HERE’S YR SPARK: Ha ha ha, fuckin’ Politico: “In a report sure to spark a national conversation on race, an AP-Yahoo News study reported Saturday morning that white prejudice could be a significant enough factor to sunder Barack Obama’s bid to be the first black president of the United States.” Yeah yeah yeah, all white people hate all black people because of welfare, whatever. But we have been laughing for ten consecutive minutes at that opener: “In a report sure to spark a national conversation on race…” So awesome. Why is it that when you have a conversation about race, it has to be “national”? Is every citizen required to telephone a stranger from another state, just to talk about race? UPDATE: Oh man, we just now read the full original story, and this is an instant classic from Ron Fournier’s New Associated Press. Highlights below.

Rarely in world journalistic analytical history has a wire report been so consistently terrible on a sentence level. People were paid actual human money to produce some of these fine excerpts:

  • ” Lots of Republicans harbor prejudices, too, but the survey found they weren’t voting against Obama because of his race. Most Republicans wouldn’t vote for any Democrat for president—white, black or brown.” Ha ha, Ron Fournier begins sentences about poll results with the phrase, “Lots of.”
  • “Not all whites are prejudiced.” WRONG.
  • “Indeed, more whites say good things about blacks than say bad things, the poll shows.” Oh how cute. Here’s an idea: let’s have a “national conversation” about how many cubic centimeters of cow shit Ron Fournier can fit inside his mouth.
  • “Race is not the biggest factor driving Democrats and independents away from Obama. Doubts about his competency loom even larger, the poll indicates. More than a quarter of all Democrats expressed doubt that Obama can bring about the change they want, and they are likely to vote against him because of that.” OK duder, but isn’t the topic at hand here, uh, the effect of race? OHHH, we get it — Ronald is trying to tell us that these “doubts about his competency” stem from the fact that he’s black! Young. And black!
  • “Given a choice of several positive and negative adjectives that might describe blacks, 20 percent of all whites said the word ‘violent’ strongly applied. Among other words, 22 percent agreed with ‘boastful,’ 29 percent ‘complaining,’ 13 percent ‘lazy’ and 11 percent ‘irresponsible.’ When asked about positive adjectives, whites were more likely to stay on the fence than give a strongly positive assessment.” Look everyone, your Associated Press is admitting that it conducted a textbook racist push poll! How MAVERICKY. Or maybe the pollsters got confused and failed to understand that people were using those adjectives to describe the Associated Press.
  • “‘We still don’t like black people,’ said John Clouse, 57, reflecting the sentiments of his pals gathered at a coffee shop in Somerset, Ohio.” Wait until Barack Obama hears what John Clouse, 57, said about black people. Barack Obama has a 20 percent chance of having a “violent” reaction, unless that 13 percent of him that is “lazy” takes over instead. But when you take the net of those two numbers, it’s clear that Barack Obama will rape 7 percent of America’s white kindergartners. Thanks, AP and Yahoo! We guess we should decide if we’re racist now.
  • “I HATE NEGROES SO MUCH, THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE.” Ah, it looks like Ron Fournier forced himself to edit this out before publication.


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  1. The article itself is a kind of racism. First, 2.5% of whites in which states won’t vote for Obama? If they’re all in Alabama and Kentucky, it won’t make any difference.

    And why do we have to have “a national conversation about race,” and why now? Wouldn’t it be better if, as has been the case so far, it didn’t matter, any more than eye color matters?

    Not funny, I know. Who are these assholes that have to play the race card? What are they afraid of?

  2. It is even more dire than this poll indicates–although since the numbers show that Obama will lose, that’s as bad as it gets. People do there best to lie–sometimes subconsciously–on polls/questions regarding race so the number of white voters who generally vote democratic but who will switch to republican is even higher.

    Another indication that this really is the end of the world–Palin/McCain in the White House, an enraged democratic majority in both houses of congress and the economy either hyperinflating or grinding to a halt.

    Whover our new overlords turn out to be–Chinese, Saudi, kangaroo rats from space–I will welcome them from my well guarded and heavily armed corner of the hobo jungle.

  3. And? Like this was news? Like this isn’t why Barry and his campaign have been out trying to register younger voters who are less inclined to judge people by race alone? Who finally let Politico in on the story?

    In a totally unrelated note, those of you who like me have been getting your polling data from Princeton EC (which does not accept donations) can reach out and touch them if you like. There are two (one for lefties, one for righties) organizations you can contribute to through a link on their site. The “left” one funds the very effective anti-Palin ads a wildlife conservation org has been running against the R’s in swing states.

  4. That really means “a national conversation on what continual drag on our entire national development is the entire g** d*** Southern white population.”

  5. Here’s a sparky conversation: This isn’t news, is it? Those who BHO wasn’t going to win over anyway now have “reason” to either not vote or vote for McCain and most of them are southern crackers who Nixon first rode to victory in ’68 after the Voting Rights Act was signed by LBJ. The same people who pollsters have now “discovered” also wouldn’t have voted for a woman, so all you Bitterz keep your shorts on. Keep in mind that our collapsing economy (after eight years of Repubs) may send a lot of folks to the polls to secretly vote for someone who they won’t discuss at the coffee shop or with pollsters.

  6. How is this news? No shit there’s people who aren’t voting for Obama because he’s black. But the poll is saying that Obama would be six points HIGHER in the polls if he was white. He is already ahead in the polls. And the Bradley effect hasn’t been evident since the early 90s.

  7. [re=102562]Strictly for the Tardcore[/re]: Well, he has some of that ‘black experience’, you know the absent father, raised in part by grandparents……

    But it just isn’t ‘black enough’ for some folks. You are only TRULY BLACK if you run around with street gangs, do drugs, knock up a bunch of teen age girls, drop out of school, etc etc etc. At least, that is why some of the WHITE folks see him as not-black (they don’t see him as white, either though)

  8. How ’bout we have a national conversation about species? Like how we’re all the same goddamn one, as evidenced by our common ancestry with chimpanzees, bonobos and great apes. And the people who don’t believe that should not vote for any candidate, as they are all homo sapiens. And if you think God made Sarah Palin specially, just ask to see her vestigial tail.

  9. Their rational is that he’s bi-racial, was raised mostly by white folks, and had a pretty atypical upbringing. They see him more a product as the multi-cultural military milieu.

  10. that stinky yahoo is so anti barry. every time i open my mail, it’s all like Barry stinks, he picks his nose, look at those big ears, blahblah blah. I need a new FREE email thingy.

  11. [re=102569]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Jo Isuzu hahahah good one. The lies Tucker Bounds spews everytime he opens his mouth is crazy, I really have a hard time watching him without driving north 5 minutes to Crystal City and tea bagging him back to the stone age.

  12. I guess the conversation has to be sparked because any conversation about race in American is necessarily a conflagration… because, you know, slave rebellion!!!

  13. [re=102565]Spiro Agnew[/re]: I refuse to watch Tucker. I think of him as opposite man–whatever he says, I know I should believe the opposite. And yeah, he’s scummier than septic tank runoff.

  14. Woo-hoo RACE WAR! It’s ON!

    Seriously, though, fuck this noise. Where I live, if you’re using words like “violent,” “boastful,” “complaining,” “lazy” and “irresponsible,” you are talking about white trailer trash.

    White people — what have they done for us lately?

  15. [re=102567]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I agree, we urgently need to have a national conversation about species. Bonobos need to be brought into the conversation, as do macaques.

    They may not vote for Hopey because they don’t think he’s primate enough!!!

  16. thank god, wonketteers are too smart for this diversion because we already knew he was black, right?

    now those primate ears might be a tipping point.

  17. [re=102568]surfacenoise76[/re]: Well, he’s definitely an American mutt (no offense to American Mutt), but for some reason I read you post as “…don’t think he’s black enough,” which got my hackles a little raised.

  18. I mean how much more arrogant can this author get? “In a report sure to spark a national conversation…”. Like who do you think you are? What you think you have a real amazing story here? Yeah, Barry is black, Walnuts is white. Walnuts is a stupid old viagra-less fogie. Get over it. Doesn’t anyone remember Barry’s race speech.

    Anyway. Thanks Wonkette for a weekend thread. Anything to get my rage about the lying bastard GOP. Seriously, I hated them before but what else can the possibly screw up in the country? If W. wouldn’t “persecute” me for short selling, I would be a rich man if I could bet against every Republican decision in the last 8 years.

  19. [re=102573]lilblackcorvette[/re]: Yeah, I never figured out the Yahoo bias against Barry. I figured it was because alot of the news if from the Associated Press? Or maybe there are just a bunch of yahoos running the show. Freakin’ readneck yahoos.

  20. [re=102565]Spiro Agnew[/re]:
    Tucker, Rick Davis, Schmidt….all of them are unbearable assholes. I say the more they show McCain’s salesmen, the more normal nonracist people will see what they are.

  21. [re=102589]Borat[/re]: Can someone explain to me wtf has been going on with the AP anyway? Did some Republitard buy it a few months ago or something? I know I’m not supposed to take their releases seriously anymore, because of like, the bias, but somewhere along the line I missed why they started hating Hopey so much.

  22. Also does racism trump sexism? I would wager that for every Democrat who fears the Black President, there’s a Republican who can’t stand the thought of Caribou Barbie giving John McCain’s funeral oration at the National Cathedral.

    Though, admittedly, that would be pretty horrible: “My fellow guys and gals, we come here to honor President McCain’s unblinking service to the mission, the mission that we’re on…”

  23. If voters really wanted change they’d vote for Nader. The racists who won’t vote for Obama could vote for Nader instead of McCain the idiot liar. When Obama refused to impeach Bush that should tell even complete idiots where Obama stands.

