Stay classy.At least America’s fringe-right conservatives will show a bit of those family values we hear so much about when, say, the Democratic presidential nominee’s ailing grandmother dies, at age 87, right? Right? Oh, sorry, what were we thinking. Happy black president’s day eve, wingnuts.

From, obviously, the Free Republic website:

  • They should do an ice test to see how long she’s been in the freezer.
  • Better pull her absentee ‘cuz she was dead on Election Day.
  • I think that “event” took place 2 weeks ago. Otherwise it would have made great political news for these last 48 hours to talk about Obama’s grandma and take the focus off of his exposed coal comments.
  • Seriously, has anyone actually seen this woman in recent years? If Obama has some of his thugs guarding her (and if there is, indeed, a body) I hope they do an autopsy to make sure Granny’s passing was a natural event.
  • So Barry goes and see’s granny. Granny dies day before election. She is probably one know who really knows where he was born. Well as the church lady used to say.”isn’t that special”
  • have you people been having problems with computer viruses? This is unbelievable…
  • This is what I think happened. He told them to pull the plug on her. Now if you bring up the bankrupting the coal industry, it will seem insensitive and cruel. I am sorry but this man is just plain evil. I know his grandmother raised him, but her success as a parent is questionable. BO’s mother was a moonbat and ol Granny was a leftist hack. That being said, I pray for her soul.
  • She was swindled into raising someone else’s child. I do not believe that hussein is half white.
  • My thoughts exactly pinkbell. There are probably a million people in the world that died at the same time. All these threads about it here seem a bit much. Call me what you will, but this is about as important as a dump I took a week ago.
  • Is he going to tax her now that she’s dead?
  • She was also a communist sympathizer along with her husband, a long and proud tradition of socialists. Oh, and good friends with Frank Marshall Davis, a signed up Communist, who they introduced little Barry to. One hell of a woman, yup.
  • Murdered? It’s not murder when it’s for the chosen one. The dems will blame it on lack of universal health care and get a double bang for the buck. Obama will forgive her racism and find another family member to use and throw under the bus.
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  1. Why stop at Freepers – the resident WingNuts at are in full form as well:
    From The Trail post, California GOP Files FEC Complaint Over Obama Visit to Grandmother

    Whoa There Dimocrat Socialists with the Attacks on Character!

    This is the exact same beloved “Tutu” Barack Hussein so callously “Threw under his Bus” as being “Racist” back at the beginning of his campaign;


    In FACT, she got thrown under, while he was still spouting off his unconditional support for God D’ the KKK of A Reverend(Adopted UNCLE) Wright!

    So BACK OFF!

    Posted by: SAINT—The | November 3, 2008 5:45 PM

  2. “She was swindled into raising someone else’s child. I do not believe that hussein is half white.”

    This man should be punched once by everyone in America.

    If anyone decides to pass, I got dibs on their turns.

  3. Someone was incredulous that anyone would be talking about this when seventy million babies have been aborted. “And what was all that shit about Vietnam?”

  4. Free Republic is biggest POS on the internet. They try to keep it clean around election time. Go on there during a non-election year. It’s an extension of stromfront.

  5. Ok, I’m apologizing again and likely risking expulsion or revulsion, but fuck it. This poem by Wislawa Szymborska is apt in terms of both the promise and the horror that humanity holds, and thus apt for these last two posts. It’s owls’ catharsis…sorry.

    by Wislawa Szymborska
    (translated from the Polish by Joanna Trzeciak)

    Out of every hundred people,
    those who always know better:

    Unsure of every step:
    almost all the rest.

    Ready to help,
    if it doesn’t take long:

    Always good,
    because they cannot be otherwise:
    four — well, maybe five.

    Able to admire without envy:

    Led to error
    by youth (which passes):
    sixty, plus or minus.

    Those not to be messed with:

    Living in constant fear
    of someone or something:

    Capable of happiness:
    twenty-some-odd at most.

    Harmless alone,
    turning savage in crowds:
    more than half, for sure.

    when forced by circumstances:
    it’s better not to know,
    not even approximately.

    Wise in hindsight:
    not many more
    than wise in foresight.

