OMFG OH NOESWhoa hey how’d the Entire News Media miss this one? Especially considering the main things we all jabber about, these days, are stock prices and whatever Jon Stewart said about Jim Cramer …. Anyway, get out your duct tape because a certified American Nazi was building a “dirty bomb” which he apparently planned to explode at Obama’s Inauguration. All the radioactive and bomb-making shit was in his house — you know, the one with the Nazi Flag, in Maine — and his plans were moving along just fine until his wife shot the motherfucker dead, the end?

According to the Bangor Daily News, the only newspaper that seems to know anything about this weird case, James G. Cummings was shot dead by his wife Amber on December 9.

But the fun stuff comes from the Washington DC Regional Threat and Analysis Center, which put together a report regarding terror threats at the Inauguration. This January 16 analysis was leaked to WikiLeaks, which is this fantastic newish database of terrifying and weird official secret documents leaked by myriad Robin Hoods around the world. And you can read what happened afterward, which is basically nothing. A freakin’ 29-year-old millionaire trust-fund Nazi was building a dirty bomb to blow up the liberals and blacks at Obama’s inauguration, and nobody’s reporting it!

(Except blogs and Huffington Post or whatever.)

Anyway, thanks Amber, for shooting that sonofabitch. She’s claiming “mental disease,” which is apparently a defense in Maine, because this charming psychopath, James G. Cummings, not only hated the blacks and the liberals and whatever, but he also subjected his wife to “years of mental, physical and sexual abuse.” They have a nine-year-old daughter, too! Funsy.

The Dirty Bomb That Disappeared [WikiLeaks]

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  1. This of course should not receive news coverage as “terrorism” or “sleeping cell.”

    Such full alerts must be reserved for conservatives to scream about when Rachael Ray wears a paisley scarf as a secret trigger for all her 30 Minute Hamas Terrorists to begin attacking Olive Gardens around the nation.

  2. A freakin’ 29-year-old millionaire trust-fund Nazi was building a dirty bomb to blow up the liberals and blacks at Obama’s inauguration

    I believe this is also known as “going Galt”.

  3. Every time I prepare to go marching for firearms control, something like this happens, and I sit back down, say, I’ll start tomorrow.

    I do think it’s a shame the way competency is selected out. Nobody cares if you miss. Like, you think they ever brought charges against Oswald for firing off a round at that wingnut General Walker? No. You didn’t even know it. Because he missed. They always bail out the bunglers.

  4. It’s not being reported for any and all of these reasons:

    1. the guy is already dead so no good perp walk footage
    2. he was not brown nor muslin, only hated them
    3. he had money, and we all know that all rich people (like tv reporters) are good citizens who can always be trusted
    4. the wife only shot him, she didn’t cut off his penis or otherwise dismember him
    5. Maine might as well be part of Canada, most “Murkins probably think it is anyway.

  5. Am I bad person because my favorite part of this story is that his wife is named “Amber”? That’s like the awesome cherry on top of the Maine Nazi Radioactive Bomb sundae.

  6. I already dropped a “dirty bomb” today.

    But seriously, HOLY HELL! That is pretty intense. The end of the article is pretty cool, too (for nerds).

    “Only when the dreams of man are built from knowledge will they support the weight of people.
    That is why the revelation of primary source knowledge, from which everything follows, must be set free. Its limits are the limits of civilization itself. In its emancipation, the emancipation of all.”

  7. [re=263168]jagorev[/re]: Who is John Galt?

    [re=263165]EnBuenOra[/re]: Nor should the perp/murder victim be referred to as a “Christian terrorist.”

  8. [re=263170]Vanity Smurf[/re]: Fortunately, even though Maine is surrounded by Canada City, Maine’s Guv, John Baldacci doesn’t hold himself out as a foreign policy expert because Maine’s “next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of.” Also.

  9. They’re too busy listening to Vinegar Joe booga booga us about naturalized American citizens from Somalia being Al Qaeda. This guy wasn’t going to hurt any real Muricans…..he was white!

    Fear Brown People!!! Fear them!!!!

  10. Funsy Cummings would be a good name for a nine year-old. It’s going on my list.

    Oh, and is anyone else weirded out by the placename “Bangor”? I keep thinking it must be in South East Asia.

  11. [re=263181]Gopherit[/re]: The brown people are the Muslim terrorist peoples, right? There is no such thing as a white terrorist.

