Wonkette’s secret Eastern European money-laundering operative “Adam” sends this photo and writes: “Hey, I was in Poland last week traveling and I came across this ad. For real, is that the Doc Paul? Is he creating a freedom revolution FOR POLISH EYEGLASSES!!????” The answer is no. That is clearly Magneto, maybe.

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  1. “Big Brother is watching you.” It’s amusingly ironic because he’s a libertarian — and kindy icky because he’s an obstetrician.

  2. Ron Paul in Polish: “I will bring you hope, old friend, and I ask only one thing in return – don’t get in my way.”

  3. Говно, suddenly Dr. Congressman Paul is appearing in Eastern European stock photography. Makes sense ‘cos the Doktor is хуйня anyway.

    Yes, yes, I know, I’m using Russian vulgarities instead of Polish, but I don’t have a keyboard setting for “massive amounts of weird diacriticals”.

  4. [re=326856]hobospacejunkie[/re]: You went, I see in the last post, to the Agricultural Training Institute in West Lafayette, IN? Me too! Holy shit — where did we go wrong?

  5. Those are wire frames so no way that’s Magneto. Dr Paul must have finished fixing the Somalian government and now he’s off to Poland to sprinkle some Libertarian magic dust.

  6. This is easy to explain.
    Wanting to make some extra pocket money and in desperate need of a little attention, Ron Paul agreed to pose for Getty Images while they were scouting “regular folks” outside of a DC-area Safeway. They told Paul that he had that “great, crotchety old-man look” that they needed to round out their stock photo collection.
    Getty paid him $50 for his troubles.

  7. It’s been twenty (20) years SINCE the fall of Communism in Poland! I visited in 1999 and witnessed Democratic Capitalism in full swing…

    Yes, Poland is a predominantly Catholic country, however, much of that is symbolic and vodka is the alcoholic drink of choice there as in much of eastern Europe.

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