Last night Obama went to introduce himself to the White House press corps briefly, politely. A Politico reporter started harassing him about one of his appointments. Obama told him to STFU, he could ask it at the next briefing. Politico writes the following lede this morning: “President Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.”

Do Jonathan Martin and Carrie Budoff Brown, the co-authors of this whiny, vapid bullshit, think that anyone else cares how hard they have to work to get information? Why do we even link to this vulgar asshole of a publication anymore, now that the election’s over? We’re keeping people like Roger Simon and Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin employed by doing this! Enough.

Your associate editor, at least, is making a belated “New Years Resolution” to never link to Politico again (after this one!), except for Ben Smith and Michael Calderone stuff. They are friendly. Maybe the gal who writes Shenanigans too, or the guy(s) who write(s) the Congress blog. Basically we will stop linking to these particularly retarded, trollish articles Politico front-pages just to get a crappy 2-minute panel slot on AC 360 later in the night. (They actually have full-time employees whose job it is to book their idiot reporters on cable news shows. This alone should be reason enough never to do anything good for Politico.)

Obama flashes irritation in press room [Politico]

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  • actor212

    So let me get this straight: Politico crashes a party, asks a work question, and then whines when they are politely asked to wait until a more appropriate moment to ask?

    I mean, they must miss the Bush days when they were told to cram it, Janet, you’ll get your answer when monkeys fly out of your butt.

  • magic titty


    Ben Smith is the good peeps, but I’ve a box of bent dicks for the rest of them.

  • shanemacgowan

    Reminds me of some 35 year old guy who shoves a stack of old magazines into some athlete’s face when the athlete is signing autographs for kids. These types of guys then curse out the athlete because they did not get a dozen signatures that they can sell on E-Bay.

  • cal

    I fully support dropping Politico down the memory hole.

  • Mr Blifil

    Meanwhile unctuous Bush-lickerStephen Hayes is riding in like a White Knight, having a hissy that Susan Sarandon “kicked out” a Politico reporter from some Inaugural party. Politico seems to be having a rough transition.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    “*Not To Be Sexist,* But Politico Is PMSing Real Bad, Like Women Do”?

    Did they begin to sob uncontrollably, while accusing him of not caring about their feelings?

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Fantastic idea. Please do not link to the Daily Beast though, because it makes baby Jesus cry and stuff.

  • Mr Blifil

    OMG, just read the extended post. Fuck that Shenanigans bitch, guess who she’s trying to ape? I don’t need a ConservoWonkette thanks very much. Conservative-friendly news outlets do enough panty sniffing as it is. I mean, why read Shenanigans when there’s always Nedra Pickle-licker?

  • magic titty

    It takes A LOT to wake Newell up before 1:48pm.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Ah, the mysterious right-wing mentality — where beating an innocent Afghan farmer to death is a fraternity prank, whereas not answering a question about a deputy defense secretary nominee is a crime against humanity. Bless their sensitive, mincing, unctuous, tiny little souls.

  • blader

    Politico is the Fox News of blogs…gonna have a hard time being relevant the next four years without a steady stream of Rovian memo’s to publish

  • Totowa

    You better be nice to me, or I’ll write bias bullshit about you.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=226693]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Bless them. Then eat them.

  • WadISay

    Originally the headline was, Obama, in murderous rage, stops short of spraying press room with Uzi fire.

  • S.Luggo

    [re=226702]WadISay[/re]: Because Barry has a nifty light saber, an UZI would be completely unnecessay.

  • Servo

    Great analogy.

  • S.Luggo

    “CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN.” Enuf said.

  • ozbob

    Yep last link.Make a litle pledge and do your bit Demi style please.

    Worst thing is they’ll never know How.Embarassed.Everyone.There.Was.

  • AfghanVet

    I just skimmed their headlines and they are all in Obama’s shit. Now that he is actually making good on some of his campaign promises they are parsing and nit picking like Fox News and Mountain Gorillas.

    So one of their douchebags decides to test Obama and gets pimp-slapped and they get all idignant and shit. Where were these “tough” questions when Bush was in office?

  • norbizness

    Does everyone remember the legend of the creation of Politico, forged in online stupidity in the middle portion of the twenty-aughts because places like the Washington Times weren’t reactionary enough? It only survives by suckling at Drudge’s teat.

  • Lord Licorice

    [re=226702]WadISay[/re]: Uzi’s are Israeli made, no self-respecting Muslin preznit would use one.

  • actor212

    [re=226686]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: No, but there’s a lot of empty Godiva boxes laying about.

  • actor212

    [re=226717]norbizness[/re]: One bathtub ring to rule them all?

