This is a repellent image.Ha ha, so after it looked like Laura Bush was going to be all gracious about festooning the White House Christmas tree with a repulsive ornament decorated in tiny letters detailing a Washington State representative’s support of her husband’s impeachment, the first lady’s spokeswoman says that she will have none of this nonsense.

Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for the first lady, confirmed the ornament would not be displayed. “It’s inappropriate and it’s not being hung,” she said. She said that when asked about the issue yesterday, the White House tree decorations were not complete. “We reviewed the ornament along with all the [other] ornaments, and Mrs. Bush deemed it inappropriate for the holiday tree.”

FREE SPEECH LAURA BUSH IS STIFLING OUR LIBERTIES! The White House Christmas tree will be decorated exclusively with photos from Abu Ghraib instead.

White House Won’t Hang Christmas Impeachment Ornament [Reliable Source]

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  1. Maybe we can substitue a pair of Truck Nytz instead?

    P.S.: Get your daily dose of anti-GOP bile here. Sample:

    “Through its members’ selfishness and greed; their short sightedness and stupidity, the Republican party could not have damaged this country more than it already has if each of its members had strapped explosives to his chest and exploded them in shopping malls, movie theaters, businesses and airplanes throughout the nation.”

    You know you love reading this shit.

  2. I still think Truck Nutz is a better choice than a pic of Lyndsey England (classy looking with the cig dangling from her mouth) pointing at some poor Iraqi’s shriveled parts.

  3. How much of the year do you think Laura Bush spends munching on happy-happy-fun-time pills and planning the White House Christmas Tree ornamentation? I’m guessing at least 9 or 10 months…

  4. My suspicion is that if the artist could have kept her mouth shut a few more days–it might actually have been hung on the tree. The impulse to self advertise has undone many a glorious prank.

  5. Good, now Bush won’t have to open his “Pobody’s Nerfect in the White House” hat on Christmas morning with that ornament mocking him from on high. Crisis averted, now check to see if any of the manger figurines have too judgmental looks on their porcelain faces. We don’t want George to feel they’re judging him.

  6. [re=189770]ManchuCandidate[/re]:

    I sorta had the feeling that 8 of the first 10 posts would mention the advisability of substituting a pair of truck nutz for the missing ornament. I mean, it’s not like truck nutz aren’t a theme on Wonkette… with the added benefit that they were prominently featured on last night’s Daily Show (I strongly suspect a Daily Show writer is a fan of this site).

  7. [re=189772]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: Hillz may have had “health care reform” as her political portfolio while First Lady, but Laura’s quite content with “holiday decorations” so long as the pills keep flowing…

  8. [re=189764]McCainsThirdNipple[/re]: The linked story was in this morning’s WaPo. It’s not Sara’s fault that her drunk delivery driver doesn’t throw it on her lawn until nearly noon.

  9. [re=189757]Serolf Divad[/re]: Re your Patriot’s Quill link, anybody who thinks the Age of Aquarius has come to the GOP missed Saxby Chambliss’es massively mean-spirited victory speech on the radio this morning. True, he did not say that he would find more Democratic vet amputees to smear, but, that aside, everything else seems to be on the table.

  10. [re=189764]McCainsThirdNipple[/re]: Yea, three days old. Must be that same old Republican math that gets three days from a story posted at 2:50pm yesterday. Straight from the story linked:

    “By The Reliable Source | December 2, 2008; 2:50 PM ET “

  11. Is it too late to hope for an ornament picturing Lynndie England with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, pointing at two other carefully placed ornaments over a picture of Saxby Chambliss’ granddaughter’s bosom?

  12. Leave it to my Congressman-For-Life “Baghdad Jimmy” McDermott to be involved in something like this. It’s why we love him and why he has the job security of Kim Jong-Il. You can see him, smack-dad center on the ornament, smiling at Bush and saying “fuck inappropriate, I don’t care that it’s Christmas”.

  13. [re=189761]El Topo[/re]: [re=189768]freakishlystrong[/re]: Dontcha love how the word “inappropriate” has been hijacked to mean “not in my interest”?

    i.e. “Dallas Stars winger Sean Avery has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL for what the league call ‘inappropriate public comments’ he made Tuesday morning after a practice in Calgary.”

    The “inappropriate comments were something about sloppy seconds.

  14. Just to be clear, and accurate, on this story’s timeline: This ornament story was first reported, as an exclusive, by “The Reliable Source” column, written by Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, in the Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008, editions of The Washington Post. In mid-afternoon–mid-afternoon, mind you–of Dec. 2, The Associated Press ran an item updating the story noting that the White House would indeed not be including the ornament on one of its holiday trees. The Reliable Source, naturally, since it broke the story, confirmed this update, as all updates on your own story are confirmed, and thus followed up with an item in TODAY’s, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008, Washington Post Reliable Source column. Thus, the story is exactly one day old. People: The Reliable Source broke the story, as this column has repeatedly broken newsworthy, interesting, funny stories through the years. That’s why the column remains one of the best-read columns in the Post.

  15. [re=189856]WhatTheHeck[/re]: Still – no references to handjobs, $20 and a blowjob, or buttsecks. So hey, Sara’s quality of posts is slipping, I think.

  16. This morning’s SF Chronicle version of this story’s headline reads:

    Those goddamn liberals.

  17. Latest reports are that Sen. Joe Lieberman will hang the decoration from his superfluous third nipple.
    He’s made no comment on the whereabouts of the newly created “Buck Fush” dreidel.

  18. Can’t they just hide it on the back of the tree where I hang all the ugly ornaments I get as gifts and thus feel obligated to use? It’s a time-honored solution.

  19. [re=189997]thatonegirlsays[/re]: Christ. I have subscription to that rag. Rest assured it did NOT make front page of aforementioned rag. Additionally, please be aware that I live in this woman’s district and if she so much as sets foot in my bar I will chastise her for having the gal to make such a shitty ornament when she represents a district with some real artistic talent.

  20. You can take our ornament, Bushes, but you’ll never. take! our! FREEDOM!

    Hmm? What’s that? Already gone? Oh. I see. Hmm.

    Scratch that. Carry on.

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