  24. [re=102589]Borat[/re]: One of the writers (Fournier) turned down a job with the McCain campaign to stay at AP. That probably is the answer you are looking for.

  25. Are all the Blacks who vote for Obama racists? Why don’t all the Blacks vote for Nader? Nader is the only candidate who would really change corporate welfare and give us a national health care plan. The Wonkette group is as brainwashed by the media as the McCain racist group is.

  26. I have decided that after the “epic” primary season, the news channels got high on the ratings. So in order to keep people engaged they have to play up the controversy. Especially FoxNoise now that McCain/Palin is going down in flames. But as the polls keep moving upward, and make no mistake- they will, we’ll start to hear stories like ” Could an Obama Landslide Be Coming?” and shit like that- it keeps people watching. Otherwise they’d have to talk about International news, God forbid, and things like those dreary old wars we’re still fighting. BORING.

  27. [re=102550]V572625694[/re]: It’s also interesting that anyone thinks the American public gives a rat’s ass (on a personal level) about how polls conducted by AP/Yahoo! should impact beliefs or politics, or compel discussion about beliefs or politics.

    Who (in the general public) cares if people they have never met took a poll of other people they have never met in places they have likely never been on possibly poorly nuanced questions on the deeply sensitive topic of race relating to a highly charged election in a time of war and economic crisis?

    And then released the results on a Saturday just in time to be discussed by the Sunday morning talking heads?

    Every American knows how they feel about race, and knows how they are going to vote, and a poll is not going to change that.

    I didn’t see when the survey was done? This past week (and the coming weeks) may trump racial prejudice—even for some republicans. Did you see Michelle Malkin’s website today? Even she turned on Bush, LOL.

  28. Yeah, this really isn’t news. It’s why I won’t feel any degree of confidence in Hopey’s chances unless he’s 10 points ahead in enough states to giove hom the 270 electoral votes he needs.

    I will say that righ-wing TV commentators have played a very deft game with their “Why isn’t Obama far more ahead of McCain than he is?” You see, Hopey and his supporters know that if his campaign becomes about race then he will lose. So they avoid the race issue altogether. The right, meanwhile, exploits this fact to make it seem as if there’s something about Obama’s policies, or experience, or trustworthiness that voters (who favor a generic Democrat by a wide margin) don’t like.

    It’s a very deft game, if sleazy as Hell. Every time Scarborough and Buchannan ask why Hopey isn’t farther ahead I want to reach out and wring their disingenuous fucking necks.

  29. [re=102610]WadISay[/re]: Are you for senility or for having a national conversation about senility? Personally, I’m all for senility–as long as they’re not driving!

  30. [re=102604]vigilante[/re]:

    Why don’t all the Blacks vote for Nader?

    What… you mean other than the fact that Nader doesn’t stand a chance in Hell? Who don’t you vote for David Duke? Oh wait… who am I to say you won’t?

  31. WASHINGTON — President Palin today announced that God had appeared unto her in the Oval Office and said, yea and verily, that racism would not be a problem in America if she would only expel all of the brown, black, red and yellow people and any white people that had married any of those colors and their offspring and seize their assets to pay for the money they had drained out of the U.S. economy. “Who am I to argue with the Big Guy who created the universe back in 1776? We will start exporting these evil-doers next week,” the President said with a big smile.

  32. When are we having a national conversation on slow fuckers in their Oldsmobiles doing 45 in a 70 zone? I’ve got things to do on a Saturday afternoon, you lazy asshat! These wonkette comments aren’t going to post themselves…

  33. [re=102608]professor.cj[/re]: Haha.

    I have had it with Pollyanna conservatives who continue to parrot the “fundamentals of the market are great!” line…

    Fiscal conservatism has been on life support for quite some time. Bush/Paulson pulled the plug permanently today.

    -Michelle Malkin, Loser

  34. [re=102596]vigilante[/re]: And BUSH AND GORE ARE JUST THE SAME, right?

    We learned that lesson in 2000.
    One won the Nobel Peace Prize, the other took us into financial and military hell.

  35. In related news, latest Wonkette article sure to spark national conversation on intensely jaded, anal sex oriented, smart ass commenting trend by Internet political humor junkies.

  36. [re=102609]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: How unusual–a reasoned commentary which points out many of the methodological failures of a poll that gets tossed out for no particular reason and uses “a convoluted soup of statistical and inferential techniques”.

  37. [re=102564]j6n[/re]: Awesome – Spinal Tap quotes.
    “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever” – David St. Hubbins

    And that pretty much sums up the political polls.


  38. [re=102580]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Saying this as the whitest guy in a state that could at best be described as “cream colored” and the racial attitudes of my average fellow citizen hails from, roughly, 1895, I agree: what the holy fuck HAVE white people done for us lately?

    [re=102604]vigilante[/re]: Even if I wasn’t on board with Barry since well before the primaries, I still wouldn’t vote for Nader. I didn’t even know what the fuck his policies were back in 2000 when he had a snowball’s chance in Hell. But thanks for calling us “brainwashed” and comparing us to racists. Trying to get our hackles raised, and all that.

  39. Eh, if this country is still so racist to not vote for Obama even if he supports your positions, then we fucking deserve President Palin.

  40. [re=102611]Serolf Divad[/re]: “It’s a very deft game, if sleazy as Hell. Every time Scarborough and Buchannan ask why Hopey isn’t farther ahead I want to reach out and wring their disingenuous fucking necks”

    Exactly. Because if it was raised at all, in even the most tangential, couched or tortuous fashion–“Well, Pat, maybe it is because he is the first major party national candidate who is not completely Causcasian” there would be eruptions from every right wing toady, parasite and stooge about how the Obama campaign was behind the vicious attempts to brand all white people in the United States as racists.

  41. [re=102630]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Haha, tOSU sucks. Ohioans probably are this stupid–people in Big 10 football states have nothing besides Big 10 football going for them.

  42. Another BIG glaring issue we need to address in this campaign: Dog people vs. cat people.

    I don’t think I could vote for a dog owner. This is what really bothered me about Romney. McCain has cats and dogs. Palin apparently cooks kitten pot pies for her family. Obama – what??? Kids alergic?? Can’t afford a genetically modified hairless cat??? And Biden? His wife looks like a cat person – but I can’t tell with him.

  43. [re=102631]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: I sometimes agree with that, but sometimes I wonder how in the hell we could possibly survive a Palin-McCain presidency. Literally. I think there would be war without end, an economy where the wealthy decide if we work or not while taking our tax money as tax breaks, and a government that would be running all moral aspects of our lives while not providing any services or support. I’ve joked about it before, but I truly might have to leave teh country. I’m thinking someplace more stable. Like Thailand.

  44. I must say, every time I read some article in which some random Western PA or thereabouts cracker says, “What’re they gon call it, the BLACK HOUSE?” and all his other equally racist but more tactful friends get all quiet and embarrassed, I think about how cool it would be if they actually built a “Black House” if Obama was elected, and he would reside in the White House, but McCain could be the anti-President living in the mystical Black House (not visible on the earthly plane), surrounded by red curtains and zig-zag floor designs, and drinking coffee slowly and saying (backwards) “She’s a cunt. But doesn’t she look almost exactly like Carly Fiorina?” etc.

  45. [re=102631]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Hey, is David Duke running? ‘Cause if we got him to run, maybe he could drain off the racist Dem bitters who would otherwise vote McCain. If they’re not gonna vote for Obama, at least we can help them do less harm.

  46. “Spark a national conversation”? This should spark a national can of ass-kicking.

    It’s just about time the fuckin’ rednecks in their low-tax, federal budget-draining red states, and their bailout-pleading Gucci-loafing co-religionaries of Wall Street get used to beg a black man for cash. Delicious irony!

  47. [re=102635]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Dog people are the scum of the earth, and it is clear that cat owners are genetically superior to them. We need to quarantine and exterminate these canine buying fools immediately. Those who think dog owners and cat owners can live peacefully together have been wrong time and time again — NO MORE COMPROMISES!!! WAKE UP CAT PEOPLE!!!!!!! DOG OWNERS ARE POURING INTO THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY EVERYDAY!!!

  48. I love how the update to this has muted into a Ron Fournier hate-fest. Let’s string him up like a piggie and eat him in our new anarchist socialist society.

  49. “Given a choice of several positive and negative adjectives that might describe blacks”

    what a biased poll. what about words like hot studmuffins, chocolaty goodness and meaty delights. Yeah, I’m lookin for some luvin’ tonight

  50. I am an African American woman with an ivy league degree, and a Ph.D. I’m not voting for Obama because he’s black like me. If that were the case, black women would be voting for Cynthia McKinney or we would all have voted for crazy Alan Keyes. I’m voting for Obama because I think he’s the best candidate of any race that we’ve had in a long time, and he would be good for America. If I didn’t think he would be good for this country. I would be proud of him for trying, but he wouldn’t have my vote.

    I’m not surprised by this data, but these stats really do send a chill down my spine. It does remind you that if you’re black, it doesn’t matter what you do or how well you do it; it’s just always going to be seen as not good enough. If Obama, with all his gifts, can’t win this election, then there will never be a Black president in my lifetime. Never. I’m depressed. I need a nap.

  51. [re=102656]Borat[/re]: What’s funny is that the people who have positive views of “the blacks” are totally racist in their own way, too. Because who thinks that an entire group of people are good OR bad?

  52. [re=102630]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Oh sweet lord. They seriously just lost Ohio, but Michigan is probably safe Obama. You don’t mess with those crazy fuckers and their football.