    Getting nothing out of life except things:
    (though I would like to be wrong).

    Balled up in pain
    and without a flashlight in the dark:
    eighty-three, sooner or later.

    Those who are just:
    quite a few, thirty-five.

    But if it takes effort to understand:

    Worthy of empathy:

    one hundred out of one hundred —
    a figure that has never varied yet.

  6. Just wait until they get an earful from Bill O’Reilly for all this right wing hate!

    Oh, what? O’Reilly is doing a bit on how Sarah Palin is being ill treated by the press just because she can’t put together a sentence. Well, I guess that is news….

  7. Hah. Let see if I can beat them at their own game:

    I hope all commented quoted from the FR die horrible, violent deaths but only after they see HUSSEIN get elected in a landslide and watch Palin die is a kitchen grease fire on live TeeVee.

    There, that felt pretty good. Cathartic even.

  8. Here’s a real classy one that just got deleted from Malkin’s loony bin:

    “Here’s hoping he joins her real soon.”

    A real charmer… I’m sure the Secret Service finds it funny as well.

  9. The CNN comments are actually even worse than Free Republic. Hopefully these people will repel people from racism, capitalism, and religion the same way they repelled people from “social” conservatism.

  10. someone should do one of those one-page websites that refreshes a freeper sympathy comment each time you reload it. meh.

  11. [re=161926]Itsjustme[/re]: What are you, DENSE!??!! It’s fairly obvious to those of us who READ and PAY ATTENTION!!!! NOBAMA and his minions are scared that we, the PEOPLE, will discover his MURDER and deceit and EXPOSE his socialist plot to THAW his grandMOTHER for election day and So he got the MOVEON radicals to plant a virus and send US PORNO SPAM to keep us from teh truth.


  12. Now I’m all riled up! [re=161920]this is why i left DC[/re]: I agree–they are soulless. The worst thing on earth is to speak ill of the dead. I mean, from ancient Greek times. Who are these animals?

  13. This is my personal favorite– courtesy of FoxNutz:

  14. well, we’ve been known to throw some rather rude comments at dead people.

    on the other hand, they aren’t usually somebody’s (non-political) grandmother.

  15. My biggest hope is that they try to secede from the union again. I say let them leave. They can take fucking Louisiana and Alabama. I’ll gladly let some Southern Democrats crash on my couch while they find suitable digs up here in Seattle. We’re cool. We like Southerners that are progressive…

  16. Don’t worry – it’s not just the far right crazy commenters, it’s assholes like Michael Medved as well, today wondering Obama “concealed the fact that she was the wealthy Vice President of a bank.”

  17. BO’s mother was a moonbat and ol Granny was a leftist hack. That being said, I pray for her soul.

    When I was a kid, the vast-majority Krisschun kids used to say of the picked-on losers in class, “I love him in God’s way, but I hate him in my way.” This is why I couldn’t be civil to those people until I went through group therapy in college with some older fundies and realized that MOST of them grow out of that bullshit. Most.

  18. [re=161946]wealwaysknow[/re]: They are all reading the book

    The Audacity of Deceit.

    Those Christians, I tell you, they are all about the love aren’t they?

  19. They sound like some of the same hate-filled wingnuts who were posting, while he was in Hawaii, that she wasn’t sick at all. That he was just there to fix that birth certificate. Or some such nonsense.

  20. On the plus side, this comment from the WSJ actually made my eyes well up in a good way:

    Regardless of the outcome of the election, it is a big deal. I interrupted my class to tell them of the sad news of Obama’s grandmother passing. I said that on the eve of what may be his great achievement, he does not have his mom, his dad nor his grandmother or grandfather. One student put it in perspective. “Yes,” she said, “but he has us…”
    Comment by Daddio – November 3, 2008 at 5:17 pm

  21. To Free Republic’s credit, some comments and apparently the original thread were removed. And some Freepers are actually disgusted by their fellow Freepers.

  22. There is something eerie about the robotic rabidity of these folks…you know that, in their unstirred lives of dull hatred, somebody has been stirring, stirring, stirring…makes me think of those witches in old Macbeth….witches!

