Every day is 9/11.OKAY, ONE MORE PELOSI ANIMATED GIF: Nothing will ever compete with the 21st Century pop-art masterpiece that is today’s Wall of Pelosi animated gif seizure triumph, but we could not let this final submission vanish down the Memory Hole of Socialism, so here you go, and good night, and Happy September the Eleventh Eve! Make sure to leave out some pedophilia literature to distract the old Republican guys who will bust into your house tonight and try to scare everybody to death! [Thanks to Wonkette operative “David D.”]

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  1. Jesus… if only glenn beck and the little shitminers that live in his giant ass were creative/intelligent enough to come up with this one, this very scary yet accurate Large Marge portrayal as Pelosi would have been a fox news talking point since July.

  2. I hope the CIA is watching this shit.
    That aint the biaatch I’d be picken fights with Leon. Just tell the nice Speaker that your a lying piece of shit and you NEVAH briefed her on Sadaams weapons or any such thing and she might let you keep your soul, or at least that portion of your nutsack you think of as your soul.
    Liken the tongue though..kinda reminds me of my ex-wife in a freaky “whip my ass and call me a hellspawn demon” kinda way…perhaps I’ve said to much…

  3. Then Pelosi made Wilson lie with her, lest he remain undefiled by her whoredom. And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me “take this LSD.”

  4. [re=408512]guerilla-nation[/re]: It’s not wrong if you’re imagining Nancy P telling you over the phone that she’s dripping your jizz down her leg. Messy!

  5. [re=408525]slowhansolo[/re]: Ha! Win.

    Pelosi is so obviously a Lizardian-American. A sexy, brutally efficient lizard-woman with a heart of platinum (with small traces of gold & silver).

    Pelosi for (Over)Lord Protector!

  6. I’d give anything to have seen another legislator reach over, bitch-smack Joe Wilson in the back of the head, and tell him “shhhh! grownups are speaking”.

  7. [re=408547]O_o[/re]: Just a small correction; a bitch-slap/smack is a very specific slap that can only be delivered to the face. Thus, smacking him on the back of the head could be said to be “smacking him up-side his head”, but not “bitch-smack”.

    Personally, I’d have been more partial to House security rushing down the aisles, hog-tieing his short, fat ass, clubbing and tasering him mercilessly (while bound), and then carrying him out on a pole with a sock in his mouth. Him being a Republican and all, though, I’m afraid he’d like that.

  8. This settles the question on if we are alone in the universe. However, I thought aliens were supposed to be an intelligent life form. Whateva! I always had a strange feeling she popped out of a stomach and ran screaming across a room like the lizard baby from “V”.

    Or maybe I’m simply constipated?

  9. Mr. Layne it is now September 11 here on the East coast and we would very much appreciate a crying eagle pic and Nevar Forget! post please. Or not.

  10. [re=408551]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: i think what O_o was referring to was the famous “dope-slap”, which as you point out is also referred to as the smack upside the head.

    that’s this morning’s lesson, class, and it will be on the test. also, remember, don’t mess with the lady in red, and happy patriot’s day! (don’t cry, sweetums, all the tears in the world won’t bring back the dead. cheer up, they caught another terra chief yesterday, and we didn’t need all them stinky old constitutional provisions and international laws, anyway. dope-slap, anyone? first one’s free!)

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