• Well, that’s the last time we write something vaguely sympathetic about America’s favorite Labor Secretary nominee! Hilda Solis committed the awful sin of being married to a guy who owed business taxes, which makes her completely immoral. [Washington Post]
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s illness kicked off the usual ghoulish speculation about which Supreme Court Justice will be the first to, er, “retire” in the Obama presidency. [AP]
  • Even its precious liberal Prius wasn’t enough to save Toyota from reporting its first annual net loss in half a century. [Dow Jones]
  • More bad news on the economy, US shedding half a million jobs a month, no sign of a bottom, etc. [New York Times]
  • US Airways released the audio of brave pilot hero Chesley Sullenberger saying, “We’re going in the Hudson.” [MSNBC]
  • A day after news reports saying Paul Volcker was getting antsy about Obama putting together his economic advisory board, Obama announces he has put together his economic advisory board. [AP]
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  1. hahaha, suck it, Toyota, now you will have to sell your Priuses (renamed Priapuses) to old Jewish folks with the slogan, “Torah! Torah! Torah!” However, there will be no profits as they will have to be sold wholesale.

  2. I wasn’t aware MR Solis was up for the Labor post? Silly me…why would you want a pro-labor candindate for Labor…sheeeeesh. We need to toss the right wing in the Hudson.

  3. Even teh gayz won’t own a Prius so it’s up to the Puma’s now. Maybe if Toyota added trucknutz so teh pumas could then cut them off?

  4. I’m passing around a petition and I hope you’ll all sign on to the UHU (United Hobo Union). I figure we won’t really do anything because nobody can afford the dues and we’re all too depressed to leave the house. However, I’m working on a catchy union song entitled We’re All in the Hudson Now that should really lift those spirits. Is Pete Seeger still alive?

  5. Using our new catchphrase in a sentence: This economy is so going in the Hudson.

    I have the sad over Ginsburg as I have had two people close die of Pancreatic cancer in the past couple of years. There is no surviving it and it works way too fast and viciously. My heart goes out to her family and friends — even Scalia, who apparently is a close friend of hers.

    This is one of the many reasons why I voted for the Hopester – supreme court appointments. Can you imagine Mccain/Palin salivating over being able to appoint a replacement? *That* would be ghoulish, my friends.

  6. You guys, it’s getting to the point that my anxiety peaks whenever I read an article about our Barry. When’s this rainbow-fart gonna come? Getting scared…

  7. The Gay Ol’ Party is primarily concerned with reducing the loss of registered Repukes than with getting pesky and burdensome wage-earners back to work.

  8. [re=237776]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: Glorious Pete Seeger is still alive and played at the Lincoln Memorial just wearing jeans and his flannel shirt, while everyone was wearing earmuffs, ski coats, and gloves. UHU is a fabulous idea.

    We are all hoboes now.

  9. So the latest Obama appointee scandal is “she’s married to a guy who’s not infallible”. Wow, shocking. Wasn’t Dubya married to a woman who killed a guy?

  10. [re=237776]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: I’ll work on the logo. I was thinking a mangled seagull carrying a polka-dot bag on a stick with a propellor through his head?

  11. Major retailers, rocked by one of the worst holiday shopping seasons in memory, have been shutting stores and laying of armies of workers in recent weeks.

    Apparently, Times editors are being ‘laid of’, too, or else there’s a lot of boffing of armies of workers by retailers.

  12. [re=237778]marinmaven[/re]: Supreme court appointments validate every penny I donated and every hour I volunteered for Barry’s campaign. I would be be hyperventilating into a brown paper bag if this news had come out with WALNUTS! in charge. No joke.

  13. [re=237768]ManchuCandidate[/re]: [re=237773]shanemacgowan[/re]: There’s a limit to how much a bottom can take. Ever know one that reverted to aggressive behavior? It’s like a vicious poodle. It’s still cute, but it will bite your hand off.

    Washington argued while the nation failed. The new bipartisanship… hungry people will eventually attack members of both parties if they get hungry enough. Barry’s great plan: Appease the Republicans. I thought he was joking about that piece of idiocy.

  14. OK, Wonketters: I want you to dream with me…


    My fellow Americans: I have called this press conference today to announce a change of strategy and a change of direction, for my administration and for the country. This morning I was handed a jobs report with some pretty shocking numbers. This report showed that in January, the last month of my predecessor’s administration, the country lost an astonishing 500,000 jobs. And what is more astonishing still, and frightening to an unprecedented degree, is that such job loss figures are projected to rise over the next few months, to become much worse, long before they start getting any better. Indeed, if the government does nothing, as some irresponsible legislators in the Republican party are now suggesting, the country could well be looking at an economic depression that will make today’s job report look like robust growth in comparison. If we do nothing… if we sit without our hands on our laps, while members of the opposition party bicker and fidget, complaining that our bill provides health insurance for too many poor children, or tax breaks for families that are too poor to pay income tax, but who do pay Social Security taxes, who do pay property taxes on their homes and cars, who pay sales taxes, tolls and user fees, and doesn’t reward the very Wall Street financiers who brought on this mess with enough marginal tax cuts, then before we know it an economic tidal wave of such magnitude will strike this nation that a fully a quarter of you listening to this broadcast right now will lose your jobs, your retirements and your homes and everyone else will feel the pain in their wallet and pocketbook.

