Do not mess with this clown.The newly installed stooge/senator from Minnesota, veteran circus performer Al Franken, had to wait, what, eight months to assume office? And during that time he frittered away many an hour in court, wasting the People’s Money on the frivolous lawsuit that was eventually decided in his favor. Norm Coleman warned him from the very beginning that The People would not look kindly on this frivolity and wasteful spending! Which is why it’s funny that Minnesota’s Republican Party has had to cut Franken a check for $96,000 to cover lawsuit-related fees.

Of course, this now makes Republicans some of Franken’s very biggest contributors, which may have been Coleman’s evil plan all along: rack up the legal fee bill so that Republicans would owe Franken as much money as possible, so that then they can remind him how much money they gave him the next time he starts whining about universal healthcare.

Or they are just dumb.

Republicans send Franken $95K after Senate case [Star Tribune]

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  1. The $96,000 came in eight checks for $12,000 each, from John and Darlene Ensign and their kids and Doug and Cynthia Hampton and their kids.

  2. Lisa: When Al Franken wants to, he can still blow ’em away.

    Bart: Yes. He can take a simple, everyday thing like eating a bicycle and make it funny.

  3. [re=359450]rmontcal[/re]: Surely by now the Senate at least has a mimeograph machine. You’re right about the bookkeeping, though.

    Of course, we’ve seen Republican bookkeeping before; I’m not sure anyone would notice that small an imbalance.

  4. They’re going to use the money to rent some rich guy’s basement somewhere and furnish it with milk crates and hobo beans.

  5. i look forward to the post when you utilize a pic of Tim as Dr. Frankenfurter. this will result in pleasaant (possibly wet) dreams for me rather than the IT nightmares I’ve had since yesterday.

  6. So far as I could tell watching his swearing in, the first man to really embrace, in a big bear hug, Senator Franken was Senator Socialist Bernie Sanders (there were a few cursory hugs before that which don’t count.) I choose to attach great symbolic importance to this bear hug. It shows that Franken will work to carry on the legacy of the late, lamented (murdered?) Paul Wellstone and will work with Senator Sanders to pull that pussy party of theirs to the left in any way they can. But they’ll do it with dignity which will confer credibility upon their crusade. And 30 years from now we can look back and say “we have universal health care because of those guys. We have a minimum wage of $25/hour, a maximum wage for CEOs, state-controlled banks, no more nukes, legalized pot, mag-lev trains and cars, free trips to the moon, universal veterinary care, no more of those horrible, tasteless red apples, completely pesticide-free produce, free-roaming cows which live to be 50-years-old because people stopped eating critters of their own accord, and the 20-hour work week, all thanks to Senators Franken and Sanders.” They will be immortalized on Mt. Rushmore II, carved somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota. From sea ♪ to ♫ shining ♫ sea…≈

  7. I bet he will keep the check in a drawer in his desk, ala Castro. That way the Republicans won’t be able to balance their checkbook and will be SO mad and call him twice a week like my grandmother does when I don’t deposit her $20 birthday check.

  8. [re=359486]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Thanks for your description of paradise. I’ll print it out and read it tonight as the painkillers start taking effect. Better than dreaming of winning the lottery.

  9. [re=359488]SnarkNotFark[/re]: I upped my grandkids to $50 and it goes pretty fucking fast. (Except for the cult member currently visiting me who doesn’t do birthdays bec. it pisses off Jehovah.)

    If he wants to really drive the Repubs crazy, he could set up a fund for poor people seeking sex change operations. Or how about the National Council of Churches? Americans for the Separation of Church and State, the ACLU? The worthy causes the Repugs see as evil are endless.

    Or, a Planned Parenthood in Lake Woebegone. (It is real, isn’t it?)

  10. [re=359491]ALIVE![/re]: Jesus christ, man, if it’s that important to you EAT THE MEAT. But a hedonistic lifestyle is still eminently possible without cows or fowls. I just thought if I’m imagining our future utopia it might look better without a bunch of slaughterhouses hiring illegal aliens and treating them like slaves. And while I’d prefer people not eat critters I can handle people eating critters if the meat industry wasn’t so spitefully and unregulatedly dirty. If we’re gonna go whole hog green you can’t have cow/chicken/whatever/shit/brains slurry seeping into the water table like it does now. So think of it as an environmental thing rather than a be kind to animals thing, if that helps your appetite for flesh.

    Milk-fed veal, also. And also.

    [re=359504]SayItWithWookies[/re]: free weed with every abortion, every doctor visit, every bag of non-high fructose corn syrup cheetos, weed grown on all public lands with free public picking every 8 weeks, pay by the pound, weed weed weed!

  11. [re=359486]hobospacejunkie[/re]: We have a minimum wage of $25/hour,
    [re=359491]ALIVE![/re]: Aw man, you had me til the no-meat thing.

    Heh. Would like fries with that $13.00 vegetarian Big Mac?

  12. [re=359486]hobospacejunkie[/re]: And choirs of winged cows will carry Franken and Sanders through the atmosphere cleansed of anthropogenic greenhouse gases up to heaven.

