But no ReLOVEution for you, Persians!If there’s one thing everybody can agree upon, it’s that the brave democracy protesters in Iran deserve at least our moral support, right? It’s not like it costs money or risks our safety to, say, put a “me too” green stripe on our dumb blogs, right? NO WRONG, IDIOTS, Ron Paul just cast the lone opposing vote on the harmless House Resolution 560, “Expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law, and for other purposes.”

Ron Paul is the only patriot in America.

(Hey Doktor Senile Fucktard, where exactly in your pocket Constitution does it say the United States can’t give cost-free moral support to democratic movements? You know, because the motherfucking FOUNDERS sure supported nascent democratic movements. Idiot.) []

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  1. If you’re so smart, Ken Layne, then tell me exactly where in the Constitution it specifically states, “Congress may have an opinion on the form of foreign governments.” Hengh? HENNGGHH???

    It’s a slippery slope. You start voicing opinions about what the Foreigns do, and the next thing you know they start having opinions about you and how you treat your lower orders, which are none of their concern, and they should butt out.

  2. If Congress had a resolution calling for Cute Puppy Day then Ron Paul would find a way to be a dick unless there was a mention in the Constitution and that none of the dogs had black or brown.

  3. [re=343008]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Ellsworth is the miner with the sham marriage to Alma Garrett, and Loebsack is a /b/ haxxor who was convicted of a thrill murder (along with Leopoldsack) in 1924.

  4. Remember back when we were all like “Hey Ron Paul’s kind of cool because he’s stridently against the Iraq war,” and we thought that we shared a reasonable foreign policy philosophy? No, he literally just doesn’t give a shit about other people. His foreign policy is “fuck ’em” which is okay, I guess, if you’re a huge immoral dick.

  5. Democrats are spineless douchenozzles, first caving on Public Option and now this bullshit Resolution. I’m stayin’ home next election, fuck em’.

  6. Oh yeah? Well, I seen pictures of these Persian folk, and they ain’t even white. Case closed.


    Dr. No = 1
    Ken Layne/Race Traitors = 0

  7. [re=343004]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: They love Americans…just not our government’s policies towards them…this might actually be a start in the right direction…

  8. [re=343017]freakishlystrong[/re]: Who did you think you were voting for, you silly goose?

    [re=343019]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: Oddly enough, they count as white in our census, which is clearly an affront to the one true race (Texan), but we’ll have to wait for ACORN’s decision on that this year.

  9. Not to defend RAWN PAWL but this is pretty much his MO. He doesn’t vote for any nonbinding resolution or namby-pamby show of support because he is a CONGRESSMAN DAMNIT and he is TOO BUSY FOR THIS SHIT because Congress, srs bzns, HENNNGGGH?

  10. Nothing like a protest vote against an utterlly harmless resolution reaffirming people’s rights to show what a complete crackpot you are.

  11. [re=343009]Whitey Did Katrina[/re]: That is so true. Alot of these Paul people would also really like to see a nuclear attack with millions of casualties (particularly if they are Joooz) so that they can have been proven “right” and “prophetic”.

  12. [re=343008]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Brad Ellsworth is a conservative, Indiana quasi-Dem and represents the from the mosque-loving city of Terre Haute, prayer rug-manufacturing capital of the US.

    He voted “present” because he can’t figure out which of the two Persian islamo-terrorist groups to support. The both oppose gun control and free abortions. Decisions, decisions.

    He once released secret papers from the Pentagon, also.

  13. All jokes aside, it was a stupid idea to offer up ANY resolution so Ahmadickipedia can claim the Americans are meddling in Iranian affairs.

    Way to be fuckups, Congress.

  14. Not that I support Ron Paul, but Jesus Christ isn’t there some shit going on here (healthcare reform, DADT etc etc etc x infinity) that these assholes can work/vote on?

  15. [re=343042]eclecticbrotha[/re]: Eh — Khamanei already claimed the protesters were duped by foreigners, and that kinda thing goes on regardless. Remember whenever some commie liberal protested anything during the cold war, some Republican would stand up and say they were being secretly led by the Soviets. Authoritarians are predictable that way.

  16. [re=343041]S.Luggo[/re]: Yeah, I Wiki’d him and Loebsack. They’re both pretty unremarkable politically. Loebsack is from Louisiana, born in poverty and was a poli sci professor before getting in Congress. Maybe he had a bout of Paulism, or maybe he just voted present because he’s a Loebsack and that’s what they do.

  17. Phew! What a relief to know that congress is in control of my moral representation! I can finally get some sleep knowing that politicians are up to the task in expressing my token moral outrage and empty gestures for matters that are none of my business. God bless Amerika! Bastion of ivory towers, high horses and a sh**-storm pile so high in our own backyards it’s easier to stick our collective noses up the asses of every other country on earth!

    Yeah, great point.

  18. [re=343042]eclecticbrotha[/re]: I’m with you on this one. On the matter of Iran, the US Congress should drink a nice cup of shut the fuck up. Not even Ron Paul is wrong about everything.