    The time for politicking is over. The events of the past few days have made it clear to me that in these first two weeks of my Adminstration I have chosen to follow an erroneous path. Hoping that the economic crisis that confronts us today was serious enough that it might cause responsible politicians of all stripes to put aside political differences and do what is right for the country. But those hopes were dashed when just a few days ago, not a single Republican member of congress voted for the economic stimulus and jobs bill that is desperately needed if this nation is to avoid an economic catastrophe. It has become apparent to me that the Republican party currently consists of two types of legislators: the first are the very same blind ideologues who brought this nation to the brink of economic collapse by promoting dangerously irresponsible fiscal policies and allowing Wall Street to fleece the American people while regulators played golf and sipped martinis with the likes of Bernard Madoff. These sorts of Republicans believe that tax cuts and expensive wars are the solution to all problems, and if their policies result in economic misery, then they are convinced that the problem can only be that taxes were not cut deeply enough. The second type of Republican understands that the crisis we are facing demands robust intervention by the Federal Government and the treasury but also hopes, quite cynically, that an economic collapse that occurs under a Democratic president is just the sort of catastrophe that will pave the way to their return to power in four years.

    So I have come to the conclusion that the Republican party is currently made up mostly of fools and cynics, and can be of no help in managing this crisis. As a result I have decided to abandon my project for bipartisan cooperation in this time of crisis. From this point on, the Democratic party will use all means at its disposal to push through the requisite legislation to save America from her financial enemies both foreign and domestic. I invite any Republican leader who loves his country and wants to do the right thing to join me in pushing through my legislation. And to those who would stand in the way of the action that is needed to rescue our economy I have one message: the American worker will not look kindly upon you, sir or madam, when he has lost his livelihood and everything that he has worked for his whole life, to your posturing and cynicism.

    Thank you all, and may God have mercy upon those who would sacrifice the financial health of America to their own, selfish, political agenda. Because I know that I, and the American people, will not.

  15. [re=237774]freakishlystrong[/re]: So a Mexican car dealer is behind on his taxes. That’s news?

    Seriously, the Repugs supporters haven’t been running those anti-union ads for the past year for nothing.

    Hilda Solis might be the first Labor Sec. since Francis Perkins to actually have a interest of the rights of, you know, workers–even if they want to exercise their legal right to join a union.

    It’s time for Biden and Rahmn to get their asses to congress and strong-arm people. Promise every single project in MO will be named after Clare and that idiot Kit Bond will be photoshopped out of any ribbon-cuttings he tries to take part in.
    Hopey can’t go to the public-support well directly every time he wants to put a new toilet into a national park. The congressional are in a majority–do they not get that?

    Is it just me, or are Pelosi and Reid just not up to it? WTF planet do they think they live on. Don’t they have any political sense? Just saying.

  16. [re=237787]Serolf Divad[/re]:
    “an economic tidal wave of extraordinary magnitude will strike this nation” Fixed.
    He needs to employ a Keith David-like Vietnam flashback tone, also.

  17. [re=237794]DustBowlBlues[/re]:

    It’s time for Biden and Rahmn to get their asses to congress and strong-arm people.

    Is it just me, or are Pelosi and Reid just not up to it? WTF planet do they think they live on. Don’t they have any political sense? Just saying.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  18. [re=237788]freakishlystrong[/re]: Bindle! I even googled the term but couldn’t find it. Fucking bindle.

    [re=237787]Serolf Divad[/re]: That’s gonna make it hurt so much more when we get limp-dick version.

  19. The audio of the pilot is amazing. The guy is unflappable. The tower suggests a runway-he says, calmly “Unable”. Then tower asks what runway he needs, and he says “the Hudson”, calmly. It is just incredible to listen to.

    [re=237772]rocktonsammy[/re]: It’s CheSLey. Not that Chesley is much better than Chelsey.

    Paul Volker’s name always calls to mind some evil Harry Potter character or something. Professor Volker, the soul eater…..

  20. The economic advisory board is pretty impressive, in that it includes some prominent Republicans, along with his own Democrat and labor friends, and guys like the CEO of Caterpillar who is vehemently opposed to protectionism.

    [re=237762]Servo[/re]: Seriously, though, wouldn’t you rather crash land on the Hudson and put up with some cold water for a while than, uh, have 9/11 again? There’s some kind of metaphor here about competence, which I haven’t had enough to coffee to draw out.

  21. [re=237774]freakishlystrong[/re]: We can toss the right wing into the Hudson, but they haven’t heard that Hope wasn’t meant for them, so they will crawl right out … just so they can tell you AGAIN that you can’t have pork even if it’s the last morsel of food left on earth. But they can have a tax cut, also. Too.

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