Sarah Palin was once elected Governor of Alaska! This is like winning the Nobel Prize in Mattering. So as you can see, this Sarah Palin politics expert knows a thing or two about elections and winning them, mmhmm! It is so fortunate then, that she offered to campaign for Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie to help them out in Virginia and New Jersey, respectively. Except neither one is taking her up on her generous goodwill PR stunt! Meg Stapleton, beta version of a human being, GO: “The governor offered her assistance with both races. The ball is in their court.” It’s like Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie don’t even care about the Going Rogue book sales. [POLITICO]

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  1. Sarah can help me, you betcha. I’ve got leaves that need rakin’, dogs that need walkin’, and dishes that need washin’. Now that she and Todd are totally unemployed, she might want to seriously consider the $8.50 an hour I would pay for her services.

  2. And Bob McDonnell keeps talking about how he’s been empowering women. You’d think he’d have to let Sarah Palin help him out, just out of concern for looking like a hypocrite. Oh — nevermind.

  3. Gee, why wouldn’t Republican moderates (well, a moderate and a wignut pretending to be moderate) running in Democrat-trending states want support from an idiot hated by all but the hardcore rightwing base? I don’t get it.

  4. [re=431186]Extemporanus[/re]: She’s probably already quit that job, she’s a maverick.

    And what’s happened to all of the SarahPac money?

    She could get some nice publicity by going to Afghanistan where there are supposed to be troops.

  5. Whenever I see that photo, it always pops into my mind that she’s just taken that bon-bon she’s about to put in her mouth out of her own vagina.

  6. “Why would they want to embrace a national message that goes backward as opposed to forward?” asked veteran GOP strategist Chris LaCivita, referring to last year’s presidential campaign. “She could be more of a liability than a positive. That’s not a criticism about her persona…”

    We’re going to hear every imaginable politcal version of the “It’s not you, it’s me” break-up meme. Somebody should just send Sarah a DVD of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” (Don’t bother sending her the book.)

  7. Goddammit, why does that picture always turn me on? OK, I’m gonna try to picture John Boehner in the same pose and see if that cures me…

  8. [re=431218]BobTheBuilder[/re]: Can you just imagine if she somehow ended up as our VP (or, worse, our P!?) and THIS was the photo we had to look at ALL THE TIME on the Wonkette?

  9. She probably smells like the “dead fish that go with the flow”… or the post-fame lecture circuitfish, or the publisher’s advance “book”-writingfish.

    She just smells like fish, dammit.

  10. They may be afraid of the type of people that show up for a Palin performance, right?

    all those people with the guns strapped on, the nazi signs, the tinfoil hats…..and we all know it is really hard to get good mental health services right now in this USA.

  11. “The ball is in their court.”

    that’s so cute, the way that little spokes-puppet pretends to talk. the ball is in their court, indeed. too bad they’re playing poker, all those balls in all those courts. maybe there’s some sexual subtext here that i’m not getting.

  12. Oh, Sarah, sweetie, please — pretty please — come campaign for McDonnell in VA. Even if he doesn’t ask for your help, you come here and to that rogue thing you do so well! Believe me, he’ll thank you after the fact. I promise!! Oh…and northern Virginia is where you want to be.

  13. Of course McDonnell and Christie are turning down their offers of help. Nobody in their states knows who the hell Sean Parnell is!

    Maybe you’d get their attention if you were offering a former governor, a previous governor, or even a quitted governor, they may change their tune…

  14. Wonder what Todd’n’Sarah are doing for health insurance, now that they’re unemployed. COBRA in Alaska is probably good for 15 minutes or so.

  15. [re=431238]Extemporanus[/re]: A sea of retarded babies.. Which reminds me–do the Palins have the Collected Life Goes On on DVD yet? God created that show for the future birth of Trig, you know.

  16. I’ve seen that pic in a higher-res version. Had to work to keep my lunch down afterwards. Who knows what kinds of crumbs have tumbled into her hoo-haw from snacking in that position.

  17. [re=431200]Jim Demintia[/re]: I can relate. This picture has a strange and powerful effect on me. And my COBRA doesn’t cover mental health.

  18. [re=431207]shadowMark[/re]: Too subtle: she wouldn’t pick up on the meaning. I say mail her a mass shipment of flaming dog poop. She wouldn’t pick up on the meaning of that either, but it’d make me feel better.

  19. [re=431195]chascates[/re]: She could provide sexual favors for those troops who have MILF-y fantasies. Then she could win the Nobel Prize for Prostitution. Previous winners were Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies (shared in 1964), Fanne Foxe, Donna Rice and Heidi Fleiss.

  20. [re=431192]JMP[/re]: Technically we don’t hate her. It’s her voice, faux librarian get up, mind boggling hypocrisy and some other traits I can’t remember right now, oh yeay, LYING all the time, that “we” hate. But Sarah we have no problem with, I’d help her change a flat.

  21. [re=431225]TheCoolestGuyInTown[/re]: “Why do people still refer to her as “Governor Palin”?”
    I was wondering why “FAG Palin” never caught on.

  22. [re=431188]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I’ve got leaves that need rakin’, dogs that need walkin’, and dishes that need washin’.

    You would trust Sarah Palin with any of those activities?

  23. From Politico “— her book, “Going Rogue,” is already the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon, more than a month before it’s even released.”

    OK ‘fess up, who’s ordered her sure to be nobel nominated epic already?

  24. If a gubernatorial campaign will accept her, Sarah could donate her accumulated PAC funds to it, and then they could pay her, perhaps on a fee-for-speech basis. And pay her expenses, her children’s expenses, her wardrobe, her children’s wardrobes, Levi’s lack of wardrobe, etc. etc. etc.

  25. “— her book, “Going Rogue,” is already the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon, more than a month before it’s even released.”

    1. Hire ghostwriter
    2. Give them your collection of Post-Its & pictures of your fridge-magnet poetry
    3. Get lots & lots of wingnut websites to bulk-buy your “magnum opus” & give it away free online
    4. Attention-whore like you’ve never attention-whored before, & hope some people still find your fake Marge Gunderson accent & total lack of basic critical-thinking skills “quaint” & “rustic”
    5. ?!?!?
    6. PROPHET!

  26. [re=431535]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: McDonnell and Christie should hire both these funsters.

    With Failin advising them on how to run their states, and Fiorina telling their CEO’s how to run their companies, they could be making California look good in no time.

  27. let me see now, the democraps have hitlery, pelosi, boxer, ginsberg, waters, olympia snow (we’ll give her to you)madeline albright, donna schlala, I could go forever but you get the idea….these losers are yours and you make fun of Sarah Palin……..pathetic

  28. [re=431952]Tundra Grifter[/re]: you’re back!!!!!I thought you’d given up after getting your butt argeed off on the Palin poor book blog……it’s still #1 on the best sellers list and it hasn’t yet been released…..brilliant

  29. Really…..go to the top of this thresd and look at the asinine comments, losers who can barely keep a job are trying to downplay the governor of a state (elected by the people of that state) who has just written a book that will probably net her in the millions of dollars……some loser. If you don’t like her….don’t vote for her, but your envy and jealousy is more than a little apparent. The commandment says thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods……her intelligence, looks, personality, job, money, success in life are her goods. If you can’t match them, shut the hell up

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