Gritty, and disturbing. And yet Fox News labels this dance “the Beltway Boogie.” Can we please stop it with the obvious racism? Anyway, this devilry took place the other night at some trashy mick bar filled with Irish micks. [Matt Yglesias]

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  1. Fox News surprised me by not calling for her immediate resignation on the grounds of “conduct unbecoming” or some other fantastical breach of etiquette. They exercised remarkable restraint.

    perhaps they’re leaving it to Glenn Beck to say, “This is an affront to White Culture!!!!”

  2. Unrelated but, since we’re doing recreational Politico banging…

    “Forty-seven percent of Americans supported negotiation, backed by threat of military action, to eradicate Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. But 53 percent of people in the European Union ruled out the use of military force.”

    Ummmmm, ok…so that would mean that 53% of Americans ruled out the use of force and 47% of Europeans thought it was a good idea?!?

    Read more:

  3. Sotomayor showing aher variation on the wildly popular “Mexican Hat Dance” with a sultry rendition of the “Puertorican Robe Dance.” Clarence Thomas remarked, “Hell yeah I’d freek that bitch. She got a badonkadonk. I’d love to put a pube on her Coke!”

  4. That woman literally snapped her fingers and pointed at that douchebag while saying “She had something to cele-BRATE!”. If you can be more of a cheeseball, I’d like to see you try…

  5. I thought she had a broken ankle. On the other hand, if I’d just been confirmed to be part of SCOTUS, I’d be dancing my ass off, too.

  6. “When I dance they call me Macarena
    And the boys they say que soy buena
    They all want me, they can’t have me
    So they come and dance beside me…”

  7. [re=405796]El Pinche[/re]:

    I can’t be arsed to pay attention to those people. I am surrounded by the lame IRL, so I prefer to fill my television time with Rachel Maddow and shows about vampires.

  8. Wow, the Saddam hanging video was better quality than that!

    I’m surprised they didn’t use the low-res to make some outrageous accusation like she was dancing with another woman or smoking a reefer…

  9. Anyway, this devilry took place the other night at some trashy mick bar filled with Irish micks.
    Micks, spics, what’s the difference? They’re all communists.

  10. [re=405755]StoneAge[/re]: Oh god, Megyn Kelly is so hot. Sorry librul ladies. You can fantasize about one (1) hot GOP douche without judgement from me.

    I don’t care how fuzzy this clip is, I was thinking the exact same thing. They should have never did a wide angle shot because it makes the little guy next to her (I always forget his name) look like a little troll. I know Fox News is just soft-core porn filled with Stepford Wives, but hot-damn, if Murdoch’s mind control works.

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