  53. [re=102630]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Also, they would probably try to kick your ass for saying the University of Ohio. They seem to think addressing them in any manner other than THE Ohio State is an unpardonable offense. Christ. I hate Ohio.

  54. [re=102657]SisterTruth[/re]: It is a lie:

    Obama has better numbers with white women than Kerry. The GOP is just trying to find a plauusible story line for when they steal this election with Diebold and other nefarious tactics. They will use;
    1. the Bradley effect and
    2. The Christianist base came out in greater numbers than we expected because of Bible Spice.

    Look for other liars to make up cover for them to steal this election.
    There will be more. Plausible lies, but still lies.

  55. [re=102649]facehead[/re]: If cat owners are intellectually superior to dog owners, then how come cat owners HAVEN’T CLOSED THE DEAL? Why are they so far behind in the extermination of the other side. What problem to they really have?

  56. [re=102604]vigilante[/re]: Ah, vigilante, so it was YOU I was looking for all along to thank for the last 8 years of getting fucked in the ass with no lubrication by a smarmy do-nothing chimp and his evil overlord. KTHXBAI!

  57. [re=102659]zkemeny[/re]: Well, my friend, Obama strikes me as a cat person, and WcCain is clearly a FUCKING ASSHOLE.

    I hope that helps.

  58. [re=102657]SisterTruth[/re]: what do they call a black, cumlaude graduate of Harvard, world traveler, bilingual, law review editor, member of the U.S. senate, family oriented, great sense of humor, self made, fiscally responsible, etc. man?


  59. [re=102661]OffTheRecord[/re]: Shitting on Ohio State football isn’t about winning or losing Ohio – It’s about winning Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

  60. [re=102604]vigilante[/re]: Why don’t all the Blacks vote for Nader?

    OMGz NADERTROLL. (ahem)

    Not that I want to feed you, troll, but, uh, “all the blacks” aren’t tuned into one big hive mind that forces them to all vote for the same person… it’s so overtly insulting and ignorant to suggest otherwise that to do so makes your troll painfully obvious and effectively destroys your troll. Your troll, it is weak.

    Oh, and nobody is voting for Nader because he’s an irrelevant, humorless narcissist who doesn’t really stand for anything, (other than getting more attention forRalph Nader.) But you knew that already.

  61. but sometimes I wonder how in the hell we could possibly survive a Palin-McCain presidency

    I’m not so sure we deserve to, but I’ve also got a migraine and want everyone to die die die. Nothing personal.

  62. [re=102638]StripesAndPlaids[/re]: I am in the same funk every time I think about what another Republican administration would mean. My husband and I are too poor to think about moving to another country, and besides that, we are fortunate enough to live in the same very desirable town (Bloomington, IN) as our only child and his family so we would probably not move even if we could afford to. Damn it, I want a mass class action suit against the unspeakable so-and-so’s. They ruin everything they turn their attention to, and they are so damn dumb that they have destroyed the financial system which was the only thing they really cared about.

  63. Wait a second…isn’t this a national/international conversation? Is Ron-O an evil genius, forcing us to fulfill his inane predictions by making them so imminently mockable??? Kudos to you, sir.

  64. [re=102676]llyn[/re]: Something about fouling their own nest, shitting in their own bed, something like that.
    Too bad we have to share that nest/bed with them. But you know, Jebus is going to come and lift us out of that foul nest/bed and place us on a cloud in holy splendor forever and ever amen.

  65. [re=102682]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: I’m afraid not. This is more of a meta-conversation about race (a conversation about a conversation about race); we here at Wonkette are much too elite to have a conversation about race — which is intrinsically boring and gay.

  66. Raising the hackles of jerks who have no reasons, just emotions that explain ignorant racism.
    lilblackcorvette says at 3:36 pm, September 20th, 2008 – Replyvigilante: your GPS is broken.

    lilblackcorvette says at 3:43 pm, September 20th, 2008 – ReplyStrictly for the Tardcore: vigilante is raising my hackles.

    Keep electing Republicans & Democrats. They’ll keep squandering the treasury and starting wars.
    Its the voters fault.

  67. Sorry, did I blackout and wake up in some alternate universe? Is the “racist” vote Barry’s for the picking at some point? If HRC had one the nom, there would still be some dillhole out there who wouldn’t vote for her based on her possession of a female reproductive system.

    Aren’t there a whole quadrant out there who won’t vote for WALNUTS because he’s old? Or Snowbilly because she was blessed by a witch-hunter?

    The whole basis of this study is flawed anyhow. It literally gives people the excuse to say “____ won’t vote for Obama because he’s black” which unintentionally legitimizes the concept.

    And let’s face facts–thing’s aren’t going in McCain’s favor. He has to find a wedge, but quick. And what better wedge than that ol chestnut–the uppity black guy thinks he’s good enough to tell you what to do.

    And what better time to introduce this “conversation” than when everyone wants to talk about America burning around us all? Oh, and Palin–by extension–thinks that witches cause car accidents.

  68. Nader doesn’t stand any chance because the media propaganda brainwashed 97% of the voters.

    Or are they just stupid? To keep voting for Republicans & Democrats for attacking Iraq, refusing to impeach Bush & Cheney is enuf to get into the stupid column.

  69. [re=102704]chemicalbob[/re]: God, she’s a pussy. Seriously, I thought her whole goddamned appeal was being a tough gal who’s willfully ignorant? Why not stand up to the big mean senator and spin some happy yarns about moose entrails and Jeebus when he starts asking you about the furrinz? And isn’t McCain worried about seeming unsure about his own Veep pick by insisting on this? Is he seriously so confident a black man can’t get elected?
    This yapping little cooze has set back the women’s movement for decades. Anyone know anything that’s kosher for nursing mothers to do for a buzz? Jack and Coke, how I miss you!

  70. [re=102708]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: Talking about race is boring and gay (in the eminem sense, not in the “pass the dental dam” sense). Are you trying to get unfunny with me?

    You’re clearly a dog owner (and yes, this is a race).

  71. 96% of the Blacks will vote for Obama, but Blacks aren’t racists.

    Not that I want to feed you, troll, but, uh, “all the blacks” aren’t tuned into one big hive mind that forces them to all vote for the same person… it’s so overtly insulting and ignorant to suggest otherwise that to do so makes your troll painfully obvious and effectively destroys your troll. Your troll, it is weak.

    Oh, and nobody is voting for Nader because he’s an irrelevant, humorless narcissist who doesn’t really stand for anything, (other than getting more attention forRalph Nader.) But you knew that already.

    If 97% of the Crackers voted for McCain they’d be racists.

    All racists are morons. All voters who vote for Republicans & Democrats don’t know that “campaign contributions” are bribes because they are morons. America is destroying itself because there isn’t any law against morons voting for crooks, liars, hypocrites, and racists.

    That leaves 3% to vote for Nader.

  72. [re=102713]facehead[/re]: I wasn’t meaning to be unfunny with you, but I guess my attempt to make you call me a filthy Inuit whore flopped. *sigh*

  73. [re=102710]vigilante[/re]: Look vigilante,
    This election will determine the course of this nation for the next decade or two. A decade where we have to exit the oil economy, retool our industrial base, and revamp our schools, health care system and transportation systems.

    It is NOT an election where you can ethically make a statement about having a viable third party.

    Where is Nader the previous years when he should be doing the hard work of building coalitions, building support for his platforms? He just shows up like a dick expecting people to vote because of our crappy two party system. He is a slacker, who wants other discontented slackers to give him a blow job.

    If this election is taken by McCain, expect the continuation of The Project For A New American Century.
    Yes, they have gone underground, but all those guys are working for McCain. He is a dumb and unethical, so is Palin, so they will be easily manipulated. If you think Bush was bad, MCCAIN WILL BE WORSE.

    So, this is not the election to make your fucking statement about third parties.
    Unless its Bob Barr, who will take votes from McCain.

    God, sometimes I hate the Hard Left as much as I hate the Xtian Right.

  74. you have to love this ongoing debate about obama’s relative blackness or whiteness; if the man was famous for committing a crime there’d be no doubt that he’s black, white people wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole let alone try to claim him as partially one of their own. oh and yeah ron fournier is still is still a giant douchey tool who felt the need to point out the completely obvious to help create a nice media distraction for his buddy walnuts.

  75. Corporate welfare might collapse the dollar next. Keep voting for Republicans & Democrats.
    That will guarantee $10.00 gasoline when the dollar is worth a $7.00 Euro. Which countries will be stupid enough to buy American debt?

    You racists will really start whining when the Dow Jones hits 6,000.

    Keep voting for more corporate welfare.

  76. [re=102722]vigilante[/re]: What is Naders plan to strengthen the dollar?

    He doesnt fucking have one.

    It is easy to complain, but difficult to come up with solutions or do the real work to bring about change in America.
    I hope the Nader jizz chokes you one day.

  77. Is it the hard left that opposes corporate welfare, protecting Bush & Cheney from being impeached, and attacking Iraq?

    The corporate crooks keep giving bribes to Republicans & Democrats and the American morons keep echoing the media propaganda. Nader is far from perfect but he’s the only chance to change this swamp of hypocrisy.

    I wouldn’t vote for Bob Barr if he was 92% in the polls.

    You people probably think that the 3 WTC buildings collapsed in 11 seconds because the girders all melted to the ground. Assholes of America unite.

    USA United Stooges of America

  78. [re=102705]tunamelt[/re]: Oh shit – really?! Damn, not sure if that means god really does exist or if its the seventh sign of the Apocalypse. No wait, Caribou Barbie is the seventh sign, so Arizona winning must mean the other thing. Huh.

