• Chuckling horror sack Dick Cheney is “resting comfortably” after his latest hospitalization for chest pains. America won’t be “resting comfortably” until his obituary is published. [Reuters]
  • Speaking of murdering civilians in poor countries, U.S. forces killed busloads of innocent women and children in Afghanistan on Sunday, because really, what are you going to do about it? [LA Times]
  • An Afghan immigrant to America admits he plotted a big terror attack against America. What would make an ungrateful immigrant from Afghanistan do such a crazy thing? [New York Times]
  • Remember that new Republican star, Senator Scott Brown? All the teabaggers hate his guts now. [Fox News]
  • Bob Dole is in the hospital, too. Bob Dole doesn’t like that. [CBC]
  • A friendly and handsome Great Dane living in Arizona has been named the world’s tallest dog, because he’s nearly twice John McCain’s height — and much smarter. [Phoenix New Times]
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