Somewhere, Hamas Mouse is laughing.
Vice President Joe Biden did two things Wednesday night: He went on the Charlie Rose interview show to defend Israel’s attack on the humanitarian flotilla trying to bring supplies to walled-off Gaza, and he attended some Sesame Street gala event. Which of these things are not like the other? Both of them, as you can clearly see from this promotional photograph released by the Sesame Street organization. Yeah, that’s right, Biden is standing right underneath the Arabic sign for Sesame Street.

We are not Established Arabic Experts, but we can sort of tell that’s Arabic, and we can sort of vaguely figure out it says something that translates (backwards!) to “Open Sesame,” we think, which is (we think?) what certain Arab-language versions(s?) of Sesame Street are called. We cannot 100% prove, through this research, that the sign above Israel-defender Joe Biden’s head is, in fact, the specific Palestinian sign for the Palestinian Sesame Street, which at one point not so long ago looked like this, according to ABC News:

Close enough for Hamas Mouse!
But close enough, right? How much does Joe Biden love the international pariah known as Israel when he’s partying with his radical muppet friends? Not so much.

Or maybe Biden was just distracted by the awful neo-con Grover, in his Crusader knight helmet. Hey Grover, did you invade the “Holy Land” lately, you culturally insensitive cretin? And where was Grover when those Israeli commando pirates attacked a convoy of boats in international waters trying to deliver food and building supplies to Gaza? Because we didn’t see Grover on Tuesday morning’s broadcast of the New York-based Sesame Street — and we watch Sesame Street very closely indeed, as any patriot must do in these troubled times when hippies are pushing their poisonous socialist agenda even on the kids we dump in front of the teevee for nine hours a day. [Sesame Street/TwitPic via Alex Pareene]

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  1. [re=591121]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Before anyone takes that post seriously, may I just say that the first time that I ever saw an Irish Pound (Punt) note, I thought it was Arabic currency, for some stupid reason. That’s why I always joke about Arabic writing looking like Gaelic, which it doesn’t at all.

    Just thought I needed to explain.

  2. [re=591121]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Arabic.

    Has Sister Sarah yet twatted out a call to impeach Biden for ‘pal’ing around with felt & foam TERRORISTS???!!!

  3. I don’t know…if you’re going to make a late post, why not the S.C. raghead thing? I personally sleep best when angry/depressed/emotionally exhausted, and casual racism usually elicits those responses.

    Joe Biden and the Obama administration doing their best to completely undo more than a year’s worth of outreach to the Arab and Muslim worlds by defending bloodthirsty pirate-Jews killin’ peace activists in international waters does the job, too, but not as well with the ameliorating muppet presence.

    Serves me right for taking a night off from drinking…

  4. For years I’ve been trying to understand what the hell is the deal between Israel and the Palestinians. I have read, researched and questioned, and the harder I try, the more muddled I become. So, ok, I’ll keep trying, but I’m pretty sure this crap is beyond the grasp of my inept mind. Here’s the part I do seem to understand: as a Christian, I’m supposed to hate the Jews, cuz they killed Jesus and refuse to accept him as our savior; but, I need to defend and protect the Jews, cuz I need them to build some super cool temple or some shit so Jesus can come back and get me and take me to magic Jesus land. Right? So, um, shouldn’t this conflict be enough to make people say, “gee, this religious stuff is effed up.” What am I missing?

    And, oh, btw, way to feed the conservative nut-jobs, they’ll be all over this “Sesame Street Scandal” by dawn.

  5. I think the Arabic Sesame Street was changed to the current one because it looks more like a smiley emoticon. Not to entice Arabic speakers, but to alarm paranoid righties a little less by associating Arabic with the ubiquitous friendly symbol. Which means it will become the scandal of the decade by dawn.
    And that’s actually my fervent hope, because I’m so sick of this Sestak job offer scandal. Like, we just had an ex-president admit to torturing people and saying he was unrepentant. And what do Weepy, Assity and Doc send half their shows on? The goddamn Sestak thing. Unquestionably the biggest crime in the history of crime.
    I’m going to go park my car in the impound lot so I can get it towed to my house, where I’ll have breakfest before going to sleep on the ceiling.

  6. [re=591140]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Also, “a ping-pong ball.” I’d apologize for the tasteless joke, but really, it’s so fucked. Israeli-Palestinian relations are pretty down on the list of things I despise Dubya for makeing much worse than they even were, and I’m certainly not saying the Israelis and Palestinians and everyone else doesn’t come in for their share — but damn, eight years of ignorance and neglect can certainly turn a nightmare into a bloody, pointless, horrific boiling loathefest of a regional conflagration.

    Seriously, let’s add Israeli-Palestinian relations to the things we’ll never forget about how awful 2000-2008 was. Let’s make it third or fourth, since it has such long-lasting implications and is so divisive and expensive. We’ll put it on the list behind Katrina, Iraq, the housing bubble, the economic collapse, the bailout, deregulation of everything, forgetting about Afghanistan, and — oh, wait.

  7. [re=591148]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You’re right, a great service has been done by redirecting the nut-bar’s anger in another direction. I stand corrected, forgive me Great Wonkette Gods.

  8. What is fuck me amazing about this is that (muslin terrist muppet sympathizing aside) a politician actually kept a campaign promise– er, promise-like statement of principle. During the Oct 2, 2008, vice presidential debate, Biden looked directly into the teevee camera and said “… no one in the United States Senate has been a better friend to Israel than Joe Biden. I would have never, ever joined this ticket were I not absolutely sure Barack Obama shared my passion.”

    Today, Joe Biden has restored my faith in the democratic process.