  79. Seeing that I’m only 1/256 black my white side is telling me not to vote for Obama. Fortunately, my black fraction is threating me with a knife. Obama 2008!

  80. OK, I’m late to the party [but on my way to one, so I’ll make it quick.] What did I miss?

    Oh, Hopey’s black? So I must hate him? Well, OK, if you say so, but….. a few questions.

    Hopey’s only half black, so which half must I hate? If he’s split at the waste, is it top or bottom? If he’s split down the middle, must I hate his left or right side? ‘Coz I don’t wanna get it wrong, Ron Fournier, I REALLY don’t.

    Then again, I’ve said from the beginning of this whole enchilada that if Hopey were a REALLY black-as-midnight kinda guy, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Gradations of colour DO seem to matter, as Spike Lee so kindly pointed out, even though I want to puke for acknowledging that sad reality. I am thankful that Hopey is a middling mocha, and hence deemed sufficiently unthreatening, or whatever the fuck passes for ethno-logic with real racists.

    On the topic of Tucker Bounds I have noticed something. Not all assholes are named Tucker, but all the guys named Tucker that I’ve encountered ARE assholes.


    I’m off to drink the scotch I bought the birthday boy, whether he likes it or not. Of course I’ll give it to him first, because Canuckistanis are supposed to be polite, or some such shit.

  81. [re=102728]vigilante[/re]: Look vigilante,
    You could help McCain get elected by voting for a liberal third party this year.

    I know, I know……but us simple, honest liberals who voted for Al Gore in 2000 saw this country get totally screwed for 8 years because of Nader in Florida. We still have a big grudge about it, and for good reason. Just this once, you might compromise and vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’. Because I know thats how you look at it. It will not hurt you to vote for Obama, it can only help.

  82. [re=102638]StripesAndPlaids[/re]:

    mmmmm Thailand….

    Under age Buttsecks is off the table, it’s the great food
    on the table that I’m mmmmming for.

  83. [re=102712]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: [re=102704]chemicalbob[/re]: Damn. I hope the format doesn’t radically interfere with the VP debate drinking game. She’ll still have plenty of time to say “hockey mom” and “bridge to nowhere,” right?

  84. [re=102724]vigilante[/re]: Wow, when you put it that way, I see that I’ve wasted my vote in the past. With brilliant rhetoric like that, you should consider running. You could be uber-nader. Please tell me more!

  85. [re=102566]azw88[/re]: Most Black Americans aren’t raised by White American mothers and don’t have muslim-atheist fathers just off the boat from Africa. Not all the world’s Africans are alike, and African Americans are distinctively American. B. Obama’s background is somewhat different. OK?

    Zhu Bajie

  86. nader is no longer an alternative. the obvious difference between republican and democrat makes him irrelevant. his only claim for your vote was that the parties are the same.
    he, barr, and paul are republican alternatives only. obama stands alone.
    currently the betting markets favor obama. i have faith in gambling markets since not only do people hate to be wrong but they hate to be wrong even more when their money is at stake. i know that from tine to time heavy favorites lose but i notice las vegas is still booming excluding mortgage lenders and their ilk.

  87. [re=102733]4tehlulz[/re]: Yeah, the Republicans finance Nader again and again.
    Election after election they hand Ralphie boy enough money to get on the ballot.

    And vigilante thinks he is a vigilante when he is only a fucking pawn for the GOP.

  88. [re=102570]Undeterredbyreality[/re]: yes, and that sista-girl has gots herself some STYLE!

    [re=102742]zhubajie[/re]: dude/dudette: I was being satirical… Satire, just another service provided for free

  89. [re=102727]Canuckledragger[/re]: Haven’t you heard of the ‘paper sack test’? If you’re darker than a paper sack, you’re a no-go. (Oprah’s cool because she’s a gazillionaire.) If you’re lighter than a paper sack, Thomas Jefferson & Strom Thurmond & Bill Maher & Robert DeNiro will have sex with you.

  90. [re=102715]vigilante[/re]: That leaves 3% to vote for Nader.

    Wow, where do you get your statistics?

    hahahaha… Please, perhaps you could direct us all to the national polls that have Nader at anything higher than a 2% loser protest vote? Maybe one reason for the low number is that he’s running as both an “independent” and also as the Peace and Freedom party candidate. BOING!


  91. Here’s a funny for those who are familiar with Food Network & Paula Deen. Mrs. Hopey is going to be on her show tonight frying catfish & doing whatever you do with collard greens & watermelons. Seems like a minor move, but Paula is well loved by the GA rednecks (or wherever the hell her stupid Southern accent comes from). As long as Mrs. Hopey doesn’t go on about arugala & any wine that doesn’t come from a screw top bottle, she might do some good….

  92. [re=102748]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Or make fun of Deen’s accent. And seriously, if Michelle comes out as anti-butter, forget losing the redneck vote. Paula will shoot that woman, herself.

  93. [re=102657]SisterTruth[/re]: If Obama doesn’t win this election, the Republicans will have succeeded for the third time in stealing the presidential election. “By hook or by crook” is their motto, and they are both very clever and entirely unscrupulous about this. They’ll do absolutely anything they think they can get away with. The no-paper-trail voting machines may sink us this time.

  94. Nader jizz!
    It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

    I wouldn’t vote for Nadir (sp correct) if he was sucking me off.
    Well, unless he plays with my balls and swallows.
    And then, only maybe.

  95. You know what I hate? I hate it when some dipshit yokel tells an earnest NPR man-in-the-street-interviewer, “I’m not ready to vote for a Black man.”

    What the fuck does that mean? Will you at some point become ready to vote for a Black person? What will it take to bring you to that point? How will the rest of us know when you’ve reached that point? Oh, you don’t know?

    Then why don’t don’t you just have the courage to say, “I hate niggers.” Because that’s what you mean, and until you have the guts to say it, you’re a lynch-mob-member-in-waiting.

    There, I feel better. Time to go mix the first pitcher of martinis.

  96. [re=102756]V572625694[/re]: You know what I hate? Jews.

    Well, not all Jews. Or even most Jews. Or any Jews at all.

    I just dislike Joe Lieberman, who is Jewish, but I dislike him for reasons totally unrelated to his faith.

    Thank you for letting me get that off of my chest. Shalom.

  97. [re=102760]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: Elitist? Moi? I’m willing to slather French’s (or is it Freedom’s?) on my sausage like the rest of you commoners. I don’t need stone-ground goodness. And no, slathering stuff on my sausage is not code for a Bob Allen Special.

  98. Really Ron? Fuck I didn’t know that US America had a race problem!! This goes under the category of No Shit.

    During one visit to SoCal, I went to a Newport Beach Messican restaurant because I like real messican food. I got a reaction I never thought existed. Both the Messicans and Gringos looked at me like I just shoved the Holy Cross up my ass and shit Virgin Mary Statuettes to the tune of “Onward Xtian Soldiers.” An Asian man who likes eating Messican? I spent the whole meal being stared at. Being an oblivious Canada City dweller, I stared back. I took my time and slowly strutted out of the restaurant then sprinted quickly to my car as it dawned on me that I was unarmed.

    I have eaten in plenty of “Furrins” restaurants in Canada City and never gotten that kind of reaction. Eaten at an Iranian restaurant where I was the only non Iranian. No one gave me the fucking evil eye.

  99. [re=102758]rambone[/re]: Barry Goldwater, of all people, once said, “Every good Christian should line up and kick Jerry Falwell’s ass.” Likewise, every observant Jew oughta line up to kick Joe Lieberman’s bony old ass.

  100. [re=102762]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Maybe it was cause you weren’t wearing pants? I had that happen to me once.

    The signs say “no shirts, no shoes, no service” so it’s actually kinda misleading because they don’t really tell you about the pants until it’s too late.

  101. Come on, [re=102762]ManchuCandidate[/re]:–there’s no “real” anything in Newport Beach. I’ll bet the Mexicans were just Disney-style papier-mache heads on rich White yacht-owners.

  102. [re=102766]V572625694[/re]:
    It wasn’t on the coast where the eelights and OC types live. If I recall, it was in a dive mall 20 miles east of the PCL. I could have been wrong as I have been fooled by Diznee Animtronics.

    No, I had pants. I’m not reliving my public school daze.

  103. [re=102762]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I’ve gone to sports bars in drag and people looked at me but that’s what I wanted. It was great. The other team really beat me in all the best ways.

    Diversity is good! The sooner we all bang one another the less frustrated we will all be. I think Dr. Dre would loosen up the Snowbilly and Eddie Murphy would get along all pretty like with Caribou Ken. For me, I’ll take Meghan with a side of Walnuts, that’s gonna make one nice tossed salad.

  104. Only irrational stooges could possibly vote for Democrats after they refused to impeach Bush & Cheney. There’s no way to have any conversation with complete imbeciles.

  105. Oh, I find these Consitition Voters ads have some strange looking bitterz in them and they make me nervous. The Hot Pants shemale was da best. I need me some American Apparel

  106. [re=102777]vigilante[/re]: Aww, looks like someone needs a hug! Come here you adorable, ramification non-considering silly billy . . . No tongues though!

  107. [re=102777]vigilante[/re]:

    If you can prove that Nader survived a single negotiation with Canaan Banana, I will repent and follow in Nader’s glorious footsteps. I would require photographic proof (and could even be satisfied with a poor quality photoshop fake)

    Banana of course is the one to “…coerce numerous men in positions of service (ranging from domestic staff to security guards, and even members of sports teams for whom he had acted as referee) into accepting sexual advances.” (possible closet republican?)

  108. I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously. It’s an inside secret with the Obama campaign but they’ve been counting on pulling a big share of the racist vote to put the ticket over the top.

