Ancient mysterious woodland elf Elwyn Tinklenberg, Jesus-envoy to Minnesota’s freshwater meth hellscape, has dropped his latest (third?) bid to kill Michele Bachmann, politically, in 2010. He enjoyed a few days as America’s #1 guy in 2008 when it looked like he could’ve picked off Bachmann in the eleventh hour after she went nuts, as usual, but in an instance when people were actually paying attention. But fear not, liberal sallies! The chivalrous Elwyn quitteth only to avoid an ugly primary fight with a certain Tarryl Clark, who is… let’s see here… oooooh, a lady-person. Hello miss lady who could easily be Michele Bachmann’s younger sister! [TPM]

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  1. Her name is Tarryl and her office is on Rev. MLK bullie?

    Oooo, chile. How ignominious would Bachmann’s defeat be at the hands of Wiggerwoman?

  2. Good. Tinklenberg sucks. I knew people who worked for his campaign and said it was incompetent, from the top down.

    Also @Sluggo: Bachmann was born on Mars, at least, so what’s your point? WHERE IS HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!

  3. Tarryl Clark is cute in a wholesome midwestern way but lacks the insane edge that makes Michelle so attractive if you are also sick/crazy.

  4. Lets take a look at ‘lil miss Dumbocrat islamofacsict:
    YWCA of Maricopa County, Program Coordinator = lesbian
    Minnesota Community Action Association, Executive Director = community organizer
    Land of Lakes Girl Scout Council, Affirmative Action Office/Human Relations Director = superduper double lesbian

    Srsly though, I’m torn. Boring, if vaugely MILFy nice democrat lady with solid experience in the institutions and work force involved in issues of childcare and education? Or the one warning us about the ACORN Census death camps?

  5. [re=378030]HomoPolitico[/re]: Land of Lakes Girl Scout Council
    So she’s just a pawn in the (greasy) clutches of Big Butter. Mmm, butter.

  6. Damn. I was looking forward to sending him another contribution. After that crazy-ass rant of hers last fall about investigating un-American activities in Congress, I donated to the Tinklenberg campaign even though my only connection to the district is that my sister graduated from St. Cloud State.

  7. She’s so wholesome looking! And nice touch, what with the Christian cross around her neck in the publicity photo — she’s no Muslin, nor is she some Druidic, sylvan woodland Wiccan-Jew either…too bad she forgot the flag pin.

  8. To minimize the damage to the rest of our great country, we should just nominate Bachmann as the batshit insane God-Empress of the People’s Theocratic Republic of Holy Minnesota.

  9. You have to give the guy some credit to have gotten through life this far with a name like Ellie Tinkleberg.

    I probably would be still been living in my Mom’s basement watching Beavis and Butthead reruns.

  10. [re=378027]orange[/re]: No kidding. The 6th district is populated by right wing crazies, Nazi sympathizers, abortion opponents, and backward white trash. They see in Bachmann a kindred spirit. Truly frightening. But, I am looking forward to the forthcoming cat fights.

  11. When push comes to shove, the tinkling Berg, having made his mark(and a fistfull of cash),
    curtsies to the crowd and piddles into the shadows.

  12. Tarryl’s senate office is on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. I find that highly interesting. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, only that it is interesting.

  13. Not again! He always loses. Let’s get someone to run against the crazy lady with a cool name like Stig or Thumper.
    Tinklenburg, meh.

  14. Tarryl Clark is a feisty lady. She won’t be as amusingly enchanting in a woodland way, bu she once called Bachmann a devil in a blue dress – she will provide some entertainment.

  15. [re=378044]Anita Cocktail[/re]: Yeah, that cross necklace was the very first thing this godless east coast elitist noticed. It would be totally out of bounds here but I’m sure it will go over great in Bachmann’s district. Go Tarryl!

  16. [re=378083]Cape Clod[/re]: Uh…the rest of the Republicans?

    But seriously, if we must lose someone as reliably entertaining as Bachmann, at least she’ll be replaced by a reasonably hot, potentially-feisty-in-a-Minnesota-sort-of-way woman who seems like she might know what she’s doing.

  17. The key question for Tarryl, from religious fundies in upper Minnesota, would have to be, would she let her children watch sorcery promoting disney film Aladdin?

  18. [re=378165]assistant/atlas[/re]: Virginia Foxx is a rising star in the batshit crazy world. If she can take her “the guvmit gonna kill granny” to the next level, I think she can make the all-pro wingnut team, possibly MVP. Jean Schmidt is over due for a break out season. Take her in all keeper leagues.

  19. [re=378165]assistant/atlas[/re]: Why all the fear about losing Michelle Bachman? Do you seriously think she’d leave town? No indeedy — you’d be losing a nutty congressthing and gaining a (superfluous, but entertaining) blogger and lunch regular at the gubmint-in-exile table at Enterprise.

  20. [re=378048]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Probably she’s been elected to get her out of the state, like the congressman from Dogpatch, AR.

    Zhu Bajie

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