Despite the fact that Math Porn purveyor Nate Silver has revoked beer’s hard-earned recession-proof status, we venture to guess there’s a few of us who may still find utility in “What’s a Girl to Do When It’s Time to Put Down the Drink?” — a one-woman show by Tara Handron about alcoholic women in various stages of breakdown and recovery.

Addiction is a tough subject and Handron is not likely to sugar-coat it, as her graduate work in the subject at Georgetown University (she’s local-ish!) informed her writing. She’s also an alumna of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, for those momentarily concerned this will be a monotone thesis defense.

If you’re also entertaining fears that such a show may actually drive you to drink (assuming you weren’t already endogenously disposed to do so), it supposedly has an optimistic ending. It will only be at the H Street Playhouse through Wednesday, so go soon! With that Mos Def show you were totally going to buy tickets to now sold out, what else are you going to do?

What’s a Girl to Do When It’s Time to Put Down the Drink?, H Street Playhouse through Wednesday, $25, 7:30PM, 202-396-0050 [WaPo/H Street Playhouse]

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