  12. That document is a goldmine:

    Big red type on the cover sheet:

    “DISTRIBUTION: This document is provided for your information and use.”

    FBI report on Cummings’ house:

    “An application for membership in the National Socialist Movement, which had been completed by James Cummings was discovered.”

    Imagine the form:

    Are you one of life’s losers, twisted up with self-hatred you want to redirect at others?

    ___ Yes ____ No

    If you answered “Yes,” welcome to the American Nazi Party!

  13. [re=263183]Gopherit[/re]: The Jew is using the Black for muscle against you! And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, Whitey? Just sit there? Of course not! You are going to join the members of the United Socialist White People’s Party! An organization of decent, law-abiding white folks just like you!

    Illinois Nazis. Almost as bad as Maine Nazis.

  14. I knew there was something suspicious about that guy the first time I laid eyes on him and got a load of his “I HEART Tim McVeigh” T-shirt.

  15. Does moose shit trigger the bat-shit craziness in these genetic anamolies?

    You’re thinkin’ of Gangor Bangor.

  16. [re=263199]grevillea[/re]: No offense taken. Almost made it halfway through Atlas Shrugged in college. What a load of crap! The Fountainhead is a pretty good comic book of a novel, though: demonstrates that all beautiful women are frigid until raped by manly architects, which everyone knows is true.

  17. I guess we should get used to this kind of shit. Sorry, Barry, no more basketball games or walks down Pennsylvania Avenue with your beautiful wife for a while.

  18. …question? If this motherfukker “planned” on detonating this thing on inauguration day, then common sense leads you to believe he acquired all of his material during “W’s” reign of terror! This cant possibly be true, because Ari Fleischer has told me that George Bush has kept us safe ever since 9/11(when he initially fukked up). Now can someone tell me how the hell a Nazi fukker can get his hands on enough Xenothium-400 to jump start a dead star and only get caught because his wife decided to prematurely rapture his ass!?!?!?!

  19. [re=263162]Vanity Smurf[/re]: At the very least, he could have joined the Arcade Fire instead of engaging in domestic terrorism*.

    *Granted, the Arcade Fire’s “music” does terrorize, but it’s not fatal.

  20. [re=263214]V572625694[/re]: Also, that not-so-hot Russian emigre authors are frigid until they openly have an affair with guys 25 years younger than them that both spouses know about and can do nothing about. That woman Alisa Rosenbaum, I mean Ayn Rand, was quite the playa.

  21. Too bad he pissed off his haus frau, I hear Michael Steele’s about to be forced out as head of the GOP and they’re accepting applications.

  22. …if this guy had the slightest bit of melanin(not even to say mooslim) the wife and kid would be in some undisclosed location in orange jumpsuits hanging from their nipples! Funny how “W” decided to just let the whole story slide.

  23. I’m not sure I would go with the “mental disease” defense, personally. I’d probably go with the “he was a fucking Nazi with a dirty bomb so I made his ass dead” defense. Is that a possibility in Maine?

  24. [re=263220]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: except for the anthrax, of course. they need a little asterisk when they say that, that leads to a footnoter that adds, “from the brownies, white guys excluded from safety measures.”

    speaking of white guys, i’m stunned to hear that these hate-filled whackjobs use their families as practice! my lands, i’ve never heard of such a thing.

  25. I work with folks from Belfast (and Bangor, for that matter) and the crazy thing about this case was that while the whole town knew that Amber Cummings had offed her old man, she’d been taken down to the station and promptly released and that was that. Well, there were people in suits and Hazmat gear swarming around her house, but that happens fairly regularly in Belfast. Shooting your spouse, however, almost always results in an indictment, even here. A local reporter had to pester the Fed for the story to even get play in the Bangor Daily News almost a month later. And before you city folk go dissin’ Daily News hey, it has its own FARK tag.

  26. [re=263216]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    Perhaps an inventory is overdue at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. We’ll likely see a lot of shrugging shoulderboards.

  27. I heard all about this, but I read the blogs. And our national media wonders why they’re increasingly irrelevant and everyone hates them.

  28. [re=263232]At Swim2Birds[/re]: Well, now that our Wonkette has given this story the attention it deserves we can expect the Daily Show to be all over it no later than Monday. By this time next week Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer will be cage fighting over who gets an exclusive with Amber.

  29. [re=263220]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Except for those people who died of anthrax, but maybe they were brown? They were postal workers, mostly, anyway, so probably unionized.

