• Hey Britain and France, whatcha up to today? OH NOTHING just accusing Iran of having the most secret and evil nuclear facility ever before the G20. There is also this Thai place in downtown Pittsburgh that we have been meaning to try. [New York Times]
  • Najibullah Zazi is probably the most self-realized terrorist the U.S. has ever arrested: he was further along in acting on a more complicated plan than everyone since Osama’s guys in 2001. [New York Times]
  • Tim Russert’s dad—the “Big Russ” of Tim Russert’s book, Big Russ and Me—has died. MSNBC is expected to play a four to six week-long Powerpoint in remembrance. [CNN]
  • Didja hear?: An important young people activism protest went down in Pittsburgh’s East End last night! A few dozen people were arrested for smashing windows and frankly being rather unpleasant, especially considering what lovely weather we were having yesterday. [Post-Gazette]
  • Gaddafi has been saying contradictory mood-swing-y things this whole week: First he called the U.N. a “terror council,” and then he called Obama his “son,” but then he was like, I get it, I get why everyone who had a family member die in the Lockerbie bombing is so upset with me about Lockerbie. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Compared to 2007, fewer people are giving less money to the Democrats. This is because the Democrats have either annoyed or attempted to dwindle the fortunes of a lot of their big donors. [Washington Post]
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  1. Anyone else having flashbacks about secret nuclear facilities that no one could seem to locate except the countries wanting to bomb the offending nation?

  2. of course fewer people are giving money, and less of it, to the democrats. they spent all that money to buy the government and it barely works, it’s defective, it’s a lemon, and they can’t give it back and get a refund. why throw good money after bad. makes more sense to spend it all on lipstick and pigs.

  3. Re: Iran & nukyooler facilities — aren’t you supposed to keep your one big card close to your chest, not play it before the game has even begun?

  4. I’d think donors are happy. One year on from Lehman Bros ( and the big bailout and no reform whatsoever is in place. Back to your gambling stations, boys. We got your back, even if we don’t want to.

  5. Didn’t read the Wapo article ’bout the Dems and the empty coffers. But I do imagine that one reason for the money woes is that the $5 to $25 donors are no longer coughing up. A couple of reasons for this. One, all of those people (us?) are fucking broke now. The second reason is that the Dems didn’t just forget who brought them to the dance; they raped us in the bathroom as soon as we got to there then proceeded to bump and grind with our worst enemies
    right in front of us. While giving us the finger behind their backs.

  6. Gaddafi needs his own late night talk show. He could interview kidnapped people from one of fabulous tents and if he hasn’t shot his guest by the end of the program they win a camel or a TeeVee.

  7. [re=419175]4tehlulz[/re]: So far, all I have seen is “some dude” confirmed Iran’s somewhat-secret facility. I recall using unknown sources and people pissed off at (or wanting to take over) the government of the country in question not really giving us very correct information previously.

  8. Whatever you do in Pittsburgh (erstwhile “Hell with the lid off”), don’t go to that “famous” place where they serve sandwiches with french fries in them, on waxed paper. Famous, maybe; good, not even close.

    [re=419182]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Correct.

  9. Read the article on Dem Donations. It’s hilariously wrong: they blame lack of donations amongst the rank-and-file on “complacency”, since their party has the Presidency and both houses of congress. I am not withholding money because of _my_ complacency. I’m withholding money because of _their_ complacency! What have they done with their large majorities? Screw up health care reform. GEE THANKS!

    I have also been a jobless hobo for over six months now, that probably has a little something to do with my not giving them money. Also.

  10. [re=419202]plowman[/re]: Too much depakote & he might lose that fancy ‘do of his. I’m sure at some point he had to choose, keep the hair or the sanity. He chose hair.

  11. Gaddafi: “I totally understand why you might be angry that I instructed my guys to kill your husbands, wives, parents and children to make an ineffective political statement… but.. I mean, look at this suit!!! Isn’t it just too fab?”

  12. WaPo cites “the party’s harsh rhetoric about big business.” When? Where? On what planet? So, OK, I don’t spend all that much time watching CSPAN, but the harshest rhetoric I’ve heard from Democrats is from people like me railing about spineless servants of the status quo. Why give money to a party that cedes power to Max Baucus and impotence to Harry Reid?

