Didn't he get the memo?Noooo this is not fair to poor Arlen Specter, who debased and humiliated himself by switching over to the Democrat party and cavorting with filthy hedonists like Earth, Wind and Fire in exchange for a permanent Senate sinecure. In fact Joe Biden agreed to personally mash the reproductive organs of anybody who dared mount a primary campaign against Specter. But looky here, Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak is apparently writing fundraising letters to his “dear supporters” to let them know that yes, he intends to run for the Senate against Specter. Scandal! [TPM DC]

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  1. Jeebus did you see his “handwriting” in the note over at TPM? Guy looks like a ticking time bomb, graphologically speaking. Can we get an I Ching reading on him?

  2. Ha, this is what happens when you make a deal with the Devil (Democrats) and not “anti-American mobster thugs” (organized labor).

  3. I can’t wait until Specter gets defeated and says somethng like “I didn’t leave the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats and Republicans left me.”

  4. Correction: Earth, Wind and Fire are not filthy hedonists. They are dry-cleaned from head to toe and were booked for the Specter event under false pretenses. They heard the words “Coming Out Par-tay” and grabbed their sparkly parachute pants and ran. In actuality, they speak for all true progressives when they say, “Bo-dee-oh-dee-oh-dee-oh.” Words Specter could never understand.

  5. I’ve had bowel movements more qualified for office than this Specter fellow. And why is he not locked up for killing a bitch?

  6. That’s one way to keep Specter in line. Vote the party line, Arlen! You need to out progress this fellow or it’s retirement time. Better get those union votes, Arlen!

  7. Win/Win for everyone but Specter. Let’s see if Oprah’s/Ayers’ TelePrompTers tell Obama to really try and force Sestak out or not. Rahm could do it, too. Joe’s a former admiral, but Rahmbo is a fucking sociopath.

  8. Encroaching senility? Gettin’ eated by the cancers? Opportunistic party hopping? Oh Arlen. The deck is Sestaked against you.

  9. I’ve met him. He has a weird voice, as in the inflection of it. It seems to vascilate needlessly. Oh and I just realized I need to clarify which Democratic Senate candidate from PA I mean here, Sestak. Weird voices all around!

  10. [re=325842]Vartan84[/re]: Voice aside, Sestak is hotter than Specter. Poor Arlen. Became a Democrat to serve his own ambition and now it looks as if he’s going to have to vote like one.

    Anyone but me notice this chronology? Andy Stern (SEIU) met with Specter. Next night, Senate Dems strip Specter of seniority. Two days later: Specter has a come-to-Jesus moment on EFCA.

    This not being a Republican site, I say the above as representative of a good thing.

    And the Newshour has one asshat after another blaming the UAW for all the auto issues. Fuck the Newshour.

  11. [re=325896]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Yeah, just trying to cash in on their re-claimed fame from the Will Farrell movie. Sadly, Arlen will file a complaint, saying all of the bootleg DVDs amount to free pub, thus he deserves free airtime. The FEC will then point out he gets plenty of return press from his role as the villain in all those old James Bond movies.

  12. [re=325920]azw88[/re]: Perhaps he should run in Minnesota, then. They seem pretty partial to lizard people there.

  13. I’ve seen the future! Specter loses the primary, but wins as an “independent” in the general.
    He joins Liebermann form a coalition of rejected Dem Senators that grows by siphoning off moderates as part of the Republican rightward death spiral. The “Liebernauts” eventually replace the Rs as America’s second party, and Joe is forever remembered as a founding father.

  14. [re=325896]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Sleestaks get out the vote, too. Look for them to post about 95% turnout and win this primary thing over ol’ “but I don’t have any employable skills” Specter, who runs a very close second to Joe Lieberman (I-Israel) as the douchiest douche in the douchiverse.

  15. I sense more heart broken betrayal diaries from whiny progressive when Obama doesn’t support this guy. After he went to all the trouble of making Arlen Specter his bitch I doubt he’s going to want to get a new guy.

  16. [re=325896]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Not so much run as “waddle torpidly” in a menacing manner. Fear the slow monsters.

  17. Game on Arlen….. You better put your best Dem face on….

    Come dressed in a cheerleader outfit for the confirmation vote of the lady judge…..
    Obama sez jump–You ask How high???

    Best acquire a taste for boot leather…. cuz you have to be a bootlicker now!

  18. [re=325944]Accordion-o-rama[/re]: Pennsylvania has a “sore loser” clause that doesn’t allow primary losers to run in the general election, so I find your dark vision of the future quite implausible.

  19. [re=325826]bitchincamaro[/re]: Hmm. I’d rank them Dead Kennedys, Ted (soon-to-be, unfortunately) Kennedy, Dirty Sanchez, and Rick “Dirty” Sanchez, in order of preference. Even though half (1/2) of these things have killed someone, maybe three-quarters (3/4).

  20. [re=326042]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: No, you’re thinking of cynical people, and they’re required to run. At the very least, Rep. Sestak gets a boost to his fundraising and his profile, and maybe extracts a favor or two from the state and national parties and President Obama when he finally drops out. Maybe he appears viable and becomes a US Senator. In the meantime, Specter has to protect his left flank and support more of the Democrats’ agenda. Ridge decided not to run, so there doesn’t appear to be a strong Republican challenger no matter who the Democratic nominee is, so, win/win, like I said.

  21. Sestak could cure the nation’s unemployment problem simply by spending a year in office. By extrapolating the job turnover of his House office staff, he would hire approximately 47 Press Secretaries, 56 LA’s, and 112 AA’s. 3,446 other people also. Of course, 46 Press Secretaries would either quit, be fired, or kill themselves, along with 55 LA’s, 111 AA’s, and 3,410 other people.

    However, those who survived might be eligible for extended unemployment compensation benefits and cheap COBRA under the Obama stimulus package.

    Seriously, this jackass is a nightmare to work for. His reputation on the Hill has quickly become the stuff of legends. He is a workaholic who simply refuses to understand that the Constitution forbids slavery and he treats his staff like field slaves.

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