  30. [re=263183]Gopherit[/re]: So I guess this white, eugenicist wasn’t so lucky for listening to the call of the swastika?

  31. [re=263259]S.Luggo[/re]: Well, if the GOP is interested in corpses, I know of a certain monkey wrangler/Alzheimer’s posterboy that is very popular in the republican party to this very day!

  32. [re=263251]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    Well, if it was from the Air Force, it would have a Taiwanese PO Box listed on the shipping label. And contain complete instructions in 12 languages with plenty of diagrams.
    “Place neutron trigger assembly ‘A’ into trigger breech assembly ‘B’ and turn clockwise 90° until an audible click is heard. If the ground lead is black with a black stripe, skip to step 43. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.”

  33. my favourite part is:
    had Cummings set off the device in Washington DC, during Obama’s Presidential inauguration, its psychogenic effect may have hospitalized thousands.

    just because.

  34. It was reported by MSNBC by Rachel and Keith.

    But a reason why the other MSM didn’t pick on it is because the dude was WHITE.

    Now if he was a Arab or had dark skin than of course it would have been on the news.

    The power of skin color is powerful. :D


    HE IS RELATED TO E.E. CUMMINGS. That totally explains his insanity, as explained in the following poem written by Cummings about the Vietnam War:



    ydoan o
    yunnuhstand dem
    yguduh ged

    “yunnuhstan dem doidee
    yguduh ged riduh
    ydoan o nudn
    LISN bud LISN
    lidl yelluh bas
    tuds weer goin
    This translates to:
    “”You gotta?”

    “Why don’t you understand?

    I don’t know. –
    Why understand them?
    you gotta get
    (THIS AREA IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRANSLATE, APPARENTLY. but this guy knows:,148057)
    You gotta get ridda
    I don’t know nothing.
    them goddam little
    yellow bastards we’re going
    to civilize them”

    Isn’t it obvious? AND Cummings was even a WHITE DUDE. You would think only Muslim people would write things like this. TERRIFYING.

  36. MAM didn’t miss this story. I read about it when it was originally uncovered. They just buried it behind all the usual schlock.

    Also, why not much on all those LEGAL Chilean students massacred in Florida by Mr. anti-immigration nutjob. Beautiful young people dead and/or bleeding. And America just doesn’t want to know every single terrifying detail? Lou Dobbs must be making the programming decisions for Nancy Grace and Katie Couric these days.

  37. There’s a group of right wingers who believe that the brown people are responsible for OK City since the initial report was looking for brown people and McVeigh must have muslin connections because Nichols had a mail order bride from the Philippines. Point is that they’ll connect this Nazi nut to the muslins too since anyone born a white male American can’t come up with a plan to kill people on his own unless it is a revenge shooting rampage.

  38. [re=263294]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Hmmm. It may be a dialogue, after all – but I always thought it was one drunk’s halted, insistent speech as he argues. We don’t hear his interlocutor’s comments, which are implied but not expressed, just the drunk’s words as he makes his case for the war. Maybe I read it wrong and it’s two people talking? I’m not sure about that.

    Great poem though.

  39. Someone should twitter this in Rick Sanchez – dude never covers any story that he did not get from twitter.

    If this dude was anything but white we would have been inundated with this story from the MSM.

  40. [re=263314]wheelie[/re]: E.E. Cummings was a fantastic poet. He wrote 2 novels, 4 plays, over 900 poems, and he was obsessed with (working for) the Red Cross as well as a bunch of other humanistic ideal-things that don’t make money. Apparently, he is like Bill Ayers, however. Will Obama denounce and reject him?

  41. [re=263326]grevillea[/re]: Hahaha you get 10 gold stars for that. M.O.V.E. would be proud of you, you anti-American bastard.

    Jeebus I think it’s time to take the meds.

  42. It’s no coincidence that all the deadliest domestic terrorists we’ve had in the 20th & 21st centuries have been white guys. From Columbine to Timmy McVeigh to the KKK to Dick Cheney to William Ayers & the Weather Underground (awesome band name, btw), it’s always the white dudes you’ve gotta watch out for.

    Let me repeat: home-grown American white dudes; who’ve got every advantage in the world, angry enough to kill lots and lots of innocent people.

    White people are effed up.

    Can I be Latino? My last name ends in a vowel… I think if I just start pronouncing it with an accent no one will question it.