  • marinmaven

    [re=226711]AfghanVet[/re]: exactly. Can you imagine if they were this “hard-hitting” during the Bush administration. Granted they would have been made to disappear into one of Cheney’s dungeons tied up with a ball in their mouth.
    It is almost like these people are clueless that they are about to become hoboes, slaves to the Chinese wishing they could live on the Pacific shores of Arizona.

    I say tie them up on Unicorns off to Hopey’s Re-education Camps of Hope.

  • Thegreatbacon

    I think Obama’s preferred weapon is the throwing knife. Just like Elvis.

  • actor212

    [re=226731]marinmaven[/re]: Granted they would have been made to disappear into one of Cheney’s dungeons tied up with a ball in their mouth.

    They would have enjoyed that. More likely, we would have renditioned them to Siberia or some other place that lacks tampons.

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=226731]marinmaven[/re]: “Granted they would have been made to disappear into one of Cheney’s dungeons tied up with a ball in their mouth.”

    You make that sound as if they wouldn’t enjoy that.

  • Min

    Does anyone ever actually click on the links to Politico?

  • actor212

    [re=226742]Doglessliberal[/re]: Damn, I was going to use that version of it, too, but I didn’t think it would play well.

  • sunsmellstooloud

    Right, let’s hang this guy out to dry cause he’s actually doing his job. Oh that’s right, Hopemaster Flex hasn’t concocted an answer that will please everyone yet

  • sarcasticusername

    i’d like to register full support of this latest new year’s resolution, politico is fox news with less money to pay their equally craptacular garbage spewing pundits, even their so called liberal bloggers leave a lot to be desired.

  • inthemiddle

    If this were the Onion the headline would read “Wonkette B*itches About One-sided Blog”

  • Red Zeppelin

    I’m no meteorologist, but it’s raining bitches!

  • randomsausage

    Politico…….the McLovin of blogging.

  • Rodney Badger

    I pledged to never read Politico again after Ben Smith posted that most Americans don’t consider Hawaii part of America. He went on like that for about two paragraphs. So, fuck Ben Smith too. Total blackout of Politico in my opinion.

    [re=226752]inthemiddle[/re]: Wonkette never claimed to be otherwise. See the difference? No, I suspect you don’t.

  • woodmont

    It’s not only about Politico. There are others including the venerable, mainstream NY Times which broke the story about the released Gitmo prisoner who has turned into even a worse bad guy. But do we have any clue why he was in Gitmo in the first place?? And, furthermore is there any doubt whatsoever why this person who was obviously held against his will would actually “turn” on us??We’re in an adjusting process and aggravating the president is what we used to do and the challenge for those of us on or near the left will be to SUPPORT this president and not be miserable to him as we (correctly) were with Bush!

  • Thegreatbacon

    I love that you make a sexist comment in the title while mentioning that it’s sexist, but I REALLY love that you do it in reference to Politico, which was the blog that kept beating the “everyone attacking Hillary is a sexist” drum long after everyone else had moved on. Sweet.

  • DoctorCulturae

    I haz sad fer these 20-something bloggists. Tragically, Preznit Water-in-the-Face has to teach them manners too. Since they have no experience or learnin’ bout timing they think being a whiney asshat is also being a good, tough (oooh!) journalist. “Waaa, I’ll get even with you! I asked a, a, a real question! ” Perhaps we could send them a carton of pacifiers?

    Might I add that it is (and will be) particularly sweet watching Prez. Sidney Poitier ooze STFU contempt for these kinds of personal performances.

  • masterdebater

    Eight years waiting for the press to wake up, for this? It’s like watching someone wake up from a dream screaming, “Apples, oh god damn it, fruit salad”. Is this the kind of probing journalism we can expect for the next four years?

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=226771]Thegreatbacon[/re]: the one I liked is the front page story in the dead tree WaPo today about the glass ceiling for women in politics, citing Caroline Kennedy (clearly sexist that she did not get the job!), followed shortly by the announcement on NPR (and the WaPo website) that Paterson was appointing Gillebrand. I guess she is not a woman?

  • WhatTheHeck

    [re=226686]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: No. It only got ugly when Barry told her to take a Motrin and call him in the morning.

  • inthemiddle

    [re=226768]Rodney Badger[/re]: oh snap you got me! While I commend your public resolve to never read Politico based on two paragraphs about the rainbow state (trust me, we all stand and applaud your very principled and self-righteous stand), I must also say you are a douche.

  • IceCreamEmpress


  • DoctorCulturae

    [re=226784]Doglessliberal[/re]: We have clearly walked through to the other side of the mirror into Babel-ville.