  23. Completely evil, inhuman fucks. To even entertain the idea that this occurred for political gain is beyond despicable—there are no words to describe how angry this makes me. Fuck these ugly, illiterate, bigoted losers and their cretinous little fucking children. I hope their heads explode Scanners-style when Barry wins.

  24. [re=162019]vintageways[/re]: If it doesn’t, someone needs to make it hurt, preferably with a splintery bat or a spiked mace.

  25. Here’s another keeper from Hot Air:

    “Obama may have talked her into taking a substance to induce her own death today before Election. Maybe Obama gave her something when he visited that took this long to finish her off.”

    (It’s been deleted now.)

    I’d love to see what these people write in their mom’s birthday cards.

  26. I am totally posting the goatse photo right smack dab in the middle of their live Election threads tomorrow. By the time it’s deleted, who knows how many freepers will have seen it.

  27. Y’all gotta admit, this sh*t is kinda funny: “Is he going to tax her now that she’s dead?”

    Having said that, I can’t wait until tomorrow when the rest of these twits realize that the future has just sped by…and they’re not invited.
    Have fun visiting W’s Presidential Library, morans!

  28. Those people make me feel so unkind. I have no snark in me for this, no snappy comeback, only revulsion. I really, really hope there’s something to this Karmic Law thing.

  29. You know, reading comments like those makes me feel less guilty about destroying public or governmental property. What, do they all share some old computer in a nursing home in Mississippi? Some fat racist nurse typing away, cigarette in hand, medicare checks in the other….

  30. [re=162043]hobgoblin of little minds[/re]: “there are no words to describe how angry this makes me”

    Justice doesn’t come to you. It comes to them. Be thankful! And the Secret Service should double the guard around Roberta McCain, in consideration of what you’ve just read from Little Johnny’s most cynical supporters.

  31. From the Mudflats blog:
    Troopergate II Report to be Released at 3:30 Election Eve!

    Independent Investigator Tim Petumenos, who was hired by the Personnel Board just said he will release his troopergate report at 3:30 p.m. today. This is the second report, following on the heels of a Legisltative Investigation whose report last month indicated that Palin had abused her power in the firing of former Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan.

    Kyle Hopkins from the Anchorage Daily News is on the scene.

    He said the report would cover Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of Walt Monegan as well as a separate complaint from Anchorage activist Andree McLeod alleging alleges that state hiring practices were circumvented for a Palin supporter.

    Petumenos has two staff members with him, and each has a thick, yellow-bound document on their lap. I should note that when I called
    Personnel Board chair Debra English before the meeting to ask about
    the Palin investigation, she didn’t say anything but recommended
    showing up.

    Bet the Free Republic skips this.

  32. He obviously had his adorable grandmother killed because he’s trying to distract from the infamous Michelle Obama “whitey” video which will finally be aired tonight. Also as a trial run for his new abortion law where you can just abort anybody whenever you feel like it. Get it right you classy, classy Republicans!

  33. [re=161953]ladymacbeth[/re]: When we make fun of dead people we don’t do so between forwarding AOL chain letters about “family values” and writing comments about our superior Christian morals.

    Guess we just don’t have God on our side!

  34. [re=161964]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: I have a spare room, too. Really, I think a civil war, minus the war part, is just what this country needs. Let’s divide, like a zygote after the first few moments of conception!

  35. [re=161937]illnoise[/re]: Ugh, I know. CNN, YouTube…pretty much everywhere (other than huffpo) where this story if posted publicly, you see the nutjobs out spewing hate. Seriously? What are you people really afraid of? Is it sort of like homophobia…are they all afraid that they’ve got a little bit ‘o the Africa in ‘m?

  36. Man. I know we like to punch around the stoopids in our comments, but that shit is vile. My brain stem is stained from looking at it.

    I was going to wait until I headed to the polls in the a.m. to start drinking, but this qualifies…

  37. I’m sick and sad. We have to crush these people. If you know anyone who is still undecided show them this and ask them if this is who they want to be in league with. Ask them if these are their kind of people. If not then they have to vote for Obama for the love of God and country.