    [re=263219]jagorev[/re]: OMG! Totally! You should start a Facebook group on that!

  43. [re=263214]V572625694[/re]: Almost halfway is pretty good. I know of one person who claims she read all of John Galt’s 3,000 page speech but I’m sure she was lying.

    [re=263264]loquaciousmusic[/re]: That’s just her porn name. I think her real name is Daisy Mae Jennifer Yancey.

  44. [re=263184]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I once knew a hooker named Funsy Cummings. Or maybe that was a Bond girl’s name.

    [re=263201]President Beeblebrox[/re]: President Beeblebrox, I’ve always loved you.

    [re=263214]V572625694[/re]: You know, I’m not a women, but you would not believe how being raped by manly architects really opened up my world.

  45. [re=263214]V572625694[/re]: Holy hell I understand the Fountainhead reference is actually you. This is strange.

    [re=263201]President Beeblebrox[/re]: HOLY HELL YOU ARE FROM HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY?

    This is a literary explosion. Somebody call Cummings.

    Also, and Also.
    [re=263344]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: YOU ARE INSANE. Win.

  46. [re=263308]springfield_meltdown[/re]: Minutes after the bombing, garbage and worse was dumped on the lawns of a few Asians-South, southeast, far east of middle east, they’re all the same to okies. I was a hospital nearby, with my dying father (good times!) and was happy to see that the volunteers and emergency medical people outnumbered the vandals by the thousands.

    Even back in 1995, people were already blaming the mooslems for every shitty thing that happened. Ironic, when you consider this part of the country would be bereft of medical specialists if it weren’t for South Asians and their big brains.

  47. [re=263336]Mr Blifil[/re]: Ha! When I worked for Planned Parenthood we had posters with Rudolph’s picture and description on them all over the clinic. Nobody appreciates the fear induced by God fearin’ white men quite like an abortion clinic employee.

    Now his lurvely prison hate rants are published online for all of his adoring Jeebus worshiping fans.


  48. So where’d she shoot him? Until I’m told otherwise (and for at least a year after that point), I’m going to assume she shot him in the deck and he died sobbing in pain.

    It makes me smile, is all.

  49. [re=263361]Trace[/re]: Um, I mean.. in the dick, not deck.

    Although actually, I’m now trying to figure out what part of the male anatomy might be considered the “deck.” If it’s something that would be painful to be shot in, hell, I’m all for it, I guess.

    But typo-ing dick? What is that, like an anti-Freudian.. whatsit?

  50. Huh, I always would have imagined Idaho as the proper location for a White supremacist bomb conspiracy with a domestic dispute escalating to a homocide…

  51. You guys are so funny!

    You are like Ron White — I disagree with everything he says and he’s my favorite comedian.

    Thank you.

    I hate you.

    Where else could you find out about “Amber alert” shooting Mr. Cummings!

    “years of mental, physical, sexual abuse.”

    That’s what “Mr. Cummings” always does to Amber!

    Oh, the symbolism….

    Ok I’m not gonna diss Maine, but the interior of that state scares me.

    Too ef-in funny.

    PS don’t print this.

  52. Dear Airhead-Blonde-Who-Was-Bush’s-Press-Secretary,

    You are SO BUSTED for not making anything out of this story! Who cares that the Mainezi was white? You could have tied up every news program for the entire month of December (1) bragging about how Bush saved the soon-to-be-New-President, despite his being a Negro who doesn’t have a birth certificate, (2) how Bush was on the job up until the very last day of his presidentery, even though he only had five people left on his staff, and (3) Bush saved us from a dirty bomb without any help from Ahnold, Chuck Norris, or even Steven Segal.

    Lady, you are so worthless. I could have typed up that tale with nine of my fingers incapacitated. The Secret Service would have had Barack Obama packed up in a bullet-proof box for the Inauguration and Bush might have been declared President for Life because of his bravery, or at least he would have left town in a little less disgrace than he did.

    Where did you go to Journalism School?

    [signed] Jukesgrrl

  53. James G. Cummings rotting corpse should be exhumed, ground up and dumped into a port-a-potty with 2o gallons of gasoline, a pound of black powder, John McCain’s latest soiled diapers and the transcripts of Rush Limbaugh’s last fifty shows. Now that would be a dirty bomb.

  54. [re=263373]2druk2phluq[/re]: Dumbass. The powder has to be kept dry. That so wouldn’t work, unless we could get the Myth Busters guys.

