So very many of you friendly bored people responded to our solicitation for animated .gifs of Nancy Pelosi looking horror-struck at Joe Wilson’s “YOU LIE” outburst, so we will just post them all! Every submitter, as promised, will get to make out with/finger-bang Intern Riley for five minutes in a closet of your choice. (Just e-mail him to set up a time. If he turns down any of you, he will be fired.)

From left to right, top to bottom (ha ha stupid WordPress formatting capabilities): Operatives Sean, Drew, Scott, Cory, Chris, Strongy O’, btwbfdimho, and RobFromChicago. And thank you operative “jagorev” for the Blingee gracing the top of this post.

(Oh, and an FYI to Riley, from Operative Drew: “Could you let Riley know I am a top and a bear.”)

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  1. I hope she takes him behind the proverbial wood pile and spanks–no, wait. A Republic would enjoy that. Maybe a “friend” from San Francisco can set up this douche in the men’s room. Yeah, that’ll work.

    I just listened to Max Blumenthal of “Fresh Air” and now I’m very afraid.

  2. [re=407899]Prommie[/re]: Hey, I’d buy it. Comes with the soda already in it. For those occasions when you don’t have the time or the inclination to hunt down a glass.

  3. Hmm… Obama and Pelosi’s head turn a bit more exactly in sync, while Biden’s is already fully back and to his left…

    Biden was in on it! Inside job!

  4. [re=407937]Country Club Jihadi[/re]: Actually, Nancy’s facial expression mimicked my own when I read the article. Only my jaw took a little longer to snap back into place.

  5. It’s so hard to choose! The last one gets points for both clarity and capturing the exact moment of horror in Nancy’s reaction. The one with all three in it, however, lets us see the various Barry, Joe and Nancy reactions–and that is priceless.

  6. [re=407969]user-of-owls[/re]: isn’t the “lindsay clap” just what you do to get all the jizz off your hands and into a nice little ball? Kinda like “elmer’s” “glue”? Cuz I think that’s what he was doing.

  7. [re=407989]Crank Tango[/re]: ““I want to make it clear that my use of that phrase is in no way an admission that I have ever Lindsay clapped.”

  8. Props to Nancy for merely looking shocked rather than sporting the white-witch style look of imminent-vengeance-wreaking that the repubs would expect from their favorite dominatrix fetish.

  9. That bottom right one kills me – I guess because the jaw drop is fucking perfect as a jaw drop. It doesn’t open, it drops! It’s like it has its own personality.

  10. I would like a Joe Biden refrigerator magnet doll. He’d look great with a handlebar moustache and other old-timey accoutrements, but sometimes I’d just want to gangsta him up.

  11. Just as a point of order there hasn’t been this much disrespect in Congress (except for the McCarthy hearings) since Preston Brooks took a cane to Charles Sumner…and for bonus points guess what state Brooks was from? Right, the one we need to build a fence around.

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