  109. [re=102777]vigilante[/re]: And yet, here you are, trying to have a conversation with us. Is it because we’re all so good looking? Or are you just hoping for a date tonight?

  110. [re=102609]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: The most interesting comment on Nate Silver’s piece says: “What if the media cites the Bradley Effect as the reason behind an inexplicable loss? What then? Will the possibility of voter fraud be addressed?” The report described in the AP “story” is a way of discounting in advance whatever dirty tricks the Republicans pull. Another stolen election? Naw, it’s just that darn Bradley Effect…

    Apologies for the snark-free comment. But this is where all this “race” talk is leading. Maybe we could have a national conversation on voter fraud instead.

  111. “Oldness is not the biggest factor driving Republicans and independents away from McCain. Doubts about his sanity loom, or perhaps ‘loon,’ even larger, the poll indicates. More than a quarter of all Republicans expressed doubt that McCain can survive the inauguration ceremony, or even show up for it wearing clothes, and they are likely to vote against him because of that.”

  112. Let me get this straight…there seem to be some on here who are saying that it’s the fucking dems in the South who are not going to vote for Obama which will make him all lozzy in the election. WTF! HAVE YOU EVEN LOOKED AT THE FUCKING MAP? Name me one blue southern state that’s gonna go red ’cause he’s black. It won’t be a southern bigot loser who fucks up this election.

  113. [re=102786]spandrelmatic[/re]: Yeah, but I think enough independent pollsters will go on the record to negate the Bradley effect meme. See Nate again at:

    But, yeah, voter caging is a big deal & never covered. (Isn’t it amazing that Republicans never complain about this?) It is good to see Obama is trying to take the offense on this:

    I’m trying to remain optimistic, but no one knows what’s going on until Nov. 5.

  114. Bradley effect? Secret racist minority? Has anyone seen Barry’s organization? On the week leading up to election day, you are going to get paged, emailed, there will be skywriting with a giant fucking arrow pointing from your house to your polling place. I hear a freight train comin’ baby!

    PS – Excuse the optimism, I’m drunk.

  115. I’ll repeat it here, since I said it on Kevin Drum’s new blog at when vetting Sarah Palin, this was the Mc Cain campaign’s process — Mike Murphy on all fours wearing the moose antlers, leant over Palin; Charlie Black in the front, getting his ding-a-ling polished; Rick Davis under SaPa, pumping the v.j. (Murph was, of course, going in thru the out door); Ron Fournier in the corner (he likes to watch).

  116. The only national conversation I want to see is how soon the entire human race can become totally asexual and light tannish brown colored. Only then will this bullshit stop.

  117. I thought I would post this for all the drunken politard snarkomaniacs who live and breathe the bizarre combination of toxic sludge and unspoken subversive DC undercurrents that passes for air in that frog swamp by the Potomac. There are calls for open resistance at DKos, HuffPo, and even some wingnutterias, over the “no strings attached” clause attached to the “bailout” that involves 11 zeros and a prime number north of 3. It will be fun/sad/frightening/grossly entertaining to witness Obamatards and Freepers getting their heads bashed in at ill conceived protest rallies wherever those people decide to have their asses handed to them on a platter, because protesting always solves the ignorant decisions set into motion by Congress and the Holy Executive Order of the Boosh, right?

    [mixes drink, puts on Miles Davis, wishes drink were absinthe, eyes glaze over, hopes for something better one day… one day]

  118. [re=102791]kapish[/re]:

    If you only speak in tongues you don’t have to explain how your 16yr old virginal daughter got knocked up in abstinence summer boot camp.

  119. [re=102748]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Ooh! I wish I’d known… of course, if it’s on tonight it’s opposite the UGA game, so fuck that… maybe I’ll see if I can catch it on the youtubes…

  120. [re=102751]DemmeFatale[/re]: The cat vs. dog owner is one of people who like to be looked down on by their pets vs. those who like to be worshiped by their pets. I’m convinced cats are not of this Earth… I mean, WTF… cat piss produces AMMONIA… I think they’re from Saturn or Jupiter.

  121. [re=102748]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I just caught the very last like 30 seconds of it, but it looked like a happy scene. I do hope she’s invited Cindy McCain on some time–maybe they can bake some vicodin pot pie.

  122. [re=102793]josereyes.theroof[/re]: Hmm . . well, not that I’m disagreeing with you, but my understanding is that sexual references to Palin of this sort are frowned upon in these parts.

    Much obliged for the mental image though. Certainly an improvement on my normal imaginationings.

  123. [re=102786]spandrelmatic[/re]: Splendid Idea! Brilliant!

    oh vigilante….

    come over to the dark side…you can…..just a little closer….let me clip on the leash……lets go for a walk…….Biden is going to have a little chat with Bush in Paraguay.

    wait, I cannot multitask when I am training my puppy.

  124. [re=102748]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Thanks for the heads up. I try to limit my southern redneck intake so I usually avoid that show like the plague, but I was willing to bite the bullet for Mrs. Muslin.

    [re=102799]Viva la Cynthia[/re]: Actually, I found it awkward.

    Michelle X isn’t very charismatic, so I don’t think she won over any of the whiteys. However, she’s certainly more agreeable that the privileged train-wreck that is Cindy McCain. In fact, as I was critiquing the crappy public appearance of Michelle, I had to comfort myself by envisioning how much worse Mrs. Pops-Pills-A-Lot would have done. Would Cindy have even understood that food actually needs to be cooked, or would she have assumed that shrimp grows deep fried from the ground, just as it is hand-delivered to her on a silver platter at the French Laundry?

  125. Ode to Vigilante, who was getting a little uppity earlier. I know you said you were through with this blog, but I also know your little bitch troll ass is coming back to yap away some more, so before you do, you can swallow some of this load:

    Take your wretched idealism and skull fuck yourself. Yer kinda shits is precisely what I object to most: clamoring for revolution just enough to give away the house or what remains of it to Satan’s little evil bitch spawns: the Republicans. The battle lines are here, not out of Das Kapital. Shit I’m OK with corporate welfare, as long as its a few orders of magnitude less than what rotten little Republican fuckers have put in place. So, to coin a phrase, here’s some Obama jizz right back at you, mixed with my own fresh batch. I think you know where it goes.

  126. Just wandered across this interesting piece of info from the NYT regarding a change in the planned debate format for the VP candidates: “McCain advisers said they had been concerned that a loose format could leave Ms. Palin, a relatively inexperienced debater, at a disadvantage and largely on the defensive.” Let’s see, how am I going to work into my national conversation on the color of my chosen candidate the fact that the GOP’s VP candidate needs a fucking ref and a kitchen timer in order to white knuckle herself through ONE debate. And when she meets with Mr. Karzai next week (also not a white man), I wonder if she will be permitted to provide 90 second responses to his queries?! Game On, Assholes.

  127. [re=102814]Democratica[/re]: Bible Spice and Karzai? Oh, a perfect opportunity for Princess Sparkle Pony. I bet they will have matching armchairs AND a low floral arrangement. I am in suspense about the box of tissues, white or pastel?

    btw, this ‘poll’ is getting live newstime on my local Arizona TV. Why am I not surprised…..fuc*ers.

  128. jefferson: “all men are created equal”.

    franklin: “lol. do you think they’ll buy that”.

    jefferson: “we need them to fight for us. what choice do they have”?

    franlin: “ok – wrap it up. now some booze and babes. call it a day”.

    (music -“this land is your land,this land is my land”)
    the end

  129. As of 3:08 a.m. EDT
    • Bush administration, Congress negotiate $700 billion bailout
    • Truck bomber kills at least 43 people at Islamabad hotel
    • Economists see rescue of the financial system as necessary
    • Which Obama will show up for presidential debates?Polls
    • In debates, McCain has pleased or seethedElection ’08
    • Arkansas evangelist compound raided in child porn case
    • Germany’s Oktoberfest opens in Bavarian capital of Munich

  130. Wow, apparently I got banned during one of Jim Newell’s drunken purges (All hail Jim Newell!) because I actually had to sign up again.

    What impresses me the most about vigilante’s fail troll is that he took the time to upload an avatar. Both I and some of my favorite Wonkette commentors (or is that some of my favorite Wonkette commentors and me?) don’t bother with such frippery. That’s probably some meta-commentary on his insane focus on style over substance, but now I feel naked. Without an avatar how can I hope to command attention?

  131. Thank God I am newly shot up with Botox. This will mitigate the crease-causing laughter emanating from this unctious pile of doggie-doo from Politico. I am truly disappointed because usually their dog shit is if a much higher quality.

    Just another example of slipping standards. That Politico article, I mean. Not my face.

  132. [re=102762]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Actually, fuuny coincidence. When I order the salted cod rice at my fave Chinese restaurant, the staff looks at me, and then always delicately asks if I have “eaten this dish before?”. Apparently, the strong smell (a cross between upchuck and fish guts that have been rotting in the midday sun) sends less hearty, iron stomached Caucasians screaming for the exit. Not this (real) Canada city chick! Love it! Bring it on. That, and Szechuan green beans…….yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Where to voters who support child porn view Obama? Why does Obama have a problem with pedophiles? Why can’t he close the deal with them? Even while the government and GOP is acting against them, why can’t Obama win them over: “Where do these allegations stem from? The anti-Christ government.”

    other notable quotes:
    –“consent is puberty” when it comes to sex
    –church is in a single-story building that used to be a convenience store. A white cross stands atop the structure, with a small steeple to the right side

  134. Oddly enough, these opinion survey numbers agree with my own opinion about white people, with the difference that the rating for white people in the “complaining” category jumps up to 49%. Since I am a white person, these views are accurate to within +/- 0.5%.

