Your Wonkette was impressed with Newsweek editor Jon Meacham’s eloquence on an episode of The Daily Show last week, where he was discussing the need for society to decide whether it wants to keep paying fine journalists the good salaries they deserve, or let the whole enterprise crater. And Newsweek does employ some of the best young reporters out there today; it’s just hard to find them buried beneath all the George Will crap. So Newsweek should probably not sell itself to THE POLITICO, ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS. Reuters sounds cool though. [NY Observer]

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  1. Will our Wonkett, which makes fun of everything, thenceforth ban links to Newsweek as well?

    That’d be fine. Newsweek must be suffering from low self of steam.

  2. So of the ten hot writers, seven are white males, one woman is the social media editor, another is a publicist and the last one writes on “society, national affairs and women’s issues.” Not that that necessarily makes Newsweek out of touch — but maybe a weekly print publication that shoves women off to the gossip column has other issues editorially and managerially, hmm?

  3. I love when Society decides things. If only I could find Society, though; I have some proposals for It so It might implement sweeping change all at once.

  4. Back when I was a teen, my parents subscribed to Time and I noticed that Time’s answer to the aftermath of the countercultural revolution was to include at least one photo of bare boobie per issue. This trend became important to me, as it predated the advent of late night cable softcore that was to follow, thereby saving my life.

    Newsweek, tits or GTFO.

  5. What was the last “News” story printed in the United States?
    The problem is that the press are little more than stenographers for the powerful and if they ascribe to be anything more, they are no longer “Press”. The opinions expressed in their glossy pages are limited to the opinions that right thinking Americans are allowed to have. While I don’t bemoan the death of print media, this constant bellyaching about how nobody wants to pay for propaganda is irritating

  6. We dare to dream that Ken Layne, now bored with searching for the missing cross that no one really cared about in the first place, is now arranging financing to purchase the sinking newsweekly that no one really cared about in the first place.

  7. “There came into being a strange underworld of letters, an inferno inhabited by lettered vagabonds, who matched, in scholarship and scurrility, the heroes of Petronius. Beggar students, tavern keepers, idlers from the inns of court, adventurers who had trailed a pike in Holland, flocked thither with spruce young squires who ‘knew the true manage of the hat,’ and loungers fresh from the universities. Thus, in the coffeehouses, there grew up a new public, for whose amusement a new literature was invented. The old days of dignity and leisure were passed.”

  8. I saw Meacham wax eloquent on the Daily Show last week and just for a moment, I felt the beginning of a few tears for the death of print news media. But then I thought, “Newsweek? I unsubscribed to that rag fifteen years ago. Fuck George Will. RIP.”

    Also, have you seen his Moyer’s Friday night replacement offering on PBS? B.O.R.I.N.G.

    Over to you.

  9. Sure, a lot of Journalists deserve high pay. And then there is George Will. The guy deserves to be begging in the streets with the crap he writes.

  10. Lets face it, the Newsweak is afraid of pissing off their corporate sponsors and will do very little investigative journalism. Until we untangle the corporate media, the print will continue to fade to black.

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