The biggest television event of the day has already occurred, and it has nothing to do with Obama and death care. Meghan McCain has been guest-hosting the ladies’ television program The View, and today’s celebrity drop-ins included Mr. Rod Blagojevich and his lovely wife Miss Lady. Meghan tells Blago that he is “ballsy” for writing a book. “You definitely must feel like you didn’t do anything wrong I mean to write a book and whatever like that’s how secure you are that this is something else?” “Well that’s exactly right, Meghan.” [YouTube]

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  1. True story- Rod told me earlier today on the phone that if the interview started to go downhill, he would just look for the “space between McCain’s boobs and parachute me there.”

    I told him that that was an odd escape plan, and in response he just said “fuck” a bunch of times. His wife was violently fist-pumping and cursing in the background.

  2. [re=405821]Mr Blifil[/re]: More like the Judds, no?

    Ugh, why must all my comments today be about wimmins’ looks?

    Also, Mrs. Blago is kinda MILFy.

  3. Something about the enlarged letter V in “The View” reminds me of the lizardoid invasion in the miniseries/documentary “V;” it’s also apparent that Meghan is carrying to term some number of their pupae.

  4. Before seeing this I did not understand how SMART Blago is. Did you hear him? “They are actually taping me right now.” My God, how did they get the goods on this wily rascal?

  5. [re=405875]Prommie[/re]:

    I think we are not allowed mention her enbonpoint status here. L’un ne peut pas faire plaisanteries de grosses de Meghan plus! It is forbidden, n’est pas?

  6. Oh Hell yes. I’d fatty chase her until she dropped, the drop trou and offer her a Cleveland Steamer. Which reminds me of a story about Mrs. McCain when she was mean to some Mexicans who were cutting her lawn. I’d be happy to share the story one day. We have had to live with these McCain kooks for years in Kentuckazona.

  7. Her disorganized approach to parsing the ol’ vernacular leads to the inescapable conclusion that if someone were to tell her he is amazed by her vacuity, she would thank him for the nice compliment to her lady parts.

  8. [re=405847]Sharkey[/re]: Congratulations on making the first literary reference to WIYY since Anne Tyler did it in “The Accidental Tourist.” (Wonketters are literaries, right?)

  9. “HAHAHA!” 40+ comments, and half are refried fat “jokes”! HI-larious!

    I mean, it’s not like Megs served up an all-you-can-eat word salad buffet for all of us to dig into, or anything…

    In other words: “What would Sara banhammer?”

  10. [re=405961]Extemporanus[/re]: Yeah, cut out the fat jokes, people! Judging by her questions/statements/ramblings/whateverthehellthatwas, Megs already started on her weight loss regimen by removing her brain.

  11. [re=405863]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Ever read Mine Cuntf by John S. McCain?

    It really puts the “man” in “manifesto”, and the “esto” in “her place”.

  12. [re=405961]Extemporanus[/re]: “Why do Mexicans have re-fried beans?”

    “Have you ever heard of a Mexican doing anything right the first time?”

  13. “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions”

    Meghan, I knew you did this to single me out. But I’ll be looking for you next time you’re in Lagos for a personal re-enactment.

  14. WOW How’d they get that battleship through the door and into dry-dock? Looks like meg has a real wide-on for Rod.

    Did I mention Ms. McCain is fat. F.A.T. Who has she been eating? And the make-up, whatever, a trowel and something else.

  15. Meghan is so fat she fell in love and broke it!

    Meghan is so fat the last time she saw 90210 was on the scale!

    Meghan is so fat when she went to the beach Greenpeace tried to drag her back in the water!

    Meghan is so fat that even Richard Simmons can’t help laughing!

  16. Am I going to hell if I reveal to your guys that I watched every episode of “I’m A Celebrity, Get My Outta Here”, there summer, and ended up totally digging on Patty Blago? Not digging on in the Sarah Palin kinda way (i.e. ‘love me because I’m a victim’), but digging on in the sense of ‘I’m a genuinely good person that got mixed up in some bad shit’? BTW, one that summer show, her and John Sally became the strangest of friends (lovers?).

  17. Gawd almighty, this whole piece of crap is sickening, on about 1,000 levels.

    One, Blagojevich casually ignores the fact that he was tape-recorded making illegal and unethical deals trading political offices for political favors–that is exactly what happened, it’s all on tape, for God’s sake and for reality’s sake, and he is obviously guilty of several political corruption crimes.

    Thus, secondly, these morons sitting around on couches obviously 1) did no real journalistic research on this subject; 2) sat there like idiots and lobbed stupid, softball questions at Blagojevich and his wife; 3) they ignored literally hundreds of pages of documentation that supports the charges against this moron; 4) again, they practiced zero real journalism in preparation for this.

    Third, why, really, is Meghan “Moron” McCain on this show, or anywhere, for that matter? She is ignorant, uninformed, has no presence, is not a broadcaster, is not a journalist, does not know what the hell she is talking about, is childish, and, again, does not belong on television, in any manner. She is a poseur, and ignorant, and is getting by solely on her father’s name. Pathetic.

    Fourth, Miss Lady stupidly says, “We have two kids in private school” as if that’s something we should be sympathetic about! Gawd almighty! If it’s a hassle, take your damn kids out of private school, sell your damn house, and GET A DAMN JOB. No one on this planet “has to” go on a stupid, dumb, moronic television game show to help pay the bills WHEN YOU’RE PAYING STUPID AMOUNTS FOR YOUR TWO SPOILED KIDS TO GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOLS, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

    Fifth, you do not have some former governor who is charged with political corruption on a national television show and not grill him about the exact charges. That is literally irresponsible.

    Everyone associated with this stupid show should be fired, including the wayward Whoopi. Hey, Whoopi: Please get back to making good movies. Thank you.

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