  135. I skipped down a bit and missed some of the comments, but has anyone EVER noted that poll numbers show that blacks may be even more racist than whites? How about the nearly 100% of blacks who voted for Obama in the primaries in some states. Or the 89% of black women voters in the latest poll in this week’s Time who indicate that they will vote for Obama. Yes, white people are prejudiced. Can we also allow that black people are too?

  136. Actually, a simple explanation exists for why the Constitution Voter ad is showing such an uninspiring group of folks. It says right there, put your picture in this ad. Apparently, we aren’t such a sexy group of folks.

    disclaimer: No way I’m putting my picture up there, at least no picture that’s not at least from 20 years or more ago.

  137. [re=102777]vigilante[/re]: Do you understand the concept of electoral democracy? It means you have to convince people that they should vote the way you would like. Why do so many people on the left believe that calling most people ‘morons’, ‘sheeple’, etc. will help with this? I’ve noticed that Common Dreams, a website I am in some ways more sympathetic to than Wonkette, has had to change its comments policy and beg people to come back because misanthropes just dragged down the tone (and not in an amusing way) in the comments section. Hopefully Wonkette will not let the same thing happen here.

  138. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I spent much of the past eight days on planes, trains, automobiles, waiting rooms, restaurants, and conventions. A year ago I couldn’t get anyone to talk about the election, now they won’t shut up. Here are the top four things (in no particular order) white folks are saying about Obama when they think the chick in the corner isn’t taking notes on a bar napkin to send to Wonkette:

    1) He has GOT to stop kissing Jill Biden full on the mouth. You wouldn’t believe how many people bring this up.

    2) Yes, everybody knows he’s a well-educated guy, but he’s GOT to stop stuttering and dancing around questions. Just. Fucking. Answer. The. Question. Then he will be president. Or so their theory goes. Some dude on Hardball this morning said that our military in the Mid-East will be watching all the debates too (really?) and that whoever sounds the TOUGHEST will win the election. Don’t give this one to McGrumpy without a fight, Hopey.

    3) He has GOT to explain that whole thing about how he didn’t vote FOR infanticide, and explain how it was a legal issue because a federal bill differs from a state bill, except Ann Coulter and a bunch of other people read the two bills and say they are identical so Hopey is lying and they can prove it – or something to that effect. Does anybody really understand this and can they put it in SIMPLE terms that even a numbskull like Sean Hannity can understand? Believe it or not, this is the only reason a lot of people say they can’t vote for him, even if they can’t stomach McCain.

    4) I was stunned by how many people think his “socialist policies to help welfare bums will raise my taxes.” There are a lot of studies that point to the contrary, and he needs to bring them up often. An etch-a-sketch might make a good accompanying visual.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. All I did was listen politely while pretending to draw birds and flowers and stuff. I’m convinced that I now have my finger on the pulse of America. So- how do I get this little list to David Axelrod PRONTO?

  139. I don’t worry about the Bradley effect. It’s pretty much non-existent by now. My take on what happens nov. 4th: a decent amount of the bitters, dissapointed by the huge Palin flame out (already in progress) will just stay home. Like my grandparents. They really hate them some black people. They have voted in every election since 1860, I believe. But I’m pretty sure they won’t go to the polls that day. They will wash thier hands of the whole damn country, stick thier heads in the sand and just stay the fuck home. Beside there will be too many young people, too many black people at the polls. It will be too uncomfortable for them to stand in line with groups of people that they absolutely hate. So they just won’t go.

  140. [re=102822]lilblackcorvette[/re]: the ap another faux news organization. they accused clinton and carter of starting and accelerating the current monetary crash. they also inferred but did not say specifically that franklin d. roosevelt seeded the whole thing.

    and with only a few months to go in this gwb admin. we thought – what more could go wrong?

    [re=102838]slavojzizek[/re]: vigilante is comic relief and its good to know whats out there in small doses of course.

  141. Up next : Why does Obama have a problem with the meth addicts? Why can’t he close the deal with crackheads? Are pill poppers uncomfortable with Obama?

  142. [re=102844]njdon[/re]: I want to see a cage match between Cindy and Michelle. After Michelle kicks the holy living shit out of Crazy Eyes, she can look down at her and say, ‘That’s how we do it in the streets, bitch.’

  143. [re=102838]slavojzizek[/re]: Comparing Wonkette and Common Dreams is just too funny. Common dreams is the most straight-laced left wing news outlet (the polite radical left, for librarians), and Wonkette, well, I’m still trying to figure out what I can’t say (though I’ve learned you can’t talk about anally raping Sarah Palin too vividly, or else you’ll lose posting privileges (for a few days)).

    Free Mumia! (just kidding).

  144. If a dollar is worth a seven dollar Euro, does that make my dollar worth seven dollars? If so, problem solved!

    Dumb ass would prefer to pay $7 for one Euro instead of paying $1.

    The morons have united here. Letting morons vote will make sure we crash now.
    Vote for the corporate bailout by Republicans & Democrats.
    Couldn’t they wait until Nov 5th for the bailout?
    When they claim $700 Bil they mean $7 tril.
    Bush said the war would only cost $50 bil.
    Half the Democrats voted for Hillary even when she got caught lying about being shot at in Bosnia.

    The stooges in America have united.

  145. [re=102834]sonofthemidwest[/re]: They’re not voting for a black man, sweetcheeks. They’re voting for a Democrat, just like they did for Kerry and Gore and…. etc.

    If you set your wayback machine for 18 months ago, you’ll recall that Hillz had a lock on the black vote, not Obiwan. Iowa changed everything.

    Nice try, though. Thanks for playing.

  146. When the Republican & Democrat jerks keep electing the same gov’t that squanders the treasury, allows the Chinese slave trade to take our jobs, start the Iraq war, and let banks bury bad mortgages into securitized packages and then buy them back (claiming it to be sophisticated)what word describes that better than morons, imbeciles, and stooges?

  147. [re=102849]Canuckledragger[/re]: guess what! voting for Obama makes me a racist and voting against him makes me a racist too! what a quandary. the horns of a dilemma. scyllia and charibdus, sysiphis, gordian knot, sword of damicles etc etc. stop me before i metaphor again!

  148. Bush was protected by Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Conyers, and 200 more Democrat assholes that you morons keep electing.

    All the Republicans would have impeached Bush to protect themselves if the Democrats followed the Constitution. Nixon was a joke compared to Bush and the Republicans forced his ass out.

    If Nader wasn’t on the ballot I’d vote for McKinney or Goofy.
    You don’t vote for the corporate bribe takers unless you’re stupid.

  149. The Black person is all hung up on the racial crap.

    If he wasn’t a racist he’d vote for Nader too.
    Obama can’t keep his lies straight.
    Obama’s argument is that he only lies less than McCain.
    I voted for Obama in the primary to vote against Hillary.
    At least 5,000,000 Republicans voted for Hillary and now they’ll vote for McCain.

  150. [re=102853]vigilante[/re]: Let me try,






    (does that help?)

  151. Keep coming back with dumb shit to prove my point.

    America has 100,000,000 morons, stooges, and sheep ready to keep electing the Republicans & Democrats to wreck their own jobs, money, stocks, and banks. Keep that corporate welfare booming you racist assholes. Keep that war going by electing Obama and Biden.

    Do you want to know why Bush started the war?

  152. [re=102556]EnBuenOra[/re]: Um . . . “‘We still don’t like black people,’ said John Clouse, 57, reflecting the sentiments of his pals gathered at a coffee shop in Somerset, Ohio.

    I apparently missed Ohio’s migration to the south. You’re all grossly misinformed if you think this is solely a southern problem.

  153. [re=102807]rambone[/re]: Maybe she would just bring her personal chef along and have him whip up a little something while she and Paula have one or two bottles of wine.

  154. [re=102859]lilblackcorvette[/re]: ooooo, I’d love to hear you keep talking dirty to me, but I’m just soo busy getting NADER elected…


    NADER/MUMIA 2008!!!!

  155. [re=102863]vigilante[/re]: Look, just because you are superior to me doesn’t mean you have to be mean to me. Im trying to write something stupider than you, but it isn’t easy — can’t you give a guy a break?


  156. [re=102849]Canuckledragger[/re]: Again: primaries. When well more than 90% of blacks in several states voted for Obama – a BLACK democrat – against Clinton – a WHITE democrat. Kinda not the same as “voting for a Democrat, just like they did for…” Are you still going to insist that Obama was obviously the best candidate in the primary? Why couldn’t white people come to that same conclusion? Blacks and whites think differently, based on our experiences and separate cultures.

  157. [re=102866]sonofthemidwest[/re]:
    It’s because Hill Billy Clinton opened up the racial floodgates with his “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina” line.

    Suddenly the black vote went from 60% Hilsbot to less than 10%. I remember, why can’t you?

  158. [re=102596]vigilante[/re]:
    Yes the Demrats and Repukes are both crooks. The difference is that one crook doesn’t cause the collapse of the financial system or kill thousands of people over daddy issues.

    On the other hand, in 2004 Nader gladly took Repuke tainted money to help draw votes away from the Demrats. Doesn’t that make the pure Nader look a bit like a whore too? Not even a half a diamond whore.

  159. [re=102871]facehead[/re]: Dear God- were you up all night debating a troll?! Y’know I love a good ideological bender like the rest, but babe- get some sleep!

  160. [re=102868]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Did Jesse Jackson NOT win South Carolina? Was Bill Clinton making that up? ‘Cause apparently it’s extremely offensive to tell the truth in this election cycle. I’m sure I’m displaying my white trash ignorance here, but ALL of the blacks I talk to in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina are voting for Obama. Most of them would have voted for Colin Powell or Condi Rice, who, you may have noticed, are Republicans. In the words of Diet Pepsi Max: “Wake Up, People!”