  38. Free Republic is a cess pool populated by the dregs of humanity. I found that out when I was kicked off for being a troll when making comments about an article they posted that included MY NAME.

    God help these putrid souls–and that’s coming from an atheist.

  39. The Freepers may be on to something. Barry’s Nevada campaign chairman died today…of a “heart attack”….at 44 years of age.

    I’m willing to stipulate one, and only one, death is a coincidence.

    But two is a definite conspiracy.

  40. [re=162111]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I say we cut Central/South Florida off (Georgia can have have the panhandle), and have it re-attached to the land of medical marijuana and unicorns (WA state).

    Just saying!

  41. [re=161928]user-of-owls[/re]: +1

    They are obviously ruing our return to the nightmare of peace and national prosperity we had to suffer though during the lascivious Clinton years. Who can blame them? The disaster that is the illegal invasion of Iraq, the ignored warnings about Bin Laden and reaping the harvest of deregulation does not begin to compare with the mental anguish caused by Bill Clinton lying about having sex with that cock tease Lewinsky.

  42. It’s such a refreshing feeling knowing the McTards will be spending eternity in Hell with Sarah Palin, sharing recipes for fresh killed animals over a pit of boiling acid.

  43. Quelle surprise… The McPain campaign is about as much a mission accomplished as bushs pathetic reasoning. I must admit I’m appalled, however not surprised.

  44. [re=161928]user-of-owls[/re]: Thank you for that. It’s nearly an antidote to the base, skull-scraping comments of people like those on FR.

    I wish I could have located and posted James Dickey’s amazing poem “The Firebombing,” about a pilot’s bombing runs over Vietnam; that needed to be brought up every time McCain or Palin utterly trivialized terrorism by trying to link Obama to it.

  45. Get ready. This will be the next four years. This is the right’s new thing. If they don’t win, they de-legitimize whoever did (if they win, they tap the phones of everyone they think doesn’t support them). They did it to Clinton (Vince Foster, Rose Law Firm, finally Monica, but he did that to himself…well, ya’ know). Faux News, WSJ, etc., will find four years’ worth of stories about ACORN, Rev. Wright, something he said to someone two years ago and just shoot off their mouths. It’s now the permanent campaign — both ways.

  46. I hope all of these fuckholes have fun moving to Canada** when Hopey is President. Ha HA!

    **Or wherever right-wing-facist-racists move when the country that harbors them swears to Socialism on the Koran.

  47. [re=162179]Styrofoam Boots[/re]: They hate other countries. They’ll have to move to the as-yet-imaginary Confederate States of Real America.

  48. These people must freak out every time they see photos of Obama with the grandparents. They’re so invested in how “different” he is, and then they have to see his grandma and grandpa looking exactly like…their grandparents. Exactly. The mirror is a scary place.

    The best pic ever is of little Barry and Grandpa at the beach: (Read the caption about Sean Hannity throwing a stick at them.) Gee Barry sure looks like he can’t stand white people in that pic.

  49. All I can think is I’m glad my friends are caring, and my relationships with family all the way to romantic are great. I don’t really know these people and I don’t need to.

    Let them drown in misery and spittle and claw themselves to pieces.

  50. After tomorrow, the hypothetical question, “What would the Republican Jesus Do?” is going to be a lot more fucking hypothetical.

    Did i swear?

  51. [re=161923]wheelie[/re]: Me too! I can’t wait to go vote tomorrow! :D I’m sad for Obama that his grandmother isn’t going to be with him physically. I’m sure she’s watching still though and will be cheering him on with his mom and grandpa.

  52. “And some Freepers are actually disgusted by their fellow Freepers.”

    No they are not. Just like the dood who winces when his drunk wife says n*gger at a party. He’s just wishing the trollop waited until the dark complected family went home before she said it.

  53. My very hard working, blue collar 88 year old grandmother told me in the spring that she wasn’t sure she could vote for a black man. She was pretty old school, not hateful, but old school. We chatted about it over the coming months and I gently encouraged her to just check him out. About six weeks ago, I asked her what she thought about Barry. She took a breath and then said she was so excited to vote for such a smart and kind man — that he is just what the country needs now — that it really doesn’t matter what color he is — that folks need to be smarter than just looking at his skin color. She then told me that this was the first year she had ever watched the whole convention and that she was never prouder to call herself a Democrat. I nearly dropped my coffee.

