• Let’s all play this game in which we try to guess Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s bonus. Won’t be depressing at all. [New York Times]
  • Toyota recalled many Priuses (Prii?) because of brake problems. Although, if a car crashes and ceases to exist, can you even imagine how that will like erase its carbon footprint? [Washington Post]
  • Scott Brown’s election will be certified today, which means he’ll be all set to swear-in. Ted Kennedy’s ghost is running out of time!! [CNN]
  • Today the House will vote on whether it’s cool or not if America sinks deeper into debt. [AP]
  • John McCain is pretending to be more conservative than he actually is in order to win his Senate race, which he could lose. What he needs is sassy, fresh-faced Vice Senator at his side, a real Phoenix outsider. [The Hill]
  • January retail sales were better than expected. In other words, Americans gave some truly horrific and tasteless holiday gifts that needed exchanging immediately. [Reuters]
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  1. And just to think, in some alternate universe, where the preznit doesn’t give a crap about “bipartisanship,” and doesn’t give a crap if vital legislation is “rammed through” Congress by the majority party, healthcare reform could have been passed in the two-week window between the time the naked senator won his election and the day he was sworn into office.
    But our preznit is too honorable to “ram” legislation through Congress.

  2. Ah, it’s good to know that, with the upcoming Senate elections looking possibly dismal, the teabaggers are doing their best to turn sure Republican retentions into competitive races. Even a hardcore righty like McCain isn’t crazy enough for them. Thanks, teabaggers!

  3. I’m sure that Scott Brown is going to quickly demonstrate his ‘independance’ and ‘outsider’ status by voting in lockstep with every other Republitard Senator until his ass gets tossed out in 2012.

  4. Scott Brown should be sworn in naked and he should put his penis on the Bible when he takes the oath. This is not unprecedented as Clarence Thomas can attest.

  5. It’s good to know that Toyota has inherited the mantle of incompetency from Detroit. QQ, y’all!

    Eh, pffft, a $100 million bonus is peanuts …*sob*

  6. Toyota executives are lucky that Japanese culture has moved away from seppuku. Very lucky.

    Regarding McCain, it would be a wonderful turn of karma if he lost his seat, wouldn’t it? His Frankenstein, the Snowbilly, continues on creating havok as he retreats to his castle to brood.

  7. If only Toyota would move to Mayheeco, their cars might start working again. Buenas prius!
    [re=507435]tbogg[/re]: Let’s see, as of 1991 CT’s favorite movie was Long Dong Silver. Any guesses on SB’s fave? Bright Lights Big Titties? Pumping Irene? Shaving Ryan’s Privates?

  8. The worst thing about McCain’s re-election campaign is that he actually has to go back to Arizona, misses goodness-knows-how-many Sunday AM talking heads appearances, and has to spend time with that c*nt Cindy (who doesn’t dig it any more than he does, and is now into the gehs).

  9. [re=507434]hoosiermama[/re]: We’ve always used Prion as the plural and we’ve owned one since 2002 when one only ever needed the singular so we have the cred on this.

  10. I’m totally wasted, so sorry if I missed this, but there has to be some article about those FUCKING IDAHO fundies who think they can steal random Hatian babies and get away with this. This deserves G-bay more than anything I have heard of in like 20 years (yes pre 911!!1!!)

  11. [re=507879]Bruno[/re]: Nothing would satisfy me more than a massive prison “eye-opening” by these Jeebus freaks (Sorry, but was I was once rrepremanded by a fellow commenter by saying ‘prison gang rape’ (WTF this is Wonkette…of course the editors are cooler than that)).

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