• NETFLIX! The Cold War with Politico is over at least for now, because this… this is just beautiful: “Bin Laden’s target was not just American audiences. Throughout the Bush years, Al Qaeda’s leadership served as a sort of Netflix for the Al Jazeera television network, sending in new tapes every few months to keep Islamic extremists whipped into a frenzy of anti-American animus.” That’s not really how it works. [Politico]
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  1. Couldn’t we have gotten some nice Osama picture for this, all blingeed up with like prayer-rugs full of plastique flying out of his ears or something?

  2. That’s not really how it works.

    Yeah, if it did, the CIA might think of following those bright red return envelopes back to the cave in Afghanistan.

  3. Block that simile: The national security gap, which seemed as much a part of American life as the Pontiac,

  4. OBL’s Netflix list:
    Everyone Loves Raymond S4
    Trading Places S2
    Rambo 3
    Kenny G in Concert
    She’s Not That Into You
    Bad Boys in Heat 5

  5. If it OBL really was the Netflix for Al Jazeera, then half of the tapes he’d send out would be all scuffed up and they’d either freeze right in the middle of a scene or completely skip over a few minutes of dialogue.

  6. During the Bush years, those tapes remained untranslated by the Administration since a knowledge of arabic was viewed as an act of appeasement.

  7. I just logged onto Netflix and they recommended a horrendous-looking movie called Skid Marks. I think I’ve been radicalized.

  8. Whereas the Dubya administration was sort of the CNN of jihadi politics, where the extremists could just tune in anytime and find something that pissed them off.

  9. It pisses me off that we don’t Al Jazeera English on Dish Network. Because I’d watch fifteen minutes of news with a non-USA Nationalist bias and be transformed into a terrorist? It could be dangerous, knowing how the rest of the world views global news events.

  10. [re=333218]S.Luggo[/re]: Given the horrendous number of translators kicked out of the army during the Bush years, I’m guessing they actually considered fluency in Arabic to be gay.

  11. I’m I the only one who is being offered a great deal on Indian women between the blog post and the comments? If not, has anybody ordered these women? How will they ship me my new Indian Women? I mean, it’s not like “sea-monkeys” right? I might be up for it but not if they are going to send a dozen of them in hopes one survives the shipping, what am I supposed to do with the dead ones? (No, I don’t have any Republican friends)

  12. “Throughout the 9/11 years, Bush’s leadership served as a sort of Netflix for the Fox television network, holding a press conference every few months to keep nativist extremists whipped into a frenzy of anti-Arab animus.”

  13. [re=333268]dijetlo[/re]: I’m being offered soy and cows. Is that because I’m in the midwest? If so, what ELSE does Wonkette know about me? Is the little camera on the top of my computer beaming images straight to the Wonkette War Room? Should I put on clothing?

  14. So…what they are saying is that Netflix prints Obama’s real birth certificate on the insides of all of their return envelopes? Or am I missing something?

  15. Well that’s just so prejudice of Bin Laden! I get my new Netflix every few weeks. Why does this guy Al have to wait months, and why tapes instead of DVDs? Quite frankly.

  16. [re=333303]hockeymom[/re]: Wonkette is a clothing optional site.
    Is the little camera on the top of my computer beaming images straight to the Wonkette War Room?
    Wonkette sold their war room and invested the proceeds in the corporate opium den. That said, yes they are all reclining on cushions, rockin’ the poppi, watching you jiggle while you type.

  17. Netflix pop-ups and Al Qaeda Leadership pop-ups are almost equally irritating. Therefore, I don’t do business with either firm.

  18. [re=333268]dijetlo[/re]: I am thanking God that the huge P.alin creature is gone from my view these days. I would welcome some nice Indian women with their PHD’s and fab earrings and floaty scarves but none have appeared. Just stuff they think old ladies want like books and political stuff. I’ve heard about these Indian women back when we had our Indian Election report from Jagorev. I want to see the Freemanguy and his rainbows n’ H .itlers too but I’m afraid.

  19. Hey, I just got the fruit2day ad and I already had some a nice lady was giving away for free yesterday at the gym. It’s fruity. It’s delicious. It’s on Wonkette.

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