  55. [re=263232]At Swim2Birds[/re]: Has CBS sewn up the rights to its next Thanksgiving Hallmark Special, “Amber, Patriotism: From Lapdance to Shoot to Kill”?
    Okay, that was wrong of me.
    “Amber: Somehow I Married a Crazy Guy Who Wasn’t in the Bush Administration.”

  56. [re=263220]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: George Bush has kept us safe ever since 9/11, except for a handful of anthrax attacks, which are barely worth mentioning…

  57. [re=263383]billy rubin[/re]: Also excepting all the Americans who’ve died from attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, natch.

  58. [re=263383]billy rubin[/re]: And the economic meltdown, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the crash of Bear Stearns, Wachovia, WaPo, Merrill Lynch, Lehmam Brothers, and AIG and the massive loss of jobs, etc. But, seriously, who’s counting?

  59. I think he looks like a large scrotum sack .

    He’s obsessed with abortion and defining what conservatism is (that’s easy, it’s a steaming Hybrid-car-sized pile of K-Lo shit!) . Like Jindal, he’s touted as a ” new fresh emerging voice of conservatism. ” And like Jindal, he’ll lose his boner before the first downstroke. I prefer the all caps Redstate crazies, it’s the same shit but easier to read.

  60. [re=263365]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Have you ever read Stephen King or watched Murder She Wrote? Wife beating genocidal Nazis are on the low end of Maine weirdness.

  61. [re=263368]stumplequimby[/re]: ‘Kay, well, I’ll go ahead and do it. Between that state housing Stephen King, Martha Stewart, and this douche, I think we can safely assume that all the residents are sociopathic and have no business associating with the rest of society. Just like the East Side in NYC. Also.

  62. Makes me wonder if America really has anything to be proud of…….oh,yeah–we finally elected a president with a brain.Well,thats a good start.When I say finally,I am refering to the 50 years I have been forced to to choose between the lesser of two evils.

  63. So Jose Padilla was basically tortured for years because he talked about making a dirty bomb, but this asshat is actually buying materials and belonged to wingnut groups and was basically not hiding it, and no arrest? Oh yeah, he was white and rich. My bad.

  64. [re=263412]missannethrope[/re]: I was so waiting for that one, seeing it coming on the horizon. Anyway, my favorite part is that fact he claimed to have pieces of Hitler’s silverware. What’s with all the wannabe Nazis fetishing the Der Fuhrer’s crap? It’s like they think was a saint. If they could get pieces of his skeletal hands they’d probably masturbate with them.

  65. I can’t believe I got to this story so late. As a Maine native, this story does my heart proud. It’s a well known fact that that that farther north from Portland you go, the more likely you’ll hear mentions of dirty muslins.

    Personally, however, this story still ranks behind my favorite all-time Bangor Daily News article on the father who shot his son because son was shtupping to a collie.

  66. [re=263430]A Fine National Imbalance[/re]: At the trial, the son wanted the collie in the courtroom as she was his “wife.”

    Rick Santorum felt vindicated, I’m sure.

  67. As a proud native of the scary central Maine interior, this comes as no suprise to me hahah. My friends in highschool were in local militias and would ‘go on maneuvers’. Good times.

  68. [re=263407]wallythepug[/re]: Reminds me of that one line of MST3K’s “Mitchell”.

    “Well, you’re rich and white, I don’t see a problem with it.”

    Or the line form “I Accuse My Parents.”

    “Thank God I’m White!”

  69. Laugh it up, Funboys. When The Big One hits, Vacationländers will simply blow up the Piscataqua Bridge and go about their business pretty much as usual.

  70. That’s what he gets for messin’ up her kitchen with all that bomb stuff right after she broke her hump cleaning it on her hands and knees.

  71. If you’re in the MSM, you’re twisting yourself into super-yoga to avoid pointing out just how crazy the entire conservard world has swung. Never, ever call that hard-working patriot janitor Nazi milita commander a terrorist. It’s unAmurkan.

  72. As a little kid, I had half of Cummings’ “bomb” shit in my home chem lab. As a HS chem teacher I had that and the other half in 5 gallon and 10 lb lots in my lab storeroom. I didn’t see anything on his list of goodies that would make me wet my pants. The best part of Mr. Survivalist’s story is his getting dusted by his wife. No amount of money can make a redneck asshole smart. I hope she’s acquitted and inherits it all!

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