming up through hole in floor.
15. Obama with a hollow head holding a tiny George Soros homunculus.
16. Al Franken in diaper holding teddy bear.
17. Bong.
18. Bozo the Clown jack in the box.
19. Barney Frank lisping.
20. Katie Couric sexytime wedding dance.
21. Desk gargoyle.
22. Ghost/angel of Ted Kennedy.
23. Bowl of money to eat.
24. Terrifying war dwarf.
25. Novelty “ladies legs” lamp, golf trophy, Oscar trophy.
26. Somebody (Bloomberg?) in an Elmo/Sailor costume.

You’re welcome!

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  1. Can’t there be one wignut out there, anywhere, that knows how to use photoshop? Forget the lack of actual, racism and homophobia; that thing just looks awful.

  2. Yeah, it looks way more 4channy than politically, or perhaps a new graphic for the Uncyclopedia. Teabaggers aren’t that clever, and they aren’t that random, either, unless Ritalin-snorting is the newest fad among the Breitbart crowd.

  3. Just think. We would have had this wingnut funny stuff 5 days a week if the Fox’ comedy show actually survived. Crap like this tells you exactly why it didn’t. John Stewart they ain’t. No matter how hard they try.

  4. #12 isn’t just a tribal doll — it’s the doll from Trilogy of Terror — it contains the spirit of a dead African (!?) warrior that will possess the owner if the gold chain around its neck comes off. That’s not much of a movie unless you’re ten years old, but it made an impression back then.

  5. Is Frank’s speech impediment really a lisp, technically? He doesn’t have excessively sibilant esses or anything; I thought he actually had a cleft palate or something.

  6. Oh yeah, I remember when our Muslin overlord flew onto the deck of that aircraft carrier and made that cocky speech in front of that Mission Accomplished banner. Can’t believe we elected this guy.

  7. Do you think the ‘tards really consider this funny, in any way that shows appreciation for genunine humour? Or is it more cathartic, in the way of a loud shriek of rage for some people, and they mistake this for ‘funny’ because they don’t experience positive emotions and so don’t know or comprehend the feeling?

  8. Just wait till Olbermann responds with a ‘special comment’ photoshop of Joe Barton teabagging BP CEO Tony Brittwit. That’ll show ’em.

  9. I’m sure someone is thinking they are the Cleverest Person In The World for coming up with that. I blame The No Child Left Behind education system.

  10. And #11 is a Katrina survivor?! Shit, I thought these idiots were just history-challenged — it turns out that they’re current-events-challenged as well. Of course it shouldn’t be any surprise, seeing as they’ve been blaming President Obama for TARP and the deficit since day one.

  11. #9 – A gangster-style Tommy Gun might be timely, given the ‘Chicago shakedown’ of BP, but an M-1 carbine (weapon of choice of both Malcom X and Patty ‘Tania’ Hearst) would’ve been a more thoughtful choice.

  12. The Mao and Stalin Pics…..very subtle. I wonder what they are trying to suggest??

    I guess you have to smoke lots of meth in order to understand the complexities of this masterpiece.

  13. If the Obamas used this image on the White House Holiday Card next year, wingnuts would be:

    a. thrilled
    b. so, so sad
    c. fapping too hard to the image of Ted Kennedy The Half-Naked Angel to file any kind of copyright infringement cease-and-desist order thingie

  14. Where is Noam Chomsky? Were is Saul Alinsky? Where is Bill Ayers?

    Stalin and Mao? Give me a fucking break. These putzes are so far behind the times!!! If they want real nostalgia, then were is Che? I’m tellin’ ya, just lame.

  15. And Katie Couric is there … why? For asking Sarah Palin all of those really hard gotcha! questions? They still can’t over that.

  16. This reminds me of that episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 when they allowed the humorless robot ‘Gypsy’ to participate in the movie snark. All she could do as ‘humor’ was to yell randomly at the screen: “THAT IS SOOOOO DUMB! HA HA! THATS STOOOPID! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOO DUMB”.

  17. This isn’t a “Photoshop” any more than Thomas Kinkade and all those conservative “artists” and “cartoonists” are “talented”. A fucking brain-damaged monkey can drag and drop shit they found on The Google into a picture.

    It’s always fun when conservatives try to be creative, because it makes it clear for everyone else that that part of their brain is missing.

  18. Reminds me of the Sarah Palin Oval Office joke site that was up for a bit. But that was funny. And had at least a certain amount of technical ability behind it.

