Here’s your famous president, being friendly to the Marine One guy in the Marines. Why won’t Obama stop spitting on our White American Traditions of never acknowledging the help? [YouTube]

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  1. “UPDATE: FEMA food kits may contain tainted peanut butter.”

    I’m sure that Carol Carter can think of a hilarious George Washington Carcer joke to e-mail to her eight former friends in the Florida Republican party.



  4. The raccoon story is proof Washingtonians are bored and petty. What a surprise!

    Preznit Hopemaster to Marine: “You fumigated this thing after the last guy, right?”

  5. I think Barry is inherently a decent guy who probably just wanted to say ‘hello, how ya doing?’ to a young Marine and to make sure Walnuts didn’t put a bomb on board.

  6. The Borgen Project has some good info on the cost of addressing global poverty.

    $30 billion: Annual shortfall to end world hunger.
    $550 billion: U.S. Defense budget

  7. You have to feel for that Marine. After eight years where if you made eye contact with Cheney he would feast upon your bones before the New Moon, it must have been shocking to shake hands with someone that is warm blooded.

  8. [re=237453]Purple Tide[/re]: Purple cussingnews. Come on man, fess up. It was pretty cool how you’re reduced to posting on wonkette because you’ve been banned everywhere else. AMIRITE?!

  9. [re=237465]JeffGoldblum[/re]: Do the homework on your avatar, brah. Goldblum was porking an Olsen twin a while back after she hopped off of Lance Armstrong. That’s what I’m SAYIN man, you ain’t with it!

  10. [re=237478]Gopherit[/re]: You are so dumb. Cussing news couldn’t type one sentence without using a racial epithet, and I can go three! Ya spearchucker…

  11. [re=237488]Purple Tide[/re]: see? And that’s why, when ken bans you, too, I will chuckle silently to myself.

    Ken, this is the kind of poster you’re attracting in a post-Obama world. The Hope is really screwing with your quality, man.

  12. [re=237478]Gopherit[/re]: Oh God. It took me a minute, but Tony’s back. Is that what’s going on ’round here? It’s The Real JR’s avatar, but with a stupid name. Just like the time Tony pretended to be Manchu.

  13. [re=237485]Purple Tide[/re]: “Brah”? “Porking”? Really. You’re really going to lecture someone about how they “ain’t with it” with the vocabulary of an aging frat boy?

  14. They have just released a transcript of what President Obama said:

    Corporal, you are licensed to kill raccoons by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill raccoons at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case your enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit – ever. They’re like the Viet Cong – Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that’s all she wrote.

  15. Poor kid probably didn’t know what to do. Actually, it kinda looked like Barry didn’t know what to do either…do I just walk by…nah, I can’t just walk by…gotta say hello to the help.

    Of course, if Joe the Biden had been there he probably would have smacked the kid on the back and slipped him a cool $5 dollars for his trouble. That woulda been awesome to see.

  16. [re=237506]Purple Tide[/re]: Wow, it really is you. You knew his full name when all I said was “Tony.” I must admit that I’m surprised it took you this long to come back to Wonkette, but I can’t say I missed you. Gawker must be more fun, what with the ability to have followers and stuff. Wonkette isn’t nearly as sophisticated.

  17. [re=237512]Cicada[/re]: THAT’S THE POINT DADDIO.

    [re=237513]NoWireHangers[/re]: Actually, during the primaries, when we were assaulted by Tony the Tiger and Bruno the Bear and Jeremy the Jaguar and all his various incarnations of Suck, I was posting here, as I have been for years. Back then I think under Baiowulf.

  18. The face of the poor Marine is great. “Shit shit shit, the President is coming . . . Hope I get my salute right, I bin practisin . . .” Then President Barry goes, “Oh that poor tight-assed Marine, I should tell him to relax”.

    Then the Marine poops himself when the President says, “Oh hey, how ya doing”.