  161. [re=102848]vigilante[/re]: If Nader gives a shit, what was he doing the last 8 years other than screwing us into having Dubya as our Preznit? You’re an idiot. Stick with your WTC conspiracy groups, that’s the proper intellectual level for you.

  162. [re=102874]sonofthemidwest[/re]:
    Yes Jesse won SC. Bill’s whole point was that Obama won SC solely because he was black not because he had anything worthy to say. Lots of whites voted for Obama, too.

    Maybe you should ask yourself this: Are white people going to sell out their own best economic interests because they fear a black man?

    John McCain don’t give a fuck about white people either, especially non rich white people.

  163. [re=102866]sonofthemidwest[/re]:You know this ‘poll’ is a lie, right?

    Guess what? there is more genetic diversity WITHIN racial groups than between groups. So, Obama got the black vote and Hillary got the women over 45 vote. whoo. Big fu*kin’ deal. This is a big and diverse country mr. midwest.
    The choice now is McCain or Obama. Get over it. STFU. I would vote for Colin Powell before I would vote for Bible Spice/WALNUTS!.
    The one who is ‘injecting’ race into the race is you, buddy. We are all Americans.

    It was a brutal primary on the Dem side, for ALL the candidates. Not just Hill and Bill. I see they are out on the road for Obama now. Biden dissed Obama and he got over it because Biden has the best foreign policy credentials. Adults can act decently that way. If “Hillary Sent You” (her new campaign, btw) tell her to send you back, ok? You are not ready to be decent to us Obama supporters. You never see Chris Dodd supporters coming out jabbering on about how unfair the fuc*in’ primary was.

    Btw, the powerful group that oppresses the minority can be called racist. The powerless group cannot. Twas always thus.

    vigilante still a pawn of the GOP? yea, the hard left gets screwed by Rove every time. They love it.

  164. Gore couldn’t even win TN and Kerry was the worst Dem they could find.

    Grendel might win asshole of the day here. To lose against Bush in ’04 was hard for anyone except Kerry. Kucinich would have slaughtered Bush or McCain but the Democrats hate Dennis because he wanted to impeach Bush.

    Let’s hear more dumb shit from the biggest group of stooges in the world.

  165. [re=102866]sonofthemidwest[/re]:

    “Again: primaries. When well more than 90% of blacks in several states voted for Obama – a BLACK democrat – against Clinton – a WHITE democrat. Kinda not the same as “voting for a Democrat, just like they did for…””

    Get out your collection of old newspaper clippings and cite the black vote percentages earned by Gore and Kerry, both WHITE Dems. See any evidence that blacks broke for Bush? See the overwhelming preponderance of blacks voting for WHITE Dems, as has been the case since the early 60s? Rather undercuts your argument, no?

    Hillz had the black vote sewn up, until blacks realized the unthinkable: “white people are voting for ONE OF US?!?!?!” Or are you suggesting it was the massive black population of Iowa that put Hopey over the top there? You’re not arguing against me; you’re arguing against reality.

    “Are you still going to insist that Obama was obviously the best candidate in the primary?”

    What I “insist” is of little importance. What IS important is that a majority of Dems thought so, and voted their beliefs. That’s why he’s the nominee.

    “Why couldn’t white people come to that same conclusion?”

    They did. That’s why he’s the nominee. You seem to be arguing that there are equal numbers of black and white voters, and that’s just not the case, sweetie. Nobody can win the primary or federal election with only an “ethnic” vote, ANY ethnic vote, not even ALL the various “ethnic” voters combined. More than a few white voters must have figured in the Obama equation, and continue to do so, or the Dems polling numbers wouldn’t be what we see today.

    “Blacks and whites think differently, based on our experiences and separate cultures.”

    Well, clearly, a lot of white people think “differently” than you do. For which I’m eternally grateful.

    Who knew Ron Fournier is a “son of the midwest?” I thought he was just a racist son of a bitch.

  166. Don’t see where Politico found in the survey that the problem with Obama is race:

    “Just seven in 10 people who call themselves Democrats support Obama, compared to the 85 percent of self-identified Republicans who back McCain
    Lots of Republicans harbor prejudices, too, but the survey found they weren’t voting against Obama because of his race. Most Republicans wouldn’t vote for any Democrat for president—white, black or brown.”

    It’s about the Hillarytards, stupid.

    Also, Barack is only 50% black; they should market him as The Bipolar Candidate; mmm no, maybe The Hybrid Candidate? Yeah, that would appeal lots of corn-belt voters.

  167. [re=102870]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Or decide that torture is written into the constitution.

    Yea, I love how Nader let the torture/anti habeas corpus ticket get into the white house.

  168. ya know, the snowbilly’s judgement and experience far outshines Nadir’s. I mean what the hell has he done besides write some book about cars. I mean even Al Gore can write book too. And he won a nobel prize which is hard to beleive. And he whines a lot less.

  169. Hey does anyone know where Nadirtards hang out online? I’m thinking about starting Operation TruckNutz, along the lines of what we did to those Hilltardz sites.

  170. Ah, wonderful, these numbskulls are still here.

    [re=102874]sonofthemidwest[/re]: The thing you’re not pointing out is the fact that both Powell and Condi have brains in their skulls. Even if I disagree with their politics (especially Condi’s), I can’t fault someone for voting for them.

    CanuckleDragger, ManchuCandidate, Sati Demise, etc. already well pointed out the rest of the stupidity in your arguments.

    [re=102879]vigilante[/re]: Tits or GTFO.

  171. [re=102880]Canuckledragger[/re]: I must have missed something, but is George Bush black? I’m saying that in this primary, where blacks had the choice between a black candidate and a white candidate, the overwhelming majority voted for the black candidate. Where the choice is between a Democratic candidate who is white and a Republican candidate who is white, the majority of black voters voted for the Democratic candidate, as they did in the 2000 and 2004 general elections.
    The fact that a large number of white voters voted for Obama in the primary actually supports my argument, in that some white people apparently can see beyond color. If blacks look past color, then why did they vote, almost as a bloc, exclusively for Obama? Certainly, Edwards or Clinton must have appealed to some of them on principle.
    Oh, and thanks for the name-calling. It gives me a better appreciation for your reasoned arguments.

  172. [re=102890]sonofthemidwest[/re]: It’s called black pride. Blacks were very sceptical of Obama before Iowa. They didn’t think that he had a realistic shot. Iowa changed all that.

    Lets all take a chill pill and watch some football.

  173. So if the vigilante/sonofthemidwest argument is to be believed, I, a mid 30’s white mom of two from the Northeast, should’ve voted for Hillary, then I’ll vote McCain/Palin. Sorry. It was Barack in the primary and it’ll be Barack in November. Why? Because my brain works.

  174. [re=102890]sonofthemidwest[/re]: Why did blacks overwhelmingly vote for Bill clinton in the ’90’s?

    Keep beating that dead horse, though. It makes the meat tender before you grill it.

  175. oops football game is on. before i must run:
    i solved the problem of pat buchanan’s dementia; the irish potato famine occurred during the lifetime of benjamin disraeli although he did not take office ’til 1874 but who you going to blame. buchanan’s family probably had to leave ireland after 1847.

  176. [re=102898]Itsjustme[/re]: The point you all miss – and the heart of this “conversation” – is that there is such a small possibility that >90% of black voters voted for Obama by rational decision alone. There must have been a racial component to their thinking. Calling that “Black Pride” is a rationalization. If white voters think the same way then it’s racism.
    The fact that you identified with his message merely argues the point that some white voters can look beyond race. Can the same be said about black voters when given the choice between similarly qualified white and black candidates (assuming that could ever be the case?)

  177. Looks to me like the Ass Press has slipped a journalistic wheel. These guys are coming at the interpretive columns in the same slipshod way that the right-wing radio screamers do their shows. The AP is supposed to furnish news, not biased commentary. They failed, again.

    As far as racism, Sarah Palin’s husband is proudly part Igloo.

  178. [re=102902]sonofthemidwest[/re]:Madam de Rothschild, is that you? come on, we know it is you.

    Keep beating that dead horse. buddy. Fuck you. Yea. Black voters went for the best candidate, just as white voters did. Obama is getting more white women voters than Kerry because he is a better candidate than Kerry was.

    As to your question, why isnt Alan Keyes in office anywhere in the land? He is omg, black. He ran against Clinton did he not?

  179. [re=102902]sonofthemidwest[/re]: “….when given the choice between similarly qualified white and black candidates (assuming that could ever be the case?)”

    You are saying either:

    1. That black & white candidates could never be similarly qualified.


    2. That black candidates could never be equal to a white candidate.


    3. That white candidates could never be equal to a black candidate? (I assume this is not what you’re saying, but I’m putting it out there.)

    So that leaves you thinking/believing option 1 or 2, both of which are fallacious, inaccurate, racist & stupid.

  180. [re=102905]sati demise[/re]: If sonofthemidwest’s theory was correct, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have gotten a lot farther than they did. Jackson won a single state, once. How many did Sharpton win on his runs? Did either of them get a majority of the black vote during their runs for president? What, no? My goodness, black people have SOOO much power and are SOOO racist, how do we deal with it all? I blame all the black people in Iowa that started this mess. Ridiculous.

    All: the trolls are in full effect this week. To quote Hopey: “[T]hey will only grow louder and more dissonant.”

  181. [re=102902]sonofthemidwest[/re]: “If white voters think the same way then it’s racism.”

