ANDREW SULLIVAN 100% GAY FOR SKOALREBEL: “I thought he was kinda hot myself” — marijuana pundit Andrew Sullivan, being not sarcastic at all about the actual smartest person alive today, skoalrebel. [Andrew Sullivan, Lauri Apple illustration]

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  1. You all realize you’ve just caused the death of skoalrebel, right? See, when his friends discover a known gay human said something nice about him, they’ll have no choice but to kill him. These folks think the gay is contageous and now skoalrebel is tainted with it by being the object a known gay’s remark. They must kill him. It’s how these primitive cultures roll.

  2. [re=420784]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Not just a gay human, but a (sort of) a conservative one, too. But don’t worry, I don’t skoalrebel’s friends can read.

  3. [re=420852]Vulpes82[/re]: Apparently “conservative” applies to bodily fluids. And I thought shit just came OUT of his mouth. Turns out it’s a two-way street. No wonder he wants to be skoalrebel’s personal spit-cup.

  4. I’m still waiting for the new skoalrebel video, where, in his English accent, he points out the wickedly funny joke he’s played on everyone. Seriously, a little cravat and he wouldn’t look like a meth-head AT ALL.

  5. [re=420825]The Cold Sea[/re]: yea, but Sully was obviously going through pot withdrawal when he said this. That will make you a bit fuzzy and out of sorts on a good day.

  6. i have just as much of a soft spot for a tasty bit of redneck rough trade (or sad eyed closet case Matt Latimer for that matter) as anyone else, but EEEUUUWUWWWWWW the mentally challenged chaw spewing inbred manatee thing is NOT working for me at all.

  7. Unfortunately for Sully, Skoal rebel strikes me as the kind of red neck who likes to keep it in the family, so unless your one of his pre-pubescent male cousins…

  8. [re=421025]loquaciousmusic[/re]: I wanted to find out if you were completely nuts or just a little insane, but then a strange fear hit me and I just couldn’t ask.

  9. Wait, are you saying that that skoalrebel thing is a person? No way, man. I’ve seen people before. I don’t know what the fuck that thing is but it sure as hell isn’t a person. At best it’s some kind of retarded Yeti-human hybrid.

  10. [re=421052]Come here a minute[/re]: I wouldn’t have made it at all, but I got up early so I could prepare to pick up my new elitist mobile, an Audi A4, and I had some time to kill. (I think that’s probably exactly what happened to Alan Metter when he made Police Academy 7!)

  11. This reinforces what I have come to understand: gays do not understand which straights are hot, black people do not understand which white people are hot (such as Kid Rock), and vice versa (Pharrell).

  12. I have no idea what this thread was a about, and I went to all of the links. Who is Sullivan calling hot? Albeit, my crappy connection and browser never fully loads his page and gives me a script error.

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