    About three weeks ago, we talked again. She had already returned her absentee ballot and was thinking about writing a letter to the editor — something she would have never dreamed of before.

    About two weeks ago my sweet grandma died. The last conversation we had was mostly about politics and she asked me to make sure and call her when we knew Obama had won.

    It is so very sad to hear about Obama’s grandmother because she is the last real connection he has to his past, his childhood, his roots.

    Fuck the bitters and haters. I hope there is a big grandma party in the beyond.

    And fuck them again.

  54. [re=162210]Coffee Clutcher 79[/re]: Sorry to hear about your grandma, CC79, but at least it sounds like she died on an up note. I’m not religious whatsoever, but god bless.

  55. [re=162178]smellyal8r[/re]: The best defense is a good offense. Don’t underestimate the fact that Barry was raised in Chicago politics. I think (hope) he, Rahm E. and posse are ready and waiting for this. They need to keep their foot on the neck of the GOP by driving the continued investigations of DOJ, 2004 vote rigging in Ohio, and all the other crap those lying fucktards perpetrated while in power.

  56. just got back from election day voting location set-up here in the ‘ol battleground where I had to endure a bunch of choice gems from a group of smokin’ and jokin’ republitard a-holes (who talk way better than they work) yammering away about turning out “the base” and how my precinct is bound to have a lot of provisional voters because of the apartment complex across the street (innuendo anyone?) and giving out false information about how absentee ballots should be immediately turned away – WRONG – generally just being total a-holes.

    PSA: guys/gals don’t let asshole pollworkers intimidate you most of them are ignorant, elderly dumbasses and the ones that aren’t are crafty motherfu**ers who are up to something. Very few of them are competent human beings whose presence is non-partisan. If you have questions about how they are operating and in particular if they challenge you or try to make you vote provisionally – call your B.O.E..

  57. God damn, eventually it even got too bad for them:

    This thread has been pulled.
    Pulled on 11/03/2008 6:21:01 PM PST by Admin Moderator, reason:


  58. [re=161969]mush[/re]: Dying “on cue” can occur from a chronic terminal illness I believe. My mother held on until she saw me in a cap and gown at my college graduation. After 7 years battling ovarian cancer, she finally could let go and die in peace. My thoughts about the timing of Toot’s death at first were like most…I wish she could have lived at least a few days more. The more I thought about it, I was reminded of my mother’s dying and her death.

    Perhaps Toot was filled with complete peace that allowed her to breathe out just one more time. Maybe she “knew” that her Barry was going to be the next President, maybe the Lord even revealed this to her. This morning, hours before I heard the announcement of her death, I noticed serious bags under Obama’s eyes, and what looked like a nick under his left eye. Now, we know why. Toot’s presence will strengthen Barry and his family especially in the hours and days ahead, and with her last act of a grandmother’s love, she has lifted the veil one more time on the darkness and sham that is the Pharisee/Sadducee wing of the Republican party.

  59. They are about to lose. So it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people losing loved ones.

  60. I’m all for keeping informed and seeing what the other side is up to and all, but a big reason I visit Wonkette and not sites like the Freeking Pubics is so I don’t have to read their vile, ignorant scum-souled hate vomit. Most of them are racists, and I don’t hang with racists, because I don’t have to. So uh… excuse me… a kindly request, sir, ma’am… if you would be so kind: KEEP THEIR SHIT OFF WONKETTE! It’s fucking heartbreaking and makes me HATE MY COUNTRY!!! ARGHHH THRASH FALLONTHEFLOOR BITE MY TONGUE TILL IT BLEEDS… etc.

    Um… thanks for listening.

  61. [re=162124]CivicHoliday[/re]: Isn’t that why they don’t believe in evolution, too? If you believe in evolution you automatically agree that we are all African at heart – and that terrifies the “Real Americans” like nothing else.

