Barry Obama just sexted you![HEY KEN why do you HATE ME? — A Colleague] [Because I wrote my version 12 hours ago and you should have maybe seen it scheduled to post since last night? — A Supervisor] Guess who jumped on the “Facebook status-update health-care thing” pretty quick? That’s right, Barack Obama is thrilled to see that educated money-having Facebook internet people are putting the do-gooder thing on their Facebooks. [Thanks to “Noam L.” for the tip!]

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  1. Glad to know the Barackster has joined Facebook. ?Maybe he can join the Stop Obama group and entertain himself with the FailTroll racists that loiter over there…

  2. I’m not so sure wasting time with Facebook, Twitter, et. al., is such a good idea for the President. Eventually, he’s going to make a mistake and look like an idiot (the way Grassley already has).

  3. So…this is the second time I have seen this happen, where one guy writes pretty much the same story and posts it on the blog….

    So using my special communist powers, I have deducted that you guys don’t even read each other works, which is totally not the socialist way of doing things.

    Fix it.

  4. I keep posting on Obamas facebook shit like:
    Dont sell us out!
    Dont make a secret deal with the drug dealers!
    No mandates without a public option!

    Everyone should do this so Rahm Emanuel(D corporate whore) gets the message.

    Facebook friends forevah!

  5. TV sucks, kids should not have to watch anything they cannot skip over with the slider bar on the bottom of the screen unless they are being rendered to Syria.

  6. Just cold inter-warbloggin’ on a warblog, nice. I think that’s meta or something. Already done shots tho (celebrating Anti-Labor day!) so I could be wrong.

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