Still not as good as Picard punching out Darth Vader on the bridge of the Enterprise.Gather ’round, ducklings, because Uncle Wonkette wants to tell you about a Golden Age on the Internet maybe eight or ten years ago, long before the YouTube basically turned your computer into yet another way to watch teevee all day. Back then, nerds would use these animated-gif programs to assemble a series of still images into a kind of flip-book deal, and put them on web message boards. They were mostly just frantic running scenes from movies or whatever with a funny “twist,” so it was still kind of like watching teevee, but occasionally it was a sublime art form. Anyway. And now here is one of Michelle Obama, looking weird and hilarious, the end. [via Young Manhattanite]

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  1. Also, why do Tea Baggers constantly forward emails about how unattractive she is??? She is about a million times hotter looking goofy than most women are doing the sexy face.

  2. Michelle Obama is so cool — she can look elegant and she can also hoist a fifty-pound bag of manure. Unlike a certain predecessor of hers, who looked like a dried-up kewpie doll and who could stand next to two hundred pounds of manure.

  3. [re=547448]Scandalabra[/re]:

    In this year’s WashPost Peeps diorama competition, there’s a Michelle Obama peep with a little cardigan and a belt on. Didn’t need a label, you KNOW who it is.

  4. [re=547436]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: Michelle needs to reach out to the teabaggers. Perhaps if she acquired a booze and prescription drug jones, ran over her former boyfriend and poured a bucket of lucite over her head they could finally love her.

  5. [re=547440]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I thought she could stand in for 200 lbs of manure but I was always too polite to point that out, unlike the current bunch of critics.

  6. Michelle is close to perfection, but what this .gif really needs is a little forked tongue action a la Nancy Pelosi vs. Joe Wilson.

  7. The takeaway here?

    The Obamas, despite their good looks, their big brains, their large salaries and professional accomplishments, their advanced degrees from the best universities, their brilliant, darling children, their impeccable manners, they really are Just Like Us.

  8. The story behind this gif is that she was officiating at an elementary school re-enactment of ancient roman gladatorial contests, and two six-year old girls were fighting to the death. The winner was just about to plunge the sword into the loser’s throat, but Michelle made the “thumbs-up” gesture, sparing the little girl’s life. Touching.

  9. I should add that she was clearly bored, but was able to pry herself away from whatever was happening to her left (SOCIALISM!) to make that life-saving gesture.

  10. BTW zooming in on David Hasselhoff’s package has left me with a mental preĆ«xisting condition. I hope you’re satisfied that it will be four years before I can get insurance that covers that.

  11. [re=547474]bureaucrap[/re]: Actually, thumbs up was a signal for the victor to slay his opponent. Which, if you think about it, makes this animated .gif even hotter.

  12. She’s giving the sort of look my older sister gives me when she grudgingly admits that I’ve done something to please her, like lie and say I’m older than her. Very good bone structure BTW.

  13. I’m fascinated by the hypnotic effects of animated GIFs I just can’t stop watching. This must be how Teatards see Snowbilly…

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