    Plus, the use of that Franken/diaper photoshop in their own photoshop violates one of the Fark laws, basically, don’t include someone else’s work that makes your own work look worse.

  19. [re=606054]BlueStateLiberal[/re]: To the wignuts, anyone from the mainstream media must be a liberal and out to get them; even Couric, who gave us commentary from Rush Limbaugh on the CBS news, and Diane Sawyer, who got her start as an official Nixon flack.

  20. [re=605996]SayItWithWookies[/re]: The deep-seeded fear that doll put in me as a 10 year-old still haunts me 30 years later. Must go change my drawers now…

  21. [re=606002]Noonan[/re]: [re=606070]Second Rain[/re]: Eric “Elmo” Massa must round-trip a shuttle every day because the last time I was in NYC he was at 45th & B’Way every night, just standin’ around waiting to be tickled.

  22. [re=606070]Second Rain[/re]: “And goddamn Katie Couric backin that ass up turns us the fuck on . . . ”

    That’s Completely Disgusting and Sexist, and Demeaning To The Dignity of All Womym Of Intelligence.

    And I could not agree more.

  23. [re=606094]trondant[/re]: 45th & Broadway? That’s where the tourists go to get tickled. For the hardcore stuff, you want to hit the west side of Chelsea.

  24. They’ve got one party where Katie Couric was ovulating and frisky. And she looks like she knows she got caught in some of the pics. Who cares? There is a library of stupid situations Palin is in. A short list: Boobs at Belmont. Undergoing a witch exorcism. Or even the actual softball, milquetoast interview with that unfair, hardhitting Katie. I still Laugh to this day: “what do you read?” What fucking retard couldn’t answer that question? And better yet, come back three days later on Fox and when spoonfed, say you read all of them and Faulkner and Bukowski and Proust (in French).
    These people really have had fluid spilled on their cpu’s.

  25. It obviously fake. That lazy Kenyan is wearing a suit jacket when we know he don’t respect the office of famous Republican Abraham Lincoln.

  26. If liberals or pseudo-leftists did one of these ‘shopped lulz photos it’d be the same shit as the right-winger’s masterpiece above, essentially. As crude, maybe funnier. But! If we could get a Wonkette-Blingy one, now that would be political art. Or, a Lauri Apple version. Lauri Apple could handle this assignment handily.

  27. I give the photoshop picture a B+ for accuracy. They should have put a cigarette in Hopey’s hand, and they forgot to put watermelon and fried chicken somewhere in it.

  28. besides a strangely mesmerizing symbol of 70’s free love and drugs and gold lame, does lava lamp mean something else?

    if i weren’t unemployed i would buy a lava lamp right now. a black glitter lava lamp.

  29. Damn that’s the same Soviet flag I have hanging in my office.

    Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
    Дружбы народов надёжный оплот!
    Партия Ленина — сила народная
    Нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт!

  30. [re=606020]OzoneTom[/re]: In reference to the “artwork” itself: “Nobel prize winner” no. “No balls prize winner” yes.

    I am reminded that we have Jon Stewart and Tina Fey. They have that guy who draws Mallard Fillmore and Norm MacDonald and that other old guy from SNL who yells all the time.

  31. [re=606258]JeffBarea[/re]: Um, you shouldn’t make fun of all the comments that display a complete lack of Internet insideriness. They like to think their cocktail party circuit makes them faaabulous.

  32. Wow.

    “Liberals have no sense of humor” — Rush Limpdough
    “Liberals have no sense of humor” — Anne Cauter

    I’m sure that the person who did this laughed, but that’s not the same thing as creating something that’s amusing to others. There isn’t any surprise/disparity or wit, so “humor” seems to be missing. That leaves satire. As satire, uh, this is kind of a D-. A satire should have a theme, should have a principle that enables it, and it should have some coherence.

    This is a collage therapy at the home for the criminally insane.

  33. [re=606034]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Nooooooo the Katrina Heineken guy photo is supposed to show that black guys all used Katrina as an excuse to just cold take beer that they didn’t pay for, that Katrina can’t have been so bad if the black guys got beer, that in the absence of Real American law and order black guys will steal and drink the imported beers normally reserved for white people, that black guys generally steal things because of welfare socialism, and that Barack Obama likes that welfare socialism, and is also a black guy. It’s full of layered, nuanced meanings, though I imagine I’m drawing a different conclusion from them than your typical wingnutter would.

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