    [re=226735]Thegreatbacon[/re]: *Nods* Or a handgun, to shoot his TV.

  • meg9

    a kid I went to high school with is a reporter for them, I’ve been cringing about clicking the link to see if he was the one to ask the stupid question.

    He did ask Sarah Palin a really good question during the campaign though, so all politico reporters aren’t idiots. :)

  • TGY

    The whining seems be limited to Martin’s ZOMG BARRY LOOKED AT ME IN A MEAN TONE OF VOICE. Politico is Ok, though The Arena seems to be composed of random talking head idiots. Better than Hitchens at Slate.

  • Maus

    [re=226747]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: “Right, let’s hang this guy out to dry cause he’s actually doing his job.”

    Fox News and Politico, known guardians of the Truth!

  • gurukalehuru

    But, but, if you’re not going to read them so I don’t have to, who is going to read them so I don’t have to, because I sure as fuck am not going to read them.
    I’ll cut Ben Smith some slack, on the grounds that he’s not as big an asshole as the rest of them, and slack has to be cut somewhere, because what else do you do with slack?

    Also, I watched the video. Where did Barry get irritated? I must have missed that part.

  • Maus

    [re=226752]inthemiddle[/re]: “If this were the Onion the headline would read “Wonkette B*itches About One-sided Blog””

    Man, if you think that’s funny you must have been the head writer for that Fox Daily Show ripoff.

  • An Outhouse

    Politico: Latin for ‘whine like a Republican’

    What did you expect?

  • chascates

    At least Confluence wasn’t granted a press pass.

  • sunsmellstooloud

    [re=226833]Maus[/re]: Gimme a break. Its not like he was asking him, “Mr. President, why do you love terrorists and gays so much?” I dunno what politico is or what their affiliations are, but it doesn’t make the question any less valid. Seriously, how can you walk into a room full of journalists and not expect to be asked one substantive question?

    “Shush Dave! We can only ask questions tomorrow during question time!”

  • Maus

    [re=226835]gurukalehuru[/re]: “Also, I watched the video. Where did Barry get irritated? I must have missed that part.”

    Obama “got angry” in the same way that Obama admantly “refused to answer” Joe the Plumber’s question.

  • masterdebater

    Sure, the republicans lack the humor gene, but it isn’t their fault. It’s, well, like Dennis Miller not seeing the irony in HIM calling someone else a “gas bag”.

  • Maus

    [re=226857]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: It’s a very valid question, and will be answered in more than full at the press conference. It’s not as if he’s not going to answer it, but he’s not going to give these morons an incomplete sound bite that’s going to come off as stupid.

    Do you realize the difference, or are you just dense?

  • TeddyS

    Don’t worry,boys and girls. The rest of the press pack will take care of her. The purse will go missing, the notepad will vanish, the tape recorder batteries will fail, a high heel will break and all kinds of nastiness befall her. The White House reporters don’t have anything else to do, other than play cards, and they didn’t get those jobs for being nice. So a scheme to leave a newbie weeping in the snow is a wonderful thing. Plus, she will continue to be ignored.

  • DoctorCulturae

    [re=226873]TeddyS[/re]: When it happens, please do tell, and write slowly and thoroughly…

  • Rodney Badger

    [re=226787]inthemiddle[/re]: Yes, I know I got you. And Ben’s stupid Hawaii post was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Politico is a lousy source of raw news, it is just slightly better than Drudge. And it is awful at snark. The Wonkette’s mission is to bring teh funny, at which it excels. Please keep coming back to here to defend Politico, because it makes Wonkette’s job that much easier.

    [re=226857]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: I agree. Obama should only hold formal press conferences from now on and generally avoid reporters.

  • Bamos

    I saw the footage and he just good naturely blew you off. Get over it or go cover The View.

  • illnoise

    “Your associate editor, at least, is making a belated “New Years Resolution” to never link to Politico again”

    It’s supposed to go… “I PLEDGE to never link to Politico again.” Geez. What good are memes if you’re not going to use them?

  • inthemiddle

    [re=226891]Rodney Badger[/re]: How was I defending Politico? I don’t like them anymore than you do (Hawaii posts aside). I think you infer too much from my initial comment. Thank you for taking such a stand on Hawaii though, we need folks like you to take the tough stands no one else will. Douche.

  • howell

    Take two Midol and don’t call me in the morning.