  19. When will Congress pass a resolution expressing support for all those poor, oppressed House Republicans?

    [re=343048]MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend[/re]: Considering how well congress is handling things like health care, maybe it’s not such a bad thing they’re doing something else

  20. eclecticbrotha says at 1:28 pm, June 19th, 2009 – Reply
    All jokes aside, it was a stupid idea to offer up ANY resolution so Ahmadickipedia can claim the Americans are meddling in Iranian affairs.

    Way to be fuckups, Congress.

    Amen electricbrotha. Our track record with dealing with Iran and knowing what all protesting Iranians want (America’s support and blessing) has been quite off the mark for decades. In fact our past Resolutions usually came back to bite us in the ass – time and time again. Not sure why everyone is so sure “this time” that we are doing the right thing.

  21. [re=343051]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah, but a fuckton of Iranians are still pretty fucking raw at us. A nonbinding congressional resolution is one thing, but it’s entirely possible that anything more than a boring, lukewarm show of support and solidarity would hurt Mousavi & friends’ grassroots support more than it would help.

    Here it’s almost certainly best to go all UN on Iran, and send hurt-sounding letters and maybe, just maybe even make such harsh statements as “The events and circumstances surrounding the Iranian presidential election are troubling.”

  22. When the Iranians react violently to our namby-pamby three rahs and send their planes crashing into our buildings, the Doc will say, “See, Ayatollah you so!”

  23. And where is the Wonkette Green Stripe? hmmm

    Where is your green banner Mr. Layne? so EASY to criticize.

    You and Ron Paul, sheesh, neither of you can show a little bit of love for the Iranians?

    oh teh hypocrisy.

  24. Saw Wonkette’s founder, Ana Marie Cox, on Rachel Maddow and I just want to say how much I completely love her. If I weren’t so gay, I’d seriously want to date her…

    She always has such sharp snappy witty funny ways of making her progressive case. LOVE.HER. Just had to say it. I especially appreciate her undying support of “the gays” while the Obama Admin attempts to throw us under the bus then back over us several times.

    Ana Marie Cox is a true friend and mensch!

  25. [re=343060]Aurelio[/re]: Again, a congressional resolution is tepid, lame, and nobody really cares. It’s like standing at the back of a big crowd watching a raging argument, and mumbling “Yeah, what she said!”

  26. @ everyone who thinks that Congress would really do better skipping this one and getting back to being a back-biting, twitterbating, douchebaskets who can’t even represent and get our own country a couple of , a resounding “thank you.” I hate to side with the MrReverendDocktor Paul on anything and I’m sure that our reasoning is vastly different, but it would be nice if other world citizens could garner support for their freedom from a country who doesn’t engage in illegal occupations, waterboarding, oh- and where is Darfur again? Sorry. I should be much drunker than I am.

  27. [re=343030]Internally valid[/re]: Yeah, I think they’re actually where the term Aryan comes from. Which means they’re fascist communist Nazis, right? So screw then. rEVOLution.

  28. [re=342996]Woodwards Friend[/re]: You’re lucky you haven’t been banned yet. Jim likes blogwhores about as much as the good D0kt0r likes teh brownz.

  29. The Ayatollah of Rock-a-Throw-a is already trumpeting this grandstanding resolution as proof that the US is trying meddle in Iran’s internal affairs (à la the CIA-backed coup in ’53), and has said that it justifies a more brutal crackdown on any future peaceful protests, just as Obama and every other politician, foreign policy expert, and pro-reform Iranian not jonesing for kick ass ‘splosions said it would.

    But sure, hugs not drugs and democratic buttsecks for everyone because, well, hearts and minds and did you see how awesome we did in Iraq?!

    (Sorry. I probably shouldn’t have had that second Bacon, Egg, & Meth McMuffin…)

  30. Oh Layne of Little Faith; Your Apaulstasy Has Been Duly Recorded In The Tardiarrheretics Spiral Ring Notepad, So We Be Not Forgetting Thee Book Of The Future.

    How can you still be a doubter? Didn’t Paul clearly predict the creeping fascism of Obamussolini, and his Roma Berluscrony? Wasn’t Fiat Money diabolically used to buy out Chrysler?

    And never forget Paul’s perfect call of the of the new millennium’s financial apocollapse exacerbated by that end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it Y2K bug, which itself was enhanced by BillyJeff’s Pecker:

    “The worldwide financial bubble is like nothing ever witnessed before and it is collapsing. The Y2K problem will compound our problems, not to mention the instability of the U.S. presidency.”Ron Paul, Congressional Daily Record, September 9, 1998, Page H7471

    Really, Ken Layne, you should be on your knees, begging Ron ‘Broken Clock’ Paul, to lead the US out of the Wilderness.

  31. OK, Congress, settle down. All done apologizing for slavery and supporting democracy protesters abroad? OK, then, get back to work. Those 47,000,000 aren’t going to medical insure themselves, you know.

  32. [re=343023]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: WIN!! Boooyah!

    I have mixed emoticons on this vote bc our stellar record on gov’t interventions and CIA coups is so, uh, stellar, esp in the secret kingdom of Iranistan. Now Grand Vizeer Poobah Kameckakaka is shouting and pointing at us, and so, Congress: big FAIL! Shoulda listened to yer dark overlord NOBama on this one.

