That dreadful scandal-bastion known to some as “the University of Wyoming” is back in the news, because of mean old Dick Cheney: “CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A decision by the University of Wyoming to name a new center for international students for former Vice President Dick Cheney is drawing criticism from people who say Cheney’s support for the Iraq war and harsh interrogation techniques should disqualify him from the distinction.” HA! Dick Cheney, man. A $3.2 million donation from the Cheneys for this so-called “center,” designed to house the very people he despises: Foreigns. The four or five international students at UW should really consider ever walking into this fishy building… something seems a little “Bagram-y” about all of this. [AP via Indecision Forever]

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  1. Methinks Cheney Hall should have his family motto, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter,” written in blood above the entrance.

    Also, suck it, Dick.

  2. Students also will be able to hang out there, said university spokeswoman Jessica Lowell.

    …by their thumbs, ankles, or special hooks inserted into their back muscles.

  3. Lynndie England is the RA, all the beds are planks of wood, the library is nothing but defaced Korans, and the cafeteria serves nothing but Pop Rocks and Dr Pepper.

  4. You’d think that for that kind of green he could get one more convenient to his own home.

    I mean, he can watch on closed-circuit TV and all, but torture looses a lot when you can’t be there in person.

  5. I can only imagine what an exciting prospect it must be for a foreign exchange student from Kazakhstan to visit collegiate America; to cast off the sparsely populated, intellectually stunted, endless plains of his or her homeland in favor of… CHEYENNE WYOMING.

  6. have you seen the blueprints? they’re something else. there’s going to be extra soundproofing all through the building, and a large communal shower in the basement, though the shower heads don’t seem to connect with the plumbing.

  7. [re=405931]norbizness[/re]: It looks like home, but there is more food available in Wyoming. Plus, it used to be as far away from Cheney as you could get.

  8. They’re just naming a building after him. It’s not like they’re doing anything important like giving him an honorary degree. You need to be experienced for something like that…

  9. [re=405973]Min[/re]: That’s where extraordinary student exchange rendition comes in. No need to find it when you’re safely ensconced in one of those Brazil-like body bags on an Army cargo plane.

  10. Where did he get 3.2 million dollars? He’s been a government employee for the past roughly 30 years. That’s not GS-15 coin. Was his soul actually worth that much?

  11. Hey now! I live in Laramie, and work at the University. Laramie is really a nice place – the University makes it more liberal than you’d expect.

    That said, I have no words for how ticked I am at having that warmonger’s name on the plaza. I end up passing it every day, and one of these days I swear to Cthulhu that I’m going to take a sledgehammer to the goddamned thing.

  12. [re=406144]Dr. Zoidberg[/re]: Albany County (where Laramie is) was one of only two in the entire Cowboy State (Teton was the other) to vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Now I know that’s not saying much, but so it goes.
    What makes the CIC even funnier is that it’s a center for INTERNATIONAL STUDIES. Something he wasn’t too keen on when it would have been useful. However, I do have at least one friend who’s going to rock Brussels on the Cheney’s dime. I dunno. It could be seen as a move towards atoning for what he did, kind of like George Wallace coming out in favor of desegregation after being a hate-monger for decades but what he continues to say completely negates any good the man could possibly do anymore. Really, who knows why he decided to give money to such a program. Although the only National insitution Cheney has shown even the slightest modicum of faith in (in books, stories, sloppily scrawled bathroom missives) has been higher education.
    All in all, it doesn’t matter. There is no atonement for men of such great evil. And Wallace is still evil, too.
    Perhaps someone should leave a bucket of water and a board in Cheney Plaza during the early AM hours.

  13. [re=406191]god.was.stingy[/re]: Yeah, when then Sen. Obama came to the campus it was awesome. I stood in line for two hours and then sat on cold seats for another couple of hours just to hear him speak.

    And as for Darth Cheney, I sincerely doubt it had anything to do with atonement. That would imply a heart and a conscience, and he has neither.

    Eh, I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I love Wyoming (moved here from Texas 8 years ago), and like I said, Laramie, at least, is more open minded than other parts of the state.

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