  62. [re=162210]Coffee Clutcher 79[/re]: I’m not religious either, but I can still imagine your Grandma and Barack’s Grandma sitting together somewhere talking about their grandsons and how proud they are of them. My condolences.

  63. Whenever I’m convinced that the sane attitude to some news story is perfectly obvious, and that even the stupidest and most hideously deranged wingnut would have to exercise a bit of restraint, I go to, and my expectations for these dimwits are lowered even further. My favorite recent foray into that world was shortly after the Shirley “the Witch of Grosse Pointe Farms” Nagel story broke. The FreeRepublic support and celebration of her bravery against the pint-sized socialist hordes were resounding and inspirational.

  64. Apologies for the length but I’ve gotta share this.

    I just finished doing local get-out-the vote calls here in Brazos county in Texas. We’re trying to turn this mixed rural/suburb county blue. Suburbs and rural areas in Texas are ragingly red, so this would be a huge change, but we’ve got a lot of energy. Our ground game here kicks butt: we won our precinct 65/35 in the primaries over Hillary–but won the caucus 76/24. (Hopefully y’all are all aware that Hopey won Texas precisely because of this disparity between primary and caucus, despite what that cursed mainstream media said for months after the primary.) And the tide is on our side. Harris county, immediately to our north where Houston is, will go blue for the first time in 44 years.

    Over the past couple of weeks I called, um, a lot of people. Today I was talking to people in and around Rosharon, Texas.,+tx&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,63.808594&ie=UTF8&ll=29.351357,-95.468445&spn=0.151121,0.249252&t=h&z=12

    We’ve got some serious old-school dems here. I had an 83-year old white woman tell me that yes, she plans to vote tomorrow, and yes, honey, she knows where the polling location is because she’s being going to that same church for 55 years. And she said she’s voting straight dem with a countrified accent that I usually expect to hear from racists. I almost cried.

    I talked to the nicest 171-year old black man anyone’s ever met. Seriously, he sounded old enough to have been born into slavery. He answered the phone “Praise the Lord”, probably because he was happy he got to answer the phone just one more time. He and his extended family are voting straight dem tomorrow. To the rightwingers who think they’ve got a monopoly on piety and family values, I send the heartiest “fuck you”.

    I talked to a white 38-year old country woman who was practically vibrating with joy at the thought of Obama winning tomorrow. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful, after these last 8 years?”, she asked. “Do you think we’ll win?” She said “we”. This middle-aged country woman in Rosharon, Texas, puts herself on the same side as an African-American.

    And I heard these same archetypes many times over.

    To try to make a tenuous connection with the topic: All the hate that came out in that freeper thread is horrid and makes me want to smash things. But for those who have ragged (not without some cause) on Texas as a whole, I’d like to give some hope: the stereotypical Texas isn’t the real Texas any more than southern Virginia isn’t the real Virginia. And the stereotypical Texas is declining. So I’d also like to give you this: I’m proud of my state, so lay the fuck off of knocking the whole place. Me and my 171-year old homey and that 83-year old granny and my 38-year old neighbor are here too, and we don’t appreciate being lumped in with the fucktards who deserve all the shit you can dish out.

  65. I am beside myself with rage and sadness at the depths to which people will sink.

    But then I feel better knowing that these freepers see nothing but lardy failure when they look in the mirror.

  66. God bless, Toot, she raised her grandson well.

    I feel like our whole country is waking up after a frickin bender, collectively trying to figure out what happened these last eight years and nursing a headache. Time to send Bush and his pals to the new ranch in Paraguay and for the rest of us to start straightening all this mess out.

  67. Arghh!

    I’m with the thought that Obama and Tutu are/were strong enough people with great love for one another to do what was right with a cool head: SuperHope flew to her side at her last, and she said go back and fight to win. Hearing about her life, there was no other way this could’ve gone, nor that the values she instilled in the child she helped raise would make him any less upstanding as a grown man than I believe he is.

    What I hate is that now Palin’s fucktard religious cell-mates (to use the language of their ministry organization — albeit via Kos) can go deeper into their hole-y spirit and prove some dark ominous nature to our shining beacon of righteousness; they’re taught their prayers chase away witches and cause pain or death to evil people (hence the witch-protecting spell video).