  33. I assume Paul sees this vote as a proxy for fucking around with Iran in general. And since we’ve been doing that since 1953 with catastrophic consequences, I don’t much disagree with him, Paultards or no.

  34. Didn’t James Bond give “Dr. No” a beat down back in the 60’s? Pauly must have made parole and got out of the Super Villain Prison on St. Helena.

  35. Dr. Paul is dead right on on this one yet again. To all you people who have been falsely polarized by a two party system and haven’t truly done your homework on exactly what it takes to be a free citizen in a Republic, Shame On You!
    You think that any time the words Democracy or Freedom are mentioned we must immediately hop on the bandwagon or risk being called unpatriotic. You have gladly given up our real ideals of freedom in a REPUBLIC, which is what the USA is, in favor of some hypothetical democracy that we must spread to all corners of the globe because you think we are doing good. The word Democracy cannot be found ONCE in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence! The truth is the USA in the past century has a horrible track record of supporting despotic regimes throughout the globe and of being against popular uprisings where it does not suit our economic interests.
    We have a depression looming in America that will be on a scale few of us imagined, and yet our focus is on a country a world away simply because our big oil interests want to put our focus there. Quit being a sheep and start to think for yourselves or we are all doomed to repeat the atrocities of history. If you want to start thinking for yourself read: “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and see exactly why we meddle in the policies of other countries even when ours is coming apart at the seams. Or if you want to be truly enlightened read: “The Road to Serfdom” by FA Hayek.
    And for those of you who don’t think that having your rights and freedoms taken away in the name of homeland security, just look at the last regime in history that used this type of rhetoric and you’ll see where we’re headed. Read a book, stop watching Faux News and its ilk and stop being led astray by huge corporate media.

  36. Ron Paul is against democracy. It’s an old Bircher creed. You see it all over the Internets. They try to tell you that the US is a republic, not a democracy, blah blah blah. Goes back to back even before old Joe from Wisconsin McCarthy. Paultards never use the D-word.

  37. Bachmann didn’t vote. She climbed under her desk when the voices she hears told her that Obama is going to send the terrorists in Iran census forms and count them as residents of Minnesota. ACORN!!!!11!!

  38. [re=343058]Zadig[/re]: That was the Senate, but I am sure hoping he votes against it when it comes to a vote in the House. Then, my long-held judgments of him as a reasonable pragmatic plagued by deep-rooted racism and homophobia can remain unexamined.

  39. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: Your troll fu is barely adequate. 4/10. Oh, and Jim? JIM NEWELL?!! They’re getting in again; must be a hole in the screen door.

  40. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: What is the color of the sky in Ayn Rand Land? You can always tell when a Paultard shows up, their comments are no less than two paragraphs long. God, it’s just a resolution. It’s not like Congress approved money to funnel arms to the Iranian protesters.

  41. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: Gee, thanks for the civics lesson. I just love being lectured on thinking for myself by someone who starts his tepid preachy obstetrics lesson with “OMG — Dr. Ron Paul is completely right again!” I don’t know where I would be without self-righteous ignorant bastards such as yourself telling me how my fucking government works. Asswipe.

  42. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: You keep telling me to think for myself, and then you tell me that in order to do that, I need to read very specific books. Would you mind if I thought, based on my own reasoning capacity and all available evidence (that I and I alone consider relevant) that you are completely fucking retarded, and also a pretentious asshole? No? You wouldn’t like that very much? Then stop alleging that you want everyone to be “enlightened” and “think for themselves” when you really just want them to think like the reprobate racist Ron Paul, and to stop thinking that you’re a frothy-mouthed, socially maladjusted, hobbit-esque Paultard cult member.

    Also, bring more funny next time, troll.

  43. I’m gonna have to give this one to Ron Paul. Why divert Iranian attention to the US, who they hate, when their hatred for us might more advantageously be directed to the sociopaths who rule them? 98% of politicians are too stupid to realize this could work for us as long as we don’t fuck it up by slapping our collective dick on the table, also.

  44. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: Or if you want to be truly enlightened read:

    Gawd. You would think that people condescending enough to post a syllabus would go the extra step and tell us how many pages and whether or not there are pictures in it.

  45. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: was your choice of a Wonkette Pseudo intentionally ironic, or just a fainéant effect of your preponderate vacuity? Come on back after your momma has weaned you off the Austrian-Schooled Gruel. Necrophilia with a Hapsburg Loyalist’s Rigor-mortis and pestle. Friedrich August von Hayekey Sack Sects? Oskankho bin Dover; dead monarchist cummeth 6 O’Clock low aiming at your tail rudder.

  46. I do not like thee, Doctor Paul.
    The reason why I cannot tell (pedophilia)
    But this I know and know full well:
    I do not like thee, Doctor Paul.

  47. [re=343176]american mutt[/re]: Which is why he gave none.

    Iran is a republic. The United Kingdom is not.
    North Korea is a Republic. Israel is not.

    I bet a Paultard can’t tell me why the difference.

