pink tie party outfit suggestions

  • Wednesday, March 11: In honor of the upcoming National Cherry Blossom festival, Washington Life magazine is throwing the annual Pink Tie Cocktail Party, which means not only will you be emasculated for wearing a pink tie, you will feel personally humiliated at your own Poorness when you find out that the tickets are $150. But! There will be cherry-themed food and drinks from all your favorite local restaurants. [National Cherry Blossom Festival]
  • Thursday, March 12: It’s the Washington Post‘s monthly happy hour event at the Rocket Bar in Chinatown, which means there’s going to be free mini-burgers and pizza from Matchbox, $3 PBR and the chance to hook it up with some sexy WaPo reporters. [Washington Post]
  • Saturday, March 14: Rosa Mexicano is hosting a One Pot Meal Cooking demonstration with Chef James Muir. He’ll be showing you how to cook a simple meal using only a humble Pot. Here’s the best part of the deal: tickets are $35, but if you bring your own cooking pot, the tickets and ingredients are free. 10 AM. [Washington Post]
  • Tuesday, March 17: Party buses are totally douchey but you can make the exception for good ol’ St. Paddy’s Day. Boomerang Tours will chauffeur you to DC’s most festive pubs and bars for a 5-hour bacchanalia extravaganza. In a party bus. Think long and hard about your dignity before making the $30 plunge. [Zerve]
  • Finally, the La Fromagerie cheese shop has opened up in Alexandria. The place features artisanal cheeses from the Mid-Atlantic region in addition to the fancy Euro stuff, and they’ve also got a great charcuterie selection made from local farmers. (Local farmers’ stuff tastes better than out-of-town ones, according to Barack Obama’s chef.) [La Fromagerie]
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  1. Does the charcuterie include half-smokes? I believe that is a major artisanal type in the mid-Atlantic. or DC. Some of that great Basque smoked, sharp cheese is always good. Followed the link and looked over the selection they have. very nice.
    thanks, Malaka

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