• IS NORM COLEMAN DEAD YET? Surprisingly, no! He is alive! And he’s doing the most liberal thing since the French Revolution this fall: being a teaching fellow at Harvard. His course will be called, “How To Litigate A Losing Case For Months, Just For The Fuck Of It.” (This is actually the topic of every corporate law course offered at Harvard.) On a side note, one of Coleman’s fellow fellows at Harvard this fall will be Ms. Peggington Noonington. More on her in a bit… [CNN]
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  1. [re=392578]masterdebater[/re]: There’re only two smug, self-centered assholes at Harvard now? Somebody hit Cambridge with a neutron bomb or something?

  2. Gary Coleman doesn’t have any advanced degrees, does he? I sure wouldn’t pay those exhorbitant tuition fees with someone like him on the faculty.

    Huh? Norm Coleman? Who’s he?

  3. The photo on the right of the person doing the online class at GWU- isn’t that the guy who played Spock and is in Heroes? what was this post about anyway?

  4. Please warn the ex-Senator that Dame Noonington is not down with his course, as Reagan was against frivolous lawsuits. And he knew enough not to call it tort reform, since that is French and wouldn’t have appealed to True Americans, going about their American business, enjoying their American Mornings.

  5. [re=392594]ohiolobbyist[/re]: At first I thought you said “… the semi-dressed Mme. Noonington we so badly crave.” It gave me kind of a funny feeling.

  6. Brilliant! Now, if they can just get Palin to teach English Comp and Bunning to teach Logic, Hahvahd will truly have no redeeming features.

  7. Harvard likes to think of itself as an intellectual Hollywood. It attracts celebrity “fellows” to schmooze-seminar, and the $50,000 a year students get to bask for the rest of their lives in enhanced nostalgia.

  8. [re=392594]ohiolobbyist[/re]: Just went over and read Lady Peggy — not your Vintage Noonan. Just more wingnut talking points about health care. Plus Obama shouldn’t be so “cool.”

  9. Norm also plans on growing his hair out again. In the future 9 out of 10 historians will consider this feat to be his greatest achievement.

  10. If Wonkette is weighing in on Dame Noonington, I will continue to clicky-clicky my refresh button until I find the Friday satisfaction I crave.

  11. Hey! Norm Coleman. Now there’s guy I really really really don’t give a flying shit about since he stopped wasting tax money on Fleshlights and lawyers.

  12. “Harvard University’s Institute of Politics,” harummpphhh. When is somebody gonna do a story on these clown schools? Basically, they’re just dumping grounds for political has-beens, with thier “fellowships” funded by lobbyists. Goddammit.

  13. [re=392591]germansteel[/re]: Gary Coleman no. Gary Cole yes. He knows all about working as a drone for a nameless, faceless corporation. And you wouldn’t want to beat the shit out of him just for being there, like you would with Norm.

  14. So how do you get one of these cushy faculty jobs at Harvard? Back when I was looking, I couldn’t get hired by the Community College of the Marshall Islands.

  15. [re=392677]martinette[/re]: yea, Marinette. the Institute of Politics was actually founded and fully funded as a memorial to President Kennedy back in 1966. Entirely funded by private endowment, not lobbyists, you dumb fuck.

    Also, colemen isn’t going to be a teaching Fellow, if CNN or Wonkette, or any of you care to see the actual press release, he’s only going to be there for a week:

  16. My thought process basically went like this:
    “Norm Coleman? Why do I care if a guy who used to be on Saturday Night Live teaches at Harvard?
    . . .
    Wait, that was Norm McDonald. Who’s Norm Coleman, then?
    Oh, right — he was that douche bag.”

    Welp, back to forgetting he ever existed!

  17. [re=393094]ThickMick[/re]: Gosh, I’m sorry, I should have said “special interest groups,” not “lobbyists.” I’m sure that mighty endowment of thiers grows turgid only by the purest of financial sources. Does the Kennedy School know that the rest of Harvard laughs behind it’s back? I didn’t think so.

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