    Oh and butseks with Paultards also…

  48. Funny how obsessed this place is with all things Ron Paul.

    Funnier how neither this article, nor its commentary audience have neither a sense of history, nor an understanding of geopolitics. The Ayatollah (Supreme Leader) calls the shots in Iran and always has. The “President” has no actual say in the decisions taken by the Ayatollah and his own leadership council, rather he serves as a thin figurehead. Rigged or not, the Presidential elections were a mere political distraction for the downtrodden population to release their anger for their daily plight in this country.

    So the US Congress passes a worthless resolution over a distraction in another country, Ron votes “no” on it, and so it follows that he hates Iranians. Funniest is your logic.

  49. [re=343292]Zadig[/re]: Our overlords are tough but fair. Did they get “thetruth” too, or did they leave him in place so we can blow off steam before the weekend?

  50. Yeah,I see the logic vassalized-lol.If this resolution has no money attatched why is taxpayer money being wasted even making it?This and most all such*resolutions* are empty statements.Dr.Paul knows this and also understands such resolutions are a precourrsor to WAR.Look at your history.Most recently Iraq. However when you lean so far to the left it is easy to see how your logic can’t be straight.
    It makes no difference how Dr.Paul feels about the Iranian people or goverment(2 seperate things),what matters is that he understands and challenges empty rhetoric,one of the reasons he is the ONLY rep worth paying.

  51. And this was apparently the watered-down version of the resolution that Mike Pence (R-Dickhead) introduced. The original was going to pass because God forbid Congress should just once keep its opinions to itself, so the White House got them to at least soften the language a bit. Still, way to give the Iranian leadership yet another excuse to trot out the old “the Zionists are plotting against us” meme. Christ, everyone in Congress is stupid.

  52. [re=343351]vassalized[/re]: “Funny”. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means, judging by your post.

  53. [re=343157]thetruth[/re]: I definitely recommend “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins. But after reading it, shove it up “thetruth’s” asshole and give him a cock-punch for being one of Dr. Congressman Ron Paul’s army of worthless fluffers.

    [re=343351]vassalized[/re]: The Supreme Leader isn’t a real ayatollah, jackass. The Grand Ayatollah is a separate individual and actually a critic of this election. Before criticizing the dumbasses on this site, make sure you are not dumber. Also, eat a bag dicks, don’t call me Liz, etc.

  54. I forgot, “funny” in context to this place is acting out the stillborn dreams of inept emo pussbags. In light of that, you’re entirely correct.

  55. Random watrel:

    ” vassalized: The Supreme Leader isn’t a real ayatollah, jackass. The Grand Ayatollah is a separate individual and actually a critic of this election. Before criticizing the dumbasses on this site, make sure you are not dumber. Also, eat a bag dicks, don’t call me Liz, etc”

    You are possibly the most wrong, ineffectual person ever to grace the proud internet.

  56. [re=343351]vassalized[/re]: The Ayatollah has always been in charge, you say? So that whole thing that happened back in ’79 was just some college students in high spirits about summer vacation?

  57. You all do realize that this will be played on Tehran television right? The people of Iran are going to see that the US House of Representatives passed a resolution supporting the protestors of Iran? Do you think this will be good for the protestors? Don’t you think something like this could actually be used as an excuse for a crackdown on the protests? Perhaps the readers of Wonkette should look up the “law of unintended consequences.” Do you all think any more or are you just motivated by emotions that overwhelm you before you can use your brain?

  58. That whole thing in ’79 where he took power in Iran? Dude I haven’t run into a conglomerate of fucktards like this, ever.

    One sack of shit says the GRAND AYATOLLAH (yes halfwit, Grand Ayatollah) Khomeni is a “critic” of this election. Here’s what Planet Earth has to say to that:

    Then another half-hearted fuckwit mumbles some unintelligible coo in an attempt to be witty.

    Have to thank you inbreds for lowering bar.

  59. [re=343471]vassalized[/re]: Tis always easier to make half-assed attacks than attempt to defend your own idiot statements. Thanks for making the last 30 minutes of my day slightly more entertaining.

  60. [re=343471]vassalized[/re]: Khomeini is dead, you stupid fucktard. There are other Grand Ayatollahs, and Khamenei isn’t one of them. The most important one is Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. Google him, shit-for-brains.

  61. [re=343459]TehranSecCop[/re]: Do you all think any more or are you just motivated by emotions that overwhelm you before you can use your brain?

    Your mistake is that you presume anyone here thought in the first place.

  62. [re=343471]vassalized[/re]: If you’re going to call people fuckwits, it well behooves you to at least spell Khamenei right. Especially when it’s in the fucking link you pasted there. It sorta makes you look like you don’t pay attention. Fuckwit.

  63. [re=343427]vassalized[/re]: Can you guys ban this guy for being retarded? He thinks Khomeini and Khamenei are the same person, and he isn’t even unintentionally funny.

    [re=343493]SayItWithWookies[/re]: He just doesn’t understand that they’re different people, which is much worse than misspelling a name.

  64. [re=343497]vassalized[/re]: Good comeback. Not as good as a refutation of the facts I’ve presented, but you’re a Paultard, so I guess repeating something I already wrote is the best one can expect.

