They can take our lives, but they'll never take our InternetThe Internet-savvy young Marxist revolutionaries who constitute Barack Obama’s “base” have figured out how to work these comment-forum dealies, oh yes! Just yesterday was a showcasing important questions about “natrual [sic] born citizen requirements” that could disqualify Barack Obama from any government position higher than dogcatcher. And yet today the seething hordes have taken advantage of the question-ranking system to stifle dissent! Seriously!

People posted a bunch of questions about the governor of Illinois — you know, the one who called our Barry a “motherfucker”? Yeah, that cretin. Blagojevich is, after all, the governor of the state Barack Obama represented as a Senator, a state crawling with corrupt Democrats, and you do not have to be a lunatic to wonder if the one’s horribly tarnished reputation might not affect the other’s sterling one, especially since they do have more than a few friends in common. (Not just Tony Rezko!)

Anyhow, so various Internetizens went on asking polite questions about Blagojevich and ethics reform, and the Barrytards voted down all their questions or flagged them as “inappropriate,” because they cannot distinguish between reasonable questions and silly ones.

Blagojevich questions censored on Transition site [Politico]

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  1. oh god…in 2.5 minutes will be equal in quality to the yahoo answers politix section. but then we won’t all be bored looking at their boring “srs bizniss” “policy suggestions.”

  2. And my question didn’t even make it past the screening round! All I wanted to know was “Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and Governor Blago walk into a bar. They all donate a million acorns to your illegal corrupt campaign. How many acorns do you have, and how many acorns do you have? How many acorns do you have per every verse of the Koran?”

  3. Mr. Obama, serious math question: A plane leaves Boston at 8:00 AM, headed for Los Angeles, four hours away. The plane needs 20 minutes to be hijacked. The World Trade Centre is a half-hour away. At what time did you make the cellphone call to put your plan into action?

  4. And speaking of freedoms, I’m trying to figure Ms. Blaggotwrqfdyk’s recent quote and I don’t have the imagination to decipher what horrible awful curse words she is accused of uttering.

    “Hold up that (expletive) Cubs (expletive),” she says as her husband is talking on the telephone. “(Expletive) them.”

    The last part is fairly clear, but what does she have against cute little bitty bears?

  5. My office smells like cat food this morning, and I’m afraid to ask my coworkers if they are in fact eating cat food for breakfast. My question for you, Barack: am I an elitist for feeling disgusted that it smells like cat food? My follow-up question: Is the fact that someone is eating cat food say something about our coming depression?

  6. “Mr. President-Elect, assume you recieve a briefing entitled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US”. Do you:

    (a) Put all airports and sensitive government buildings on high alert;
    (b) Launch airstrikes against Bin Laden’s suspected hideout; or
    (c) Continue clearing brush.”

  7. I swore I wouldn’t rag on Hopey until he was inaugurated, but I am weak.

    Hopey sez teh geyz should be allowed civil unions and all rights otherwise granted to hets, but not “marriage.”

    Why the stupid half-measure? Because “separate-but-equal” worked so well for Jim Crow? How can an historically oppressed minority candydate/Prexy approve of Jim Crow for ten percent of the population, while enjoying the overthrow of Jim Crow for HIS ten percent of the population? I call bullshit and fuckin’ hypocrisy. It’s just fuckin’ WRONG! [Teh geyz should be allowed to suffer just like the rest of us, no?]

    But since I am neither a fag nor a Yanqui, he will not address my question. Can some Yanqui fag stick this question to the Hopemeister as my proxy?

  8. should have one of those validator doohickeys, like where you have to type in the distorted letters or else your comment doesn’t go through — but it should have obscure trivia questions instead, like “What nation has the highest Muslim population?” or “What temperature does jet fuel burn at?” That’ll keep ’em out.

    [re=196438]Thegreatbacon[/re]: You got a line on some cat food? Really?

  9. “Blagojevich questions censored on Transition site”
    (emphasis mine)

    “The Blagojevich questions — many of them polite and reasonable — can be found….”
    (emphasis mine)

    Ben Smith has as interesting definition of censored. Apparently censoring means not promoting a response at the top of the comment list.

