Birth of a Nation.LAURI APPLE IS FAMOUS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Famous Chicago artist and Wonkette contributor Lauri Apple has a crazy art show coming up in Chicago, which, according to the NYT, may provoke “mass hysteria, a police presence and flaming piles of artwork.” [New York Times]

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  1. If Ms. Apple is worth anything she will give the Wonkeratti the proper shout outs with effective use of Blingees and flaming bags of dicks. I will assume that’s what the ‘flaming piles’ is referencing.

  2. [re=525907]thesheriffisnear[/re]: I could’ve made a “Big Apple” reference but that would be plucking low hanging fruit, so to speak.

  3. Actually, now that I’ve read the article, it sounds like an incredibly lame project. Not as lame as Larry King’s weiner, however.

  4. “The resulting portraits, which Ms. Apple said might be turned into a voting guide or possibly a deck of playing cards, are intended to remind voters that aldermen are people.”

    So are pedophiles and career criminals…

  5. Mayor Daley bans hand guns and anything from New Yawk.

    Especially, “art.”

    Ms. Apple should para shoot into Madison where she’ll fit right in.

  6. Laurie, please price all of your origials well above $50k. You deserve it. Wish I could be there in a black turtleneck to talk about the greatness of your work and lead you to more profit

  7. Which two aldermen are portrayed shitting out Rod Blagojevich? The first worked to slate RodR as a candidate and the second flushed him as an incumbent. Maybe a third got him a spot on “The View”.

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