  65. “Expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law, and for other purposes.”

    WTF does “and for other purposes” mean? I know someone previously suggested the buttsecks, and OK, maybe, but seriously? Is this a generic line added to all Congressional resolutions? Like adding “in bed” to fortune cookie fortunes?

  66. [re=343459]TehranSecCop[/re]: I apologize on behalf of our dim witted congress. We hate them because they are always selling the people out to big corporations. Now I also hate them because they are so incredibly stupid.

    The people of America, at least everyone I know, hate the congress and love Iranians.
    peace to Iran

  67. Ron Paul was the only one to say F U republicans, with your fake concern for Iran. Just last month, you all, with McCain in the lead, wanted to bomb bomb bomb Iran. Keep your concern, repubs. F your fake concern. And the sissy-ass dems, too, afraid not to look as batshit tough as Repubs.

    Right now, I’d rather be Ron Paul’s middle fimger.

  68. Who the fuck are these people that only show up with a Paultard Post? Do they just Google Ron Paul all day long?

    Also. I wish Congress would stay out of it. Since probably nothing is going to change in Iran, this might look embarassing a week from now when everything is back to normal and it looks like we were supporting an Iranian revolution. Again. Not that Paul considered it. He just sends his helper donkey in to vote for him. He never fails to vote “nay.”

  69. [re=343351]vassalized[/re]: With me, is isn’t about all things Ron Paul”, but instead his wanking lies about being anything remotely resembling a libertarian, along with the myriad of lip-smacking swallowing idolaters who haven’t a fucking clue about liberty and justice for all.

    Paul has been preaching impending financial doom and gloom for over 3 decades straight now. Being close to knocking over the three milk bottles with a midway toss once in 30 years of trying, doesn’t make him a prophet, it makes him a crock around the broken clock.

    Paul wants to end birthright citizenry for American born offspring of immigrants. Sort of makes a mockery out of being “Born In The USA”, doesn’t it?

    Paul, a long-time practising OB/Gyn, claims he is unaware of any medically sound reason to terminate a pregnancy. Google “Ectopic Pregnancy”, and then come back to explain why Paul is a sack full of shit liar.

    Paul has proposed granting letters of marquis and reprisal to private business entities, as a means of controlling sky-jacking, and recently thought they should also be granted as a response to Somalian piracy. Really? Fucking asshole won’t vote yea on a non-binding resolution supporting democratic processes and fair election in Iraq, because of concerns over international meddling, but setting loose the Blackwaters of America as Official US actors empowered to engage in acts of war on international air/sea vessels flagged under foreign powers is okie-dokey with him?

    If Paul would just state the truth, and admit he’s a LooneyCon Republican representing Port SlackJaw, Texecution, I’d be quite happy to let him walk into the GOP failfuck mainstream, but as long as he continues to give libertarianism an even crazier rep than it deserves, he’s a fair target of opportunity. So why don’t y’all com back when you you have something substantive to say, instead of just being a mundane liberteabagging scrotum licking repeater-boi for Paul?

  70. Hey I love you guys, & I usually just sit here getting drunk without saying anything as the jokes roll through, & Ron Paul and his minion of tards are generally as good for fodder as it gets, but um — ahem — did you READ his statement? It’s not long.

    He’s explicitly SUPPORTING Preznit Obama’s stance of staying the fork out of this ongoing process, so that the Iranian people can have their revolution thingmajig without being delegitimatized by claims of American interference, which the WaPo neocon pundit juggernaut would love nothing more than to disrupt, so they can continue to have their AmadineKhomenei cake and eat it too. Give the guy credit for being right once in a blue moon.

    Or did you switch sides all the sudden, and now you think Krauthammer and Wolfowitz are kind of awesome?

  71. Paul gets it. These resolutions are a waste of time. Maybe they would have more weight if Congress actually had the balls to VOTE on whether we declare a war or not instead of abdicating their responsibility to whoever is current idiot in the White House.

  72. The Constitution of the United States formed a republic, not a democracy. The founding fathers fought for a republic, not a democracy. Please educate yourself before writing any future blogs.

  73. [re=343488]Brendan M.[/re]: Hey man I dig how fun it is to call folks fucktards and stuff and I’m not defending vassalized here per se — but Khamenei is a Grand Ayatollah. The fact that he didn’t attain his rank the way most ayatollahs do, or that Montazeri is older than him and was in line for the big seat until Khomeini changed his mind… it’s like whatever. He’s a Grand Ayatollah. The Wikipedia article “list of marjas” will round this out.

  74. Ron Paul may straddle that thin line between genius and insanity, but unlike other Representatives at least he’s in the right neighborhood.

    Like this case: Ron Paul actually listened to the Iranian protesters who asked the U.S. government to stay out of their affairs, because any U.S. government action would play into the hands of the Iranian government which claims that the U.S. government is interfering in the domestic affairs of their country, which in turn drives patriotic but centrist Iranians to support the government in the same way that the disputants in every domestic squabble tend to join forces against outsiders who try to intervene. That’s why this resolution will only make life MORE difficult for the protesters in Iran.