  13. [re=359522]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Please come back when you can afford to make a purchase. Your kids are starving. Carl’s Jr. believes that no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr. Carl’s Jr…Fuck You, I’m Eating.

  14. It was either pay Franken $96,000 or let him sleep with Coleman’s wife. That’s the way they do it over on the family values/Grand Old Pimps side of the aisle. It’s sort of a discount version of Indecent Proposal.

  15. Wow, they go out of their way to make jackasses of themselves for our amusement and then cut a check to boot. How could they not win anymore elections.

  16. [re=359518]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I’d be more excited for the coming socialist utopia if Prince Tampon hadn’t just told me I have but 96 months to live.

    Speaking of which, why is the number 96 popping up all over this week? Is that the new sign of the Beast?

  17. [re=359486]hobospacejunkie[/re]: If God wanted a future where “people stopped eating critters of their own accord” he wouldn’t have made those damn critters out of meat, would he?

  18. [re=359562]octupletsmom[/re]: This multimedia show called “96 Uses for A Dead Political Party” is providing us with hours of summertime entertainment. Schadenfreude to the 96th power!

  19. Republicans should refer to the Kubler/Ross books about dying. There’s five stages – shock, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance. Right now they’re in the “anger,” stage. In fact, they’re so angry they’re foaming at the mouth. But in the near future, particularly after the next round of elections when it becomes even more apparent that they’re on their way to being worm food, they’ll go into the “bargaining,” phase which will be heralded by smarmy efforts to achieve bi-partisanship, which will be the only way they can see to feeling like they still matter. But the Democrats should send them away. Only then can they go into the “depression,” stage. This is the best one because it’s so miserable, so painful, so poignantly agonizing. They’ll cry, they’ll kick their little feet back and forth… Some of them will even fall to the ground and start spinning around like Curly in The Three Stooges when he has one of his convulsions. That’s the time to take whip out a hankie and take these suffering Republicans in our arms and pretend to offer comfort, dabbing at their tears to ostensibly make them feel better. But in reality we should carefully fold those hankies and run home to suck on them, to taste the Republican’s tears… So salty… So redolent with so much pain… Mmmm…. Yummy… Mmmmm… Numby numbs… Gnaa gnaa gnaa! Gnaa gnaa gnaa! Woo woo! Woo woo woo! Woo woo woo woo woo!!! Gnaa gnaa gnaa!!!

  20. [re=359587]imissopus[/re]: 96 — it is the reverse of the sexually suggestive 69 — like a couple sleeping back to back with one at the head and one at the foot of the bed — passionlessness, with foot odor.

  21. What a bunch of pissed off, bitter, uninformed ass-wipes! Wonkette? This should be called The Democrats mental-masturbation forum. Wow $96K! That’s some real money in politics. Morons. Funny, when Bush beat Gore in court in was a sham, now Franken wins and its justice, at least you dip-sh*ts are consistent. Thank god Franken is going to help Obama end the “out of control” Bush spending…oops; my bad…

  22. Has Coleman sent any emails yet, i.e. Please stop donating to SarahPAC. I have to pay Al Franken’s legal bills now. All that munnies that Bachmann was able to raise at Teabagging events is on its way to Al Franken’s lawyers.

  23. [re=359812]TheOne[/re]: You boys took your time, 8 years, flushing your credibility down the toilet. Do us all a favor and rejoin the five guys humping each other in the back of Joe the Plumber’s pickup who still call themselves Republicans.

  24. [re=359873]Oldskool[/re]: your father was a donkey and your mother was a whale, making you a giant jack-ass – no surprise a jack-ass is the democrat’s symbol. At least it took 8 years to flush republican credibility down the drain; Obama has only taken 6 months to show what a colossal liar he is and to completely screw the next 4 generations of Americans. Take a minute off from sniffing Monica Lewinski’s blue dress and reading Dr. Seuss to take a look at reality.

  25. [re=359912]TheOne[/re]: People like you are pussys. You know you don’t have the balls to say that to someone in person so you have to type it from the safety of your parents basement.

  26. [re=359812]TheOne[/re]: Ooh, name calling — how clever. Come back when Daddy takes your commenter training wheels off. Now run along, I think I hear the ice cream truck coming.

  27. [re=359812]TheOne[/re]: You did notice that in the Franken case, they actually counted the votes, while Bush did everything he could to prevent people from counting the votes.

  28. [re=360028]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Lay off the oxycontin cocktails Lionel! You malformed, myopic, misinformed, masturbating, moronic milksop!

    And Someone with the name “SayItWithWookies” is telling ME to go to the ice cream truck?! BWAHHAHHAHHAAAAHAHAA!!! Say It With Wookies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WOoooooo! That’s RICH!!!

    And OldSkool..Pussy, really? That’s the best you got? Am I suppossed to be offended? You are a lame-brained, namby-pamby, candy-ass, lobotomized, indocrinated, self-absorbed drone. C’Mon – read what SayItWithWookies said “Ooh, name calling — how clever”; get on the same page! You know, the page you are usually on. The Loser page.

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