  • sunsmellstooloud

    [re=226869]Maus[/re]: Ahh I totally forgot! Journalism Rules of Acquisition 12-3: Only ask questions of elected officials when they have been allowed time to prepare an answer and have given said journalist an appointed time to give the answer. Furthermore, how can he possibly give a stupid sounding soundbite, its not like he’s George W Bush

    [re=226891]Rodney Badger[/re]: I’m double checking what I wrote but I have yet to find where I suggested or implied that he avoid reporters from now on. Why would he do that, its not like he’s George W Bush

  • facehead

    The Wonkette and Politico editors need to sit down and sort this out over some coffee and my new “Bloody Ovulatin’ BitchFace” cookies.

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=227015]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: are you being intentionally dense or do you really not get that there are appropriate times and places for various activities? Your boss graciously and needlessly stops by your house with a house warming gift, you do not say, hey, great, let’s talk about my raise.

  • Hooray For Anything

    Oh noes, jackass reporter gets knuckles wrapped for jackassery! Oh, the humanity

  • Politicalchef

    I saw that article last night and I wanted to know where I could start harrasing them for being whiny bitchy little children with no sense of manners. Unfortunately their is so much troll on their comments, there’s no point. Apparently the only people who are engaged in their site (with a big Ben Smith exception) are total far-left or far-right whack jobs.

    On the other hand, I’ve noticed a lot of writer whining in the last week. The New York Times got all waaaaah about WaPo getting more attention. During the signing ceremony on the Guantanamo closure, someone in the background (clearly press) would not shut up, talking into his cell phone about how “That makes no sense!” ($20 to whoever can tell me who that is!). It’s like the level of respect and adulthood went down two notches just because we have a Dem president. I think these journo’s may be under the impression this is a Clinton White House, and need some sense slapped back into ’em.

  • hobospacejungle



    If’n you ain’t gonna even try to be amusing please go away. You appear to have mistaken this site for one of those earnest ones where very serious people debate very serious issues. And your lack of avatar gives you away as a humorless git. TPM is down the hall on the right somewhere. You will fit right in there.

  • Thegreatbacon

    Obama should have just said: “I chose him because as a lobbyist he developed many connections with the military hardware industry that we need in order to effectively pursue the next generation of military hardware, and for that reason, we decided to overlook the fact that he had been a lobbyist. Do I worry that he might try to set up some backdoor deals for himself? Yes, but we are going to expand our oversight of military contracts, which should keep such things from happening. Now, don’t you feel like a dick for making me state something obvious, just so you won’t pout on Politico that I don’t answer your damn questions.”

  • Thegreatbacon

    [re=227111]hobospacejungle[/re]: When the hobospacejungle slaps a man in the face, he stays slapped.

  • sunsmellstooloud

    [re=227085]Doglessliberal[/re]: That’s the worst analogy but best freudian slip ever; Obama being the boss of the media? Well I never. I guess if the president was my boss I’d probably keep my mouth shut for fear of losing my job

    But seriously speaking, your analogy sucks major cock. If I was a reporter, I might show restraint with my boss because I am employed by him/her. No such relationship exists between Obama and the politico person, so why should he feel compelled to clam up? Aren’t journalists supposed to be asking questions when given an opportunity?

  • Sheepeater

    [re=226752]inthemiddle[/re]: LOL (the first post).

  • qaf

    [re=226975]inthemiddle[/re]: I get it, you’ve got douche-Tourette’s. Twerp.

  • middlegirl

    Thanks for not linking to Politico, if only politico’s BFF Huffpo would do the same. I can’t tell you how many times I got directed to some stoopid Jmart column from their site.

  • AWOcoholic

    Polito has press creds?

  • Tra

    Holy crap. Jim, they’re turning on one another down here! Identify a new enemy blog to destroy before it’s too late!

  • thefrontpage

    Hey, White House press corps: GROW UP!

    And stop acting like assholes.

    If you’re not careful, you’ll soon all be in Tennessee covering the TVA for two years. THEN you’ll get smart.

  • Thegreatbacon

    [re=227169]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: Ugh. Are you in a high school class on journalism or something?

  • Jukesgrrl

    Jonathan Martin, please go to the board and write 500 times: “I now know how Helen Thomas has felt the past eight years.”

  • loislane1939

    He was being inappropriate, and was told thusly, it’s on video for fuck’s sake. This is sad.

  • Arfer

    Arf !

  • marinmaven

    It was a friggin meet and greet. Trying to get a question when this was not the place to do so is forgivable, but whining about not getting an answer isn’t. No mercy. Politico is blog non-grata.

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    [re=227169]sunsmellstooloud[/re]: You must be one of those social retards that can’t figure out why you don’t have any friends. It is entirely possible to do one’s job and have some decent manners at the same time. I’m sure you are getting lonely in your mom’s basement with nothing to do but pretend to be smart while trolling and masturbate to camel porn. Move along, little man.

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