    I’m reminded of a time I attended a church service where a man stood up with a message from Christians in a foreign country, asking that American Christians CUT IT OUT and stop antagonizing the local government on their behalf, because it only made life harder for them. After he was done, a ninety-eight year old lady rose up and prayed that American Christians would redouble their efforts to protest that nation’s government on behalf of the church there.

    Now that old lady was mostly deaf, so that excuses her, and I recognize that it takes at least a double-digit IQ to process such a concept, so that excuses most of Congress – but why are there so many shills for the Ayatollah Khamenei here?

  75. [re=343080]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: And yet, curiously enough, some of the groups I’ve seen reported as doing the most to actually make a PRACTICAL difference by giving Iranian protesters the means to communicate and protest for themselves, are ALSO the same groups that have historically been associated with Ron Paul supporters.

    Makes you think, doesn’t it?

    Well, no, I doubt much anything makes you think.

  76. How many dictators did the u.s install or support in the last 60 years in countries such as latin american one ? The u.s has no problem to be friend with with dictatorial regime like saudi arabia, egypts or jordan. When hamas was elected by the palestinian, you refused their choice.You gave 10 billion to dictator Musharraf. Do you really think the Iranian want your opinion after overthrowing their elected government in 1953 by the cia?
    Supporting democracy? who are you kidding. Lets stop the hypocrisy and be honest, the u.s government only supports democracy when it’s in his interest.

  77. The Founders were certainly fans of new democracies. Except Haiti, on account of them being a rather darker shade of brown than your average founding father. Say! I think I’ve found the key to Ron Paul’s opposition to Iran, and it IS in line with the framers of the Constitution.

  78. [re=343635]satyr9us[/re]: I mostly agree with you on this, but Ron Paul is still an asshole. He voted against honoring Rosa Parks, officially because it would cost taxpayers something like .0000000000000002 cents each for a metal or something, but really because he hates black people (“animals” is the term for them in his newsletters, I believe?). So fuck him, even if this is a justifiable vote. Maybe Ron Paul will freak out like Keith Olbermann and call Wonkette out, too. His trolls tend to do that for him, though.

    [re=343658]satyr9us[/re]: I said real ayatollah, and I stand by my assessment, as do many clerics and scholars (hence Khamenei’s vulnerability and insecurity). Some honorific doesn’t really count, but all that’s besides the point considering that this asshole troll didn’t know the difference between Khomeini and Khamenei and should therefore be dismissed.

  79. [re=343017]freakishlystrong[/re]: Democrats are spineless douchenozzles, first caving on Public Option and now this bullshit Resolution. I’m stayin’ home next election, fuck em’.

    I beg to differ, slightly. Spineless or no, that’s not the issue. They used us for our hopes & dreams just like the republicans used the wacky fringe right (“we promise to overturn roe v. wade”) to get elected. The political spectrum in Washington is between the ‘left’ (just to the left of pretty far right) and the ‘right’ (on the other side of pretty far right, and beyond.)

    To believe that they are going to do anything remotely progressive is simply a pleasant dream until you check out their campaign contributors. Even though we physically elected them they have no problem ignoring any and every thing we elected them to do in exchange for legal bribes from their highest campaign contributors.

    And it’s only going to get worse as the republican party sinks into a regional parody of itself. We can say to our reps “we aren’t going to vote for you if you don’t do this, that & the other t’ing.” And they will think, but not say, “yeah, right, who are you going to vote for? The fringe rightwing wackos instead of us?” And they are correct. The furthest left party we have is the DLC Democratic Party. We can choose to vote for the party of Big Business or the other party of Big Business. Until we organize a new Constitutional Convention, or create a viable left/progressive/green party, or until everyone just stays home on election day (I mean everyone) or until we have waves of massive, wildcat strikes that cripple business then we’ll continue to receive the same promises unfulfilled and have no real power to force them to do otherwise, apart from shame, which they don’t have, so we don’t have that, either.

  80. yes, iran is on fire.. and the logical response is to scream at some guy for voting the opposite of you…. without even trying to figure out why he did it.

    “when is the last time we condemned Saudi Arabia or Egypt or the many other countries where unlike in Iran there is no opportunity to exercise any substantial vote on political leadership? It seems our criticism is selective and applied when there are political points to be made. I have admired President Obama’s cautious approach to the situation in Iran and I would have preferred that we in the House had acted similarly.” – ron paul

    so… my wonkette… are you calling obama a ‘fucktard’ and screaming that he is an ‘idiot’ and aerica’s ‘biggest asshole’ too?

    did you consider that maybe mousavi, who was involved in overthrowing the US-backed Shah, maybe needs our ‘house resolutions’ like he needs a fork in the eye?

    i wonder where all these house members were during the denver and minneapolis conventions in 2008… and the conventions of 2004 and WTO 1999? were they condemning the use of teargas, mass arrests, etc? or was… madeline albright getting cranky because all those bad protestors were upsetting her nice WTO party? weren’t these commentors decrying the ‘punk youths’ and ‘troublemakers’?

    ron paul might be dumb but, does it really make him a fucktard to vote no on this? does it automatically means he somehow is ‘pro- ahmadenijad’??? is he either ‘with us or against us’???