    The moral is that newbie Presidents should realize that by surprising staff by being familiar doesn’t aid the hired help; it just freaks them out. That poor kid is probably traumatised now, and Walter Reed won’t admit soldiers affected by “Being Accosted by a Friendly Commander-in-Chief Syndrome.”

  19. [re=237529]wheelie[/re]: Yeah, Bush used to completely ignore all those soldiers. Especially when they were asking him to report for duty with the Texas Air Guard.

  20. Has the president set a precedent now? Is he going to shake hands with all the honor guards for the next four or eight years? If he shakes hands with the Marine while getting on Marine One, but doesn’t shake the Air Force’s kid’s hand when he gets on Air Force One, is that going to start a nuclear war between the services?

  21. [re=237547]AxmxZ[/re]: Hipster? UH OH. Hipster is the new Hitler: bring it up and a conversation has been rendered meaningless.

    [re=237552]AxmxZ[/re]: Dude, you’re condescending.

  22. Jesus, another prolific bullshitter arrives at Wonkette and proceeds to show us all how to really be funny and cool. Thank you, colored laundry detergent. How ever would I have gone on without your help?

    Ken, your comment made me laugh. That is until I considered how quickly the young marine could snap my backbone and return to attention. Maybe spitting on the help should be reserved for Latino women… old, crippled, pacifist Latino women. (I’m just saying. I wouldn’t want to fight a Latino woman in her prime. Some of them will cut you.

  23. [re=237572]2druk2phluq[/re]: I’ve been here for years, I just had an afternoon off is all. I’ll go back to coming once a month like a flooding purple tide.

  24. [re=237529]wheelie[/re]:
    Most Flag Officers do freak you out like that on your first encounter.
    *SNAP!* “Good Morning, Sir!”
    “Morning, Devildog. How ya doin’?” *beaming smile*
    It’s not in your programmed list of responses, so you just kinda freeze and look like a nervous idiot.

    For someone who has never served in the military, President Obama certainly has a perfect, textbook salute; far better than the sloppy gesture of GeeDub.
    Finally, I noticed that the Marine has a pizza box for his rifle badge. For his assignment, he should have at least a Sharpshooter badge. Fix it, Marine!

  25. [re=237644]Purple Tide[/re]: or you can leave.

    Shorts, i know you called my wife a rotting corpse, but you really want to keep this guy? He’ll pee on the floor and chew up the furniture. I think you should have him put down.

  26. [re=237651]Ken Layne[/re]: Thank you pope cat. So many distractions have been getting me away from appreciating my president boarding a helicopter. Two years ago I didn’t think he had a fucking chance in hell (HE STILL DOESN’T HAR HAR HAR).

  27. whoops, i missed the flame war. oh well.

    in other news — i will never get tired of this clip. i don’t know why, but something about the president acting like a normal person is very captivating.

  28. I feel compelled to take Tidy Bowl’s side in this flame war and ask for him to be unbanned.
    Banished just for being lame? That’s uncool.
    I, too, am a burned out boomer who is somewhat challenged in the swiftly changing currents of current vernacular, and I fear the ban hammer could fall on any of us at any time.
    Do not ask on whom the ban hammer falls, it falls on thee.
    And. Shorts, I have also voted for you to be unbanned, too, even though I am convinced that you are a somewhat deranged individual. Also (is also still funny?)

  29. [re=237613]Servo[/re]: I know the guys who taught him to salute back in early January. He’s a quick study, but you know how the brothers are with their cool handshakes and whatnot; this is just the new high five.

  30. [re=237613]Servo[/re]: The pizza box is probably due to the new field fire requirements. I went from expert to sharp because I couldn’t hear the damn directions from the sound shed. They need to upgrade their system. If McDonalds can, the USMC can too.

    Also, if islamofascoterristos were smart they would play the national anthem while staging an attack. We would all be frozen at attention, unable to fight back. Also.

  31. Wow. It was like that final scene in Lost In Translation. WHAT DID HE SAY!!!?!? …We’ll never know, unless… someone uses sound enhancements then posts it on YouTube.

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