    Why can’t someone write a “Left immolated Behind” so these yahoos can start devouring one another?

  68. While WALNUTS! is not responsible for the brain-dead morons at Free Repulic, a statement along the line of “I’d rather lose an election than win with the votes of vile, ignorant bigots” might be in order.

    What do you think, Sarah? …Sarah? Hey Sarah…

  69. I almost said this yesterday, but then I thought better of it:

    If they will bring the kool-aid, I’ll bring the cyanide. We’ll all be better for it.

  70. Coffee Clutcher 79: Your grandma story made me cry again. I had already cried about Barry’s granny. I’m black, and I’m used to thinking that racism does not change in people of a certain age. Even though your grandma is gone; she still managed to teach me something!! I’m agnostic-y, but I will send out a prayer to her when I vote tomorrow. Please write a formal article and share this story with everybody. Your grandma she definitely with Barry’s granny cheering him on!!

    My four African American grandparents and my black parents didn’t live to see this or even to dream of this day; even I didn’t believe it would happen until earlier this year. There really is something to this whole hope and change diet. I highly recommend it!!!

    They just revealed that Obama’s Granny’s absentee ballot vote WILL count!!! YEAH!!!! Hooray For All Grandmas!!!!!!

    Now I’m going to go cry some more, and tomorrow I’m going to start hugging strangers of all races.

  71. Racist, in irrational self defense, believe that melanin, ethnic origin, economic status is everything that can define a person. But in denial, they cannot expect such would have ever be applied to them. Had they looked only back. Many Southern planters were Irish, to the English pure trash when their Irish families were in Erie. In the North East coal regions, many miners were Welsh. Their families achieved stability but hated any negroes in their towns, never recalling that, from Elizabethan times, the Welsh were the comic “steppin’ fetchits” of English plays. See: Henry the Fifth.

  72. [re=162148]michaelsbill111[/re]: Hey. Guy. I watched it somewhere around the 10th or 20th time you spammed Wonkette. And you know what? It was too long, too obvious, too simplistic.

    Please–do something else with your life.

  73. [re=162013]The Station Manager[/re]: Oh, wow….I had a pretty hectic day of travelling yesterday so the significance of the news didn’t fully process until now. Tiny anecdotes like this almost make up for the horrid freeper comments.

  74. [re=162111]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: All that has to happen is for Congress to finally cut the federal funding that props up those supposedly ‘independent’ states and we can watch them fall into the sea.

  75. Wheeeeee! I’ve had my posting privileges revoked at the Free Republic. Seems I added something unconscionable about “Christian family values” to the end of that repulsive thread, and they just couldn’t stomach it. Wusses.

  76. This reminds me of a radio interview I heard with the doctor who worked on Jack Kennedy immediately after he was shot. He got all kinds of mail, usually from right wingers, which more or less said, “Thank you for your great service in killing the communist menace president we had” and the like.

    These people haven’t changed. They’re the same as they ever were. Only except for Ronald Reagan, there are more of them. Ronald Reagan was like the Crumb Fairy, who spread crumbs all over the living room to make sure the cockroach population exploded. Mission accomplished!

  77. I’m all for getting Left Behind when those Freeper shitsacks and their ilk get beamed up or wherever they think they’re going. Because it’s a major prize, better than an Amana freezer, to spend eternity in the company of people who think that the death of ANYONE’S grandmother is “about as important as a dump I took a week ago.”

  78. [re=162210]Coffee Clutcher 79[/re]: My Dad desperately wanted to see Kerry win on 04, but he was ill and died (at 89) before he could cast an absentee ballot. So your story resonated with me. You are so lucky that your Grandma got to cast her vote. Hopefully, she’s chatting with my Dad up in heaven (okay, I’m not really religious, but sometimes I’m softhearted) and they’re both excited that the Dems are going to resume their rightful place as the guardians of our Constitution and representatives of what Americans should stand for in the world.

  79. [re=162013]The Station Manager[/re]:

    That is beautiful and THAT is what I voted for this morning (after standing in line for nearly two hours). Completely worth it.

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