  81. Yeah. Ron Paul hates “brown” people, and he’s an anti-semite, and senile too.

    And, if you agree with him regarding any issue, then you’re a “Paultard”. Kind of like a “retard” but with “Paul” instead of the “re”. That’s really funny, and fiendishly clever.

    Do you people write your own material?

    Oh, and he actually thinks the Constitution means what it says and should be followed by the Federal government (since it is the very document which provides it’s legitimacy).

    What a “crackpot” and “wacko”, right?

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  82. “You know, because the motherfucking FOUNDERS sure supported nascent democratic movements. Idiot.”

    Actually, no. Some (like Jefferson) supported the French Revolution. Others (like Washington, Adams) did not. Jefferson, in turn, was much against the independence movement in Haiti. He was PO’d when the French revolutionaries freed the slaves. I don’t know that they helped the independence fighters in Latin American, either. (Quite a few of Wellington’s veterans did end up fighting for Bolivar, though.)

    Zhu Bajie

  83. Go with a White Stripe.
    Not the AIPAC Federal Reserve green greed.

    Wonkette, Wonkette, Wonkette, Wonkette
    I’m begging of you please don’t rape my man
    Wonkette, Wonkette, Wonkette, Wonkette
    Please don’t rape him just because you can

  84. I think the last time we offered cost free moral support was at Tiananmen Square. We should keep our words to ourselves unless we are prepared to back them up. We aren’t and we shouldn’t anyway.

  85. Every time the USA opens its mouth about Iran, it’s an opportunity for the Supreme Leader to make political hay. It actually harms the dissidents. This should be obvious after our history of intervention. The only ones who gain from this resolution are the members of Congress, who are putting their own political needs ahead of the people of Iran and their cause of freedom. This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue. It’s a politics vs real consequences issue.

  86. At least the rest of congress had the self-righteous bravery to take this hard-assed and risky stand against bad, bad things! Such heroes!
    Thank god our congressmen are there to preach against crooked elections overseas. I hope Iran pays back the favor if we stick to our election traditions.
    Next… a resolution against old men wearing speedos.
    Besides, these resolutions keep congress from dealing with real issues and totally f#cking them up.

  87. [re=343656]GayWonkette[/re]: You are, broadly, correct. Our constitution founded a representative republic with the vote given to a select few- not necessarily oligarchs with land, as it had been in Athens, but a select few: white males. Over time, our constitution and suffrage have moved toward greater democracy. And it’s a lucky thing! Or we’d still have rich white New England Massholes running this country.

    Anyway, you’re probably banned by now, but if you aren’t, please read up on Andrew Jackson and tell me why it is he won the second time. Since then, the rabble has been running the joint.

  88. What does it matter if it reads up on Jefferson or anything else?

    Having it’s attention span, it will cheer on Ahmadinejad, Wolfowitz, Netanyahu, Obama, Kissinger, or Jesus Christ as soon as it hears a really fucked up Wonkette article telling it to do so.

    Just look at the first page of Wonkette articles and their commentors to see it in action. These shitbags are completely malleable. They don’t know anything other than the wonk in front of them.

  89. [re=343773]JohnStossel[/re]: Why are you comparing a bunch of Jews and Muslins to Jesus H. Christ? And why do you have such a gay mustache?

  90. [re=343773]JohnStossel[/re]: “These shitbags are completely malleable. They don’t know anything other than the wonk in front of them.”

    Reminds me of the trolls for a certain failed politician. That lot is just like Pavlov’s dog, if the dog lived in their parent’s basement, played World of Warcraft, and based their view of life off of a bad 1957 novel.

  91. hey pedophile (glamourfagous-dsfsdfsdf) :

    read one of you own Wonkette shitbag’s programmed sentiment (as he was pounded by the tone of the article and the mention of a “neocon”):
    Extemporanus says at 4:24 pm, June 19th, 2009

    ‘ SayItWithWookies: Wolfie’s op-ed makes much more sense if one understands neo-con code:

    “personal prestige” = cock
    “peaceful conduct” = young boys
    “reform” = mouth rape ‘

    …Sounds like he hates someone telling Iran what to do don’t he?

    …Fast forward to the bullshit House resolution, Paul attempts to save at least some face from this fucked up country by rejecting the bullshit statement, and now you’re in love with the pedophile neocons who can’t WAIT to get Iran permanently fucked up, without a national identity, because you enjoy sodomizing boys when you get out of community service roadwork for the day.

    Now go swallow your pimp’s semen, jefe.
    article in reference:

  92. Ron Paul:

    “I rise in reluctant opposition to H Res 560, which condemns the Iranian government for its recent actions during the unrest in that country. While I never condone violence, much less the violence that governments are only too willing to mete out to their own citizens, I am always very cautious about “condemning” the actions of governments overseas. As an elected member of the United States House of Representatives, I have always questioned our constitutional authority to sit in judgment of the actions of foreign governments of which we are not representatives. I have always hesitated when my colleagues rush to pronounce final judgment on events thousands of miles away about which we know very little. And we know very little beyond limited press reports about what is happening in Iran.”