  13. [re=419200]Servo[/re]: Rudy’s is too far to go. There is Larry and Carol’s in Oakland (if you can find it.) and The Original, of course – where a regular order of fries serves a family of four for two days. I understand Frank and Wally’s is closed but had the distinction of serving fries with brown gravy being the only place outside of Kansas where they serve it that way without even asking.

  14. Hey where is Angela the Merk. Sarkozy, Obama and that English guy are all making a statement sounding verrry angry, and she is not even there. Is she having her hair done, with her secret lover? Oh, I know. She is getting a back massage, you know, from someone who really knows how to do the back rubs.

  15. We’ve literally been at war with Libya since this country was founded. Remember the Barbary Pirates from high school history class? They were based in Tripoli and all the other city-states along the African Med coast that congealed into modern day Libya.

    [re=419238]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: I was gonna say, hit up The O.

  16. Najibullah Zazi’s beard one of the most serious neckbeards witnessed in the years following the terrorist beards of September 11th. NYPD and FBI officials, working in tandem, have revealed capabilities in forensic beardology previously only hinted at, in determining the magnitude and intent of Zazi’s beard development.

  17. [re=419182]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: Amen brother. All we asked for was to be treated as good little slaves. We know we’re slaves, shit what else do humans do? Can we at least be treated as well as slaves? When I worked for Home Depot, the big boss made 1700 times as much as I did. My immediate boss was so poorly compensated that his children qualified for medicaid. Can you believe that? Are you listening out there? I was paying taxes that went to pay for the healthcare of my employer’s children! The elites of this country better dial back the greed or they will be finding thier last few seconds of life looking at their blood spraying from the stump of their neck in a guillotine.

  18. [re=419188]glamourdammerung[/re]: The NYT is saying that “Iran” confirmed the facilities to the IAEA, not “some dude” (paragraph 5). Also that the IAEA confirmed the communication from Iran on Monday (paragraph 6).

    I get the skepticism, but the IAEA is not Curveball.

  19. [re=419280]snideinplainsight[/re]: Yeah, what is WITH that? I studied Islam for YEARS, and I swear, there is nothing anywhere in the Qur’an or ahadith that says “And the devout believing men shall grow upon their necks long, straggly hairs by which ye shall know one another, and knoweth thy God, the one supreme being, the forgiver, who also happens to sport a disgusting collection of throat pubes.”

    There is plenty, though, about killing your enemy. No matter what modern day Muslims go tellin’ you.

  20. [re=419174]Lazy Media[/re]: Let’s see, hot tattooed, pierced babes of both sexs with hot tongue action and no need to talk the next day, versus huge gutted, doughy skinned grease balls who think sex is for making babees.

    Beats me.

  21. [re=419333]Cicada[/re]: Oh, sorry. “Some dude in Iran”. This is notably different than, say, Irans government admitting it to me. They did admit to building another facility, but again, that is quite a different situation than having an active facility. Also, one should note that telling the IAEA about the facility prior to completion and use is Iran following through with their previous agreement about notification. Telling someone you have something is a really odd way to go about hiding it, but that might just be me being critical.

  22. [re=419199]Hopetarded[/re]: word. If the Dems screw up health care (ie, put in place a mandate to buy without a public option, fer instance) they will never get one more penny from me, ever. Nevah evah fuckahs. no mo’ money.

  23. [re=419620]glamourdammerung[/re]: No, the reason this is a big deal is that the working theory is that the Iranians came out with the info because they were forced to by an intelligence leak. Question the intelligence leak, sure, but not the veracity of the notification.

    It really is all in the article, I swear.

  24. “Col. Gadhafi, wearing black boots and an ankle-length cape, said.”

    Best WaPo description evah.

    As for Najibullah, isn’t it sad when “furthest along in terrorist plot since Bin Laden” is still equivalent to “not anywhere close to being as operational as Bin Laden”? So, this guy was 2% further along in the dolts in Florida, but still 90% not close enough.

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