Your head could be in this!Tuesday, November 24: Two days before we all sit down to indulge in the largest, heaviest meal of the year, the Brookings Institution is taking the time to inform us that the world is RUNNING OUT OF FOOD. Enjoy your turkey. [Brookings Institution]

  • Tuesday, November 24: This week you can learn all about how Denmark’s climate change efforts have helped its economy thrive and resulted in a higher quality of life for its residents. Next week, evangelical scholars will speak at the Heritage Foundation and explain how climate change policies will hurt the poor. And we wonder why people hate us. [Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Heritage Foundation]
  • Tuesday, November 24: CSIS is hosting a series of dialogues on super important things and in one hour or less will find solutions to all the worlds evils. Priority #1, ending poverty and hunger. [CSIS]
  • Wednesday, November 25: The Center for American Progress wants to know why people can’t just finish college. Hint: as seen in California, tuition increases may have a thing or two to do with it. [Center for American Progress].
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  1. Our panelists will argue that a better reasoned—and more Biblical—approach to environmental stewardship emphasizes human flourishing.

    Ah, yes — better land stewardship through procreation. The Heritage Foundation has apparently unlocked the secret of why humans have been subjugated lo these past millennia by a conquering race of bunnies.

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