    I (collectively) represent the worst part of the genome that formed my mother’s zygote.

  93. [re=343854]JohnStossel[/re]: Since you had no valid point, you had to go with namecalling and trolling. I am unsure how that invalidates my earlier point that the Cult of Paul has nothing better to offer than trolling forums.

    But then, there is some strange issues with the Cult of Paul coming onto random forums insulting people, then crying about persecution when they treat you the same way. But then that would involve showing some personal responisibility for your actions.

  94. Oh no, this thread endangers the protesters. The secret Iran security machine is likely to ban Wonkette nation-wide and the readership will suffer enormously.

    I appeal to the Supreme Leader not to ban Wonkette, at least not the buttsecks parts

  95. Is it a crime if a haiku rhymes?

    There once was a House rep named Paul
    Whose supporters had no sense at all
    They thought Rand was a God
    She was really a clod
    And her books about nothing at all

    Troll Troll go away
    Your “arguments” are super gay

    Ron Paul cultists cry
    We had a blimp in the sky
    Now fuck off and die

  96. [re=343739]cypress_knot[/re]: The Hungarian Revolt of 1956 was a response to US grandstanding. Results: nothing good for the Hungarians.

    Zhu Bajie

  97. I will say again, if I were a democracy activist or protester somewhere, anywhere, I would NOT want the US Congress, etc, to seek cheap glory at my expense with some resolution or other.

  98. A very smart comment about this from another website, I quote:

    Mad Max | June 19, 2009, 5:45pm | #
    The Wonkette site refers to the resolution as an example of ‘cost-free moral support to democratic movements.’

    What those geniuses fail to recognize is that, if it’s cost-free, it will also be benefit-free. The only way a resolution can be cost-free is if it fails to do anything. And if it does nothing, if it’s just the House wasting time and taxpayer money to preen themselves, then that in itself is a reason to oppose it.

    If the resolution *does* mean something, it means that the U.S. should take an interest in the internal affairs of the Iran. This has consequences, and those who support such interference need to justify their position, not pretend that it’s cost-free.

  99. [re=343862]JohnStossel[/re]: While Congress should have sat this one out, Ron “The Only Real Republican” Paul continues to ignore the fact that his hero Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States precisely because he showed the balls to “sit in judgment of the actions of foreign governments.”

    But hey; by staying true only to the concerns of his narrow constituency (white racists and anti-Semites) he can live happily forever and ever, locked in that gated community somewhere in Bumblefuck, TX, traveling outside to DC only to be ridiculed at regular intervals. And the World is okay with that.

    [re=343718]Rusty_Shackleford[/re]: I thought “Paulites” had embraced the term “Paultards.” So are you saying it’s derogatory again? ‘Cause that would make this thread funnier.

  100. [re=343718]Rusty_Shackleford[/re]: Let’s be fair, the main reason Ron Paul is so adamant about following the Constitution to the letter is the Three-Fifths Compromise.

  101. For whatever it’s worth, libertarians and Ron Paul have forever been pointing out that the US government and Kermit Roosevelt overthrew the elected Iranian government in 1953 and installed the evil Shah. That’s why they hate us. I have the February 1980 edition of Libertarian Review magazine which contains a long detailed article on the topic.

    The reason you guys hate Ron Paul is because you are all economic illiterates and hope to make everyone else one too. The problem here is that you liberal noodle-brains aren’t smart enough nor do you have the attention span necessary to get through the first 25 seconds of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. I’ve been waiting 36 years for a critic of the ABCT to first bother to understand it. I’m still waiting. Heck, Brad DeLong is too dumb to understand it.

    Do you wise guys have any clue as to what AD HOMINEM means? Sad.

  102. Dear Bob Roddis,

    Although any semi politically literate person knows about Operation Ajax (maybe 0.1% of the country) this site is not interested in making people politically literate.

    If this site could get away with claiming that Ron Paul had intimate relations with a pig, and deducted that it would be credible enough to drive traffic to this site, they would. They are interested in revenue, they are a liberal version of Fox News. You can’t play both sides of the fence after all when this is how you get viewership, they are liberal because they aren’t “conservative”.

    So, don’t bother trying to educate them about the CIA overthrow – they know, they don’t care. You have to remember these people are not investigative journalists whose purpose in the world is to change the world. They are English, sociology, and psychology majors that need a job and gave up long ago on trying to do something useful in exchange for a steady paycheck.

    They don’t have the intellectual curiosity to ever become adults. When the media doesn’t agree with what they know, they write it off as a quirk where you and I start searching and searching and searching until we both came to that conclusion that our media is more like Pravda, than a media. They don’t care. Apathy has made our media useless, not conspiracy. They need ad revenue, and education – well, that can bring a lawsuit, they sure don’t want to threaten some powerful people with exposure.

  103. [re=345378]problemwithcaring[/re]: While Congress should have sat this one out, Ron “The Only Real Republican” Paul continues to ignore the fact that his hero Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States precisely because he showed the balls to “sit in judgment of the actions of foreign governments.”

    I’d like to see a source anywhere that is credible that says that Jefferson got elected for that reason, because, um, I don’t believe he did.

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