  9. [re=591138]Iam[/re]: Only Catholics hate Jews for killing Jesus, because they are retarded (since getting killed is supposedly Jesus’ whole point). Also, it’s the ROMAN Catholic Church, and they’re deflecting blame for the fact that the ROMANS actually killed him (according to this one book).

    Fundagelical Protestants hate Jews because they owe them money (or would, if they had any valuables to pawn), but love Izrul because of the whole temple/rapture thing. Catholics aren’t into that part of the Jeebus myth. Make more sense now?

    Jews hate Jews because their mothers drive them crazy.

  10. [re=591155]Lazy Media[/re]: oh, yeah, uh-huh, of course… it all clearly makes sense now. Thanks for clearing that up…. you are definitely gifted with the magic Jeebus insight. Want to explain the whole middle east b.s. for me now?

  11. Jill Biden looks like just another adorable Muppet. A Muppet with a PhD, sure, but an adorable squeezeable Muppet nonetheless.

  12. Thanks to real Americans like Wonkette who have exposed the radical socialist agenda of this “Sesame Street”. Teaching kids things like sharing and how to count. Socialism! Funny you don’t hear about this story from the lamestream media.

  13. Not reported is that the Hebrew version of the Sesame Street sign reads “Close Sesame! No, Seriously, Surround It By A Huge Fucking Wall! Fuck You Sesame!”

    I thought Grover’s get-up was supposed to be a gladiator costume.

  14. Catholics don’t hate Jews anymore (well, we never really did, because we don’t really follow all that crap dogma anyway). Pope John Paul the Non-Molester made a point of putting that to rest.

  15. [re=591155]Lazy Media[/re]: [Jews hate Jews because their mothers drive them crazy]
    OMG that is so freakin’ hilarious ~ NAILED IT! good thing I din’t see this later at home or I’d ruined my laptop by spitting wine all over it…not worried at all about my PC monitor at work soaked in coffee (been wantin’ one ‘o them new ‘high def’ thingys anyway! :)

  16. Has no one noticed that the whole “open sesame” thing came from the Arabian Nights (alf layla wa layla) to begin with? In other words, Sesame Street has been Arabo-Fascist-Muslim from the start???

  17. [re=591431]chaste everywhere[/re]: ok, I’ve had a revalation and this is what the magical Wonkette Gods have taught me: Let it go. We love the Jews, we hate the Jews, it’s all good. Palestinians are bad, even if they are hungry or homeless, or whatever… (again, don’t ask questions, let it go). Sesame Steet is good, unless it’s Muslim or German or possibly Gaelic…. I dunno, but, ok, let it go. And don’t pretend to love Tipper, aw, hell, that’s another thread, ok, whatever, let it go.

  18. [re=591461]Iam[/re]: Masterful capture of the Spirit of Wonkettery! We love ourselves, we hate ourselves. Kinda like Gollum, I reckon. (I’d like to think I let it go a while ago, but who know?)

  19. [re=591160]zhubajie[/re]: Yeah, but if you’re from Real America, Orthodox and Catholics are the same thing; they just have a Russian or Greek Pope somewhere or something like that.

  20. [re=591461]Iam[/re]: I try to keep it simple. Xtians hate the Jews, but they hate Palestinians more even though there are Xtian Palestinians, and they REALLY hate the Muslims.
    When I came up with this, I noticed that I started sleeping a lot better at night.

  21. Dear Iam,

    The middle east was created by a nonexistent magical cloud person who told two groups of
    monkeys they both own the same patch of ugly desert scrubland.

    Did I mention the part where He doesn’t exist?

    Because of this, the rest of us are expected to cough up endless blood and treasure, not to
    mention suffer the occasional whack-a-doodle flying airplanes into our skyscrapers.

    It’s a two-thousand year old pissing contest that’s only going to end when both sides finally
    get nuclear weapons and the entire fucking world fucking goes up in fucking fuck flames,
    including you and yours, and there’s not thing one you or anyone can do about it.

    Hope this helps.


    PS: Does. Not. Exist.

  22. Look how happy they are! Joe Biden looks like he’s literally being tickled. Now there’s a man who gets to fuck his wife occasionally.

  23. Loves the Israeli lies? Nah.

    That’s Joe Biden’s picture from Airplane. His best friend is the last one who gave him five bucks and refrained from pissing on his face.

  24. [re=591568]Malketeer[/re]: Sounds like you’re channeling Lewis Black a bit there, but I’ve always appreciated his clarity, so that’s a good thing.

    So, yes, that helps(?) A little too much clarity. I think I prefer being confused.

    Thanks anyhow, you’ve inspired me to stop worrying about it and get the hell out and enjoy life, before the entire fucking world fucking goes up in fucking fuck flames.

  25. Muslims don’t hate Jews, right? Except Hamas in Gaza, who still openly call for the destruction of Israel, I guess. Those peaceful peacy peace humanitarian philanthropist activists tried to support that regime, by the way. Oh, right, they were only bringing wheelchairs. Which they could’ve had delivered in cooperation with the Israelis, so obviously that’s not what that little trip was about. And why did Israel feel a need to build that wall again? Oh right, it wasn’t because of suicide bombings, it’s because they’re all “bloodthirsty pirate-Jews” – my favorite phrase to follow up a complaint about bigotry, by the way.

  26. [re=592824]cathcart[/re]: “Muslims don’t hate Jews, right?”

    Sure they do, but not as much as Jews hate Jews. Have you ever heard of Woody Allen? Rodney Dangerfield? Sacha Baron Cohen? Where would Lenny Bruce stand?

    You kiddin’ me, Catheter Cart?

    Boy is my left wing tired.

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