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  1. I bought a copy of “Dad’s Awesome Grilling Book,” thinking it would have some great BBQ recipes. Turns out it’s a parent’s guide, outlining the latest enhanced interrogation techniques Dads can use to get their teenagers to fess up about where they had been the night before, if, and when, they’d ever taken the family car without permission, and who they buy their best weed from. It could actually be a pretty handy book.

  2. [re=326179]19kevin8[/re]: I came here to post this, but perhaps this page needs more keywords to make Her Paliness appear.

    sarah, palin, 2012, republican, sarahpac, conservative, alaska, crazy, secession, teabag

  3. All the Wonkette sponsors are stupid and wrong! (Except SarahPAC)

    But I love them all and purchase their products regularly, of course. (Except SarahPAC)

  4. MMMmmm, at the risk of being banned, may I point out that “ad” is misspelled in the Blingee? Or perhaps that is LOL cat speak? If so, nevermindz.

  5. This picture deepens my sadness over my missing cat. Is it wrong I’ve prayed that God will spare my cat and take Dick Cheney instead?

  6. [re=326321]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Wish I could help do God’s work. I’m still holding out hope for kitty, and I feel your pain. I’ll quit now before I get too sad.

  7. Are your Palin and Newt ads pay per click? I click on them so I can feel like Robin Hood, giving to the poor by stealing from the stupid.

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