Now there's a fun new way to support your candidate!WELL THAT IS CERTAINLY ONE WAY TO RAISE MONEY FOR A CAMPAIGN: History proves that there is no faster way to accumulate quick cash than by setting up a cocaine ring. (Thanks to “Dip from Philly” for the tip.) [Politics PA]

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  1. I appreciate that Sestak is a fast mover, but what is he going to do if he gets into the Senate? It’ll be like that Star Trek episode with the Scalosians, who move so quickly that humans can’t even see them. He’ll have to trip up the other Senators, or scribble on their notepads, for them to notice him.

  2. Who are the Bitters, Poors, Gun Freaks, and Bible boors of Pennsylvania going to line up with?

    (Santorum, if he gives ’em a chance.)

  3. A coke ring, but this time instead of mob bosses it’s union bosses running the show to punish Specter for his betrayal of labor shortly before he betrayed America, and quit the Republicans. Not that there’s any difference between the two kinds of bosses, because organized labor is organized crime, as Specter’s old future Republican primary challenger would like to remind you.

  4. Sestak placed his can of Coke on a van Gogh painting, leaving a mark that required the Philadelphia Museum of Art to quickly set up shop for the restoration project.

  5. [re=326304]Mahousu[/re]: Yeah, but tripping Jim DeMint down stairs and drawing cocks on Joe Lieberman’s would be totally fucking worth it, no?

  6. [re=326336]Brendan M.[/re]: That’s fine, unless he starts drawing Joe Lieberman’s face on cocks, then he’ll need to be stopped.

  7. Dear Representative Sestak,
    I would like to “contribute” to your “campaign”. Meet me in the alley behind your office in one hour. Thanks.

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