    I wonder if I can get Ben Smith to underwrite my censorship suit against Ken for keeping my comments down here at the bottom of the response list.

  10. [re=196448]Canmon (the Inadequate)[/re]: We do not know what national security impacts would have ensued if George had stopped clearing brush. It may have been devastating.

  11. [re=196452]Canuckledragger[/re]: Yeah, it’s an injustice, it’s awful, but the political climate isn’t ready. Obama being pro-gay marriage, while the ethically right thing, would be career suicide. If even California isn’t on your side, the country isn’t ready. Still, times are changing, and gay rights activists have time on their side. Give it 10 years.

  12. I just love the thought of people submitting questions about him being a Muslim or the birth certificate, thinking “Finally, there’s no way he can escape it now. He’ll have to answer, I put it on Now that the Supreme Court aided the Obama conspiracy, is the only way we can learn the truth!” Vote yes.

  13. Hundreds of thousands of layoffs per week and we can’t get that shit online-paper Politico to fire its hackiest hack? I think he lives in Drudge’s basement and eats day-old bread from the surplus store.

  14. [re=196467]mattbolt[/re]: Who says the government should be in the business of marriage at all? Civil unions for everyone, gay or straight, to protect property rights and assign parental guardianship responsibilities. If you also think marriage is a religious sacrament, take it to your church for a marriage on top of your civil union.

    In the meantime the biggest threat to marriage and families in America is divorce. Let’s make divorce illegal.

  15. Here’s mine: “How many fools with one hand clapping can fall in love on the head of a pin while a tree falls in the forest with nobody there to hear it?”

  16. [re=196461]WIDTAP[/re]: Maybe he’ll help out my censorship suit against all the people who don’t read my blog, thereby silencing my free speech. Because free speech doesn’t just mean that I get to talk, it means you have to listen to me.

  17. [re=196452]Canuckledragger[/re]: In response to Civil Unions and marriage:

    Hopey’s suggestions are half ass. What he should really do is only allow the government to establish civil unions for ALL marriages recognized by churches. THUS a church that doesn’t want to marry teh gays can be as paranoid as they want, and all the churches in sodom/california can marry all the gays they want. Then the government will issue the same civil union rights to the straits and the homos. In other words, let the churches be as bigoted as they want. I don’t care.

  18. My question is this:

    I saw Barack Obama speak at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, in September. After I left the rally, a panhandler came up to me and said, “Change?”

    What I want to know is: is this naturally occurring irony? Or was the panhandler being a wise guy?

  19. I realize I’m going out on a limb here, but many, many people in this great nation of ours do seem to confuse “Freedom of Speech” with “A Requirement That Other People Listen”. People declining to listen to your slavering rants is not actually the same thing as censorship, a word that it used far too much in the completely wrong way.

    I’m sorry…I’m a librarian…being humorlessly vigilant about the First Amendment is what I do. Please return to your regularly scheduled far more entertaining quippage.

  20. [re=196467]mattbolt[/re]: We all just need to keep breeding gay babies. I for one am going to do my part by tricking Clay Aiken into impregnating me, and then raising the kid to become the governor of Florida.

  21. [re=196506]WIDTAP[/re]: Around here we know well that the biggest danger to marriage as an institution is the pervasive acceptance of ass fucking. Because if your wife is stupid enough to let you fuck her in the ass, you’ve married a whore. And that can’t be good. If she’s doing you anally with some kind of rubber/plastic replica of a porn star cock, that also might foretell trouble to the longevity of the relationship. Or not.

    Either way, ass fucking makes both parties feel a little bit used and nasty, and makes it a bit harder to make eye contact with the kids the morning after. Moral of the story: don’t treat your wife like a whore, pay somebody else to do it with you, either over dinner and wine, or as part of a “pay for play” transaction. And please God, don’t fuck your own kids in the ass, because that’s just wrong. Usually.

  22. [re=196716]Mr Blifil[/re]: Well, yes. Divorce is the biggest threat against marriage nationally, with the exception of West Virginia, where of course the issue you cite prevails.

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