    No, but when white voters say dumb shit like “Blacks and whites think differently, based on our experiences and separate cultures,” I realize I’m dealing with somebody who just doesn’t pay attention very well to little details like, for example, WHITE PEOPLE ARE VOTING FOR A BLACK MAN BECAUSE THEY THINK HE’S THE BEST CANDYDATE FOR THE POSITION. Is there some reason that black voters should be disallowed from doing the same thing? Because some peon somewhere might misconstrue this as racial bias in favour of one’s own kind?

    Seems to me that blacks and whites are thinking identically: they’re voting for the candydate they think is most qualified. Feel free to disagree that he IS the most qualified if you like, but terms like “separate cultures” I guess means that I’m not supposed to like Spike Lee films, or listen to James Brown records, or eat ‘soul food.’ Or that blacks cannot listen to classical music or read Shakespeare, because then our “cultures” wouldn’t be “separate” like they should be in your apartheid imagination. Get a clue.

    “The fact that you identified with his message merely argues the point that some white voters can look beyond race. Can the same be said about black voters when given the choice between similarly qualified white and black candidates (assuming that could ever be the case?)”

    The PEOPLE, black and white, have already decided which candydate they think is most qualified, which is likely the cause of your indignant pique. Get over it. Your fantasy that Obama has been the beneficiary of black racism may play well with bitter PUMAS, but here, it’s “no sale.” You’ve stumbled into the wrong venue if you’re trying to sell that shit.

    As for name-calling, you must be new to these parts, stranger. We call ’em as we see ’em here, pardner, so if the asshat fits, wear it.

  182. [re=102902]sonofthemidwest[/re]: What the holy hell are you doing here, troll? Is there even a point to this renarded, racist little rant you have going?

  183. Wow. This vigilante person (Nader troll) is not only unfunny, but kinda, you know, insane. Like more than Paultard insane. What the hell does he plan on accomplishing? Here let’s see if I can be influential:




    I fucking hate Nader. I dont hate ALL the Nader people, but seriously what the fuck? Barry isn’t perfect, but he’s certainly not the same as Walnuts. I cannot believe that the vigilante troll exists, as if he will make a difference. HE HAS DONE NOTHING YOU FUCKHEAD…. except for the seat belts. Thanks for that.
    Nader stands for one thing: being the real “Maverick” third party candidate in a two party system. Other than that he is an attention whore who probably should have died in 1980, when he still had political capital and not a raging case of herpes/hemroids that has made him the sad shit-sack he is today. I almost feel sorry for him, and then fucking people like you show up (vigilante) and remember what useless, crazy wing-nut bastard some of you Natards can be.

    Good luck with that. If you people screw up this election again, I will be coming for you, cajun style.

  184. The Wright hit job by McCain is coming. Soon. Very soon. Probably Monday.
    It’s the old man’s only shot. He has to drum up white resentment (check that-white ENTITLEMENT) or he’s done. It’s a widely know fact that Walnut’s campaign would rather talk about controversy than actual issues, because he’s on the wrong side of almost all of the issues. And all of the media bobble heads will talk about it ad nauseum all freaking week. God I hate the MSM.

  185. Poll AP Question 23: “Would you prefer to vote for a BLACK man who is dangerously unqualified to be allowed off the plantation and just wants to take your women and guns and is married to an uppity LIBERAL BLACK woman, or a PATRIOTIC WHITE Republican who loves America and was a prisoner of war?”

    Then, in February, VP Bullwinkle struts into the Oval Office, flashes her boobs at the President, making him keel over dead, then steps over the body to assume her rightful celebrity throne as Queen. America lives happily ever after.

  186. [re=102911]Hunter Gathers[/re]: I knew that was coming, but everyone was all ‘no, Wright’s been played out in the primaries.’ Anything Walnuts can use to gin up racial intolerance will be done. He sold his soul for his one shot at the brass ring. He doesn’t care about what pundits/MSM say about him anymore; he doesn’t care about integrity. It’s all about the ends justifying the means.

  187. [re=102914]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: The question is, will anyone other than the right-wing fucktards care? It’s an unknown. I personally think it will go over like a lead ballon, with the giant cluster-fuck going on with the economy. But I’ve been wrong before. I knew it was coming too, but I also thought that Walnuts would have been smart enough to do it the week before the election. But, then again, intelligence isn’t his strong suit. Doing it now is really fucking stupid.

  188. [re=102918]V572625694[/re]: Vacation at moms in Chicago without my precious elitist laptop. On dial up right now. And ya I can see that the trolls have been having a field day ’round these parts.

    Keep fighting brave Wonkette warriors. Fight on with yer bad selvz.

  189. [re=102914]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Well, we do have a bit of a Bible Spice religious fucktardery to throw back now. Palin on tape, last June, thanking a authentic Xtian witch hunter for praying over her? Yea, and a black pastor to boot, wackier than Wright could ever be…. Palin is about to get outed herself if they take a Wright and go that route

  190. [re=102906]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Generally in our system, voters narrow down the race between two candidates, whether in the primaries or in the general election where the two party system makes this a no-brainer. (This is why even I can understand it.) Do you think it’s possible that ANY two candidates can be similarly qualified based on experience, beliefs, platform and (gasp!) race? If they were, then it would be pretty difficult for the candidates to differentiate themselves, making the whole point of an election moot. Stop flaming and start thinking.
    My first post of this “conversation” made it clear that I accept the given of white prejudice/resentment/entitlement. Can’t we allow for black resentment?
    The comparison I made between H. Clinton and Obama was there because both are Democrats and therefore, the “blacks voted for Gore/Kerry” component of the argument doesn’t apply.
    The question remains: What special quality does Obama have that appeals so stongly to black voters that >90% of them voted for him in the primaries? If he can identify it, and help white voters respond to it as strongly as black voters do, then he’s a shoe-in for the general election. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  191. I’ve been keeping tabs on this blog throughout the day. I noticed that Vigilante hasn’t shown up in a while. Do you think he had to get to his NAMBLA meeting?

  192. [re=102913]TeddyS[/re]: Except the Queen Bible Spice will be determined to play out the last days of the apocalypse on the world stage. She will have nukes.

    Diggin’ my bomb shelter this afternoon, stockin’ it up, tampin’ down the lead hatch..

  193. [re=102919]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I’m Italian. “Fighting on with mah bad self” means finding vigilante’s and sonofthemidwest’s addresses, going over there, and kneecapping their family members until they start doing what I say, which includes but is not limited to campaigning for Barry and signing up for my “Insurance Plan.” So I’m not going to do that, on account of my desire to not go to a federal fuck-me-in-the-ass prison.

    Nice to see you back, and hope you can return on a more permanent basis soon.

  194. [re=102920]sati demise[/re]: Hmmm…. I hope you’re right. But the 527s need to get these ads created yesterday. Hopey won’t do it; he’s too high-minded & none of his surrogates seem to have a pulse most of the time (except Wexler & Wasserman Schultz–go FL Jews!).

  195. [re=102921]sonofthemidwest[/re]: what special quality does Hillary have that made the majority of voters, women over 45, vote for her? Their policy proposals were similar, but Obama is a much better organizer, manager, more modern in his approach, more COMPETENT, more intelligent. And thats why he got more white votesthan Hillary in the primary.

    Obama is doing better with white women than Kerry, and he is doing better with white women than Bill Clinton did in the ’90’s. Explain that.

    You want to boil all this down to ‘why cant Obama close the deal?’ Guess what? He already has closed the deal. Just a dwindling few Hilltards and bitters refuse to look at reality, Madam de Rothschild.

  196. [re=102921]sonofthemidwest[/re]: It was a combination of black pride, the lack of baggage compared to HRC, and Bill Clinton’s absolutely jackass behavior in South Carolina. He was running around down there, dropping bits of code (I know code when I hear it), hoping to increase white support and maybe get 30-40% of the african-american vote that she had prior to SC (polling data showed that she was splitting the black vote about 50-50 before Iowa). It’s never as simple as ‘he’s black’.

    The reason Democrats always pull such a large percentage of the black vote is because of the remnants of Tricky Dick’s ‘Southern Strategy’. They have been demonized (and continue to be) in elections for 40 years now. A black republican would never get that high of a percentage of the black vote because that person would still be a REPUBLICAN. If blacks voted for blacks blindly, than Michael Steele would be one of Maryland’s senators by now. But he’s not.

  197. [re=102921]sonofthemidwest[/re]: “Do you think it’s possible that ANY two candidates can be similarly qualified based on experience, beliefs, platform and (gasp!) race? If they were, then it would be pretty difficult for the candidates to differentiate themselves, making the whole point of an election moot. Stop flaming and start thinking.”

    Yes, but “qualifications” doesn’t mean “positions” or “platforms”. In a perfect world, these would be the only things we vote on.

    “The question remains: What special quality does Obama have that appeals so stongly to black voters that >90% of them voted for him in the primaries? If he can identify it, and help white voters respond to it as strongly as black voters do, then he’s a shoe-in for the general election. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?”

    What special quality… hmmm… well, I’ll grant you some did because of race, if you’ll grant that the rest voted for him because of his social liberalism, some voted for the message, some identified with him personally, some liked his personal background, some liked his “strong diplomacy” version of foreign politics, some went Barry because they didn’t like Hilz… you know, ALL OF THE REASONS THAT WHITE PEOPLE VOTE FOR BARRY, OR DON’T.

  198. The strength of Obama’s strategy is the fact that he’s trying (and will succed) to create an entirely NEW coalition of voters to get him to 270 electoral votes. A combination of blacks, latinos, the young, women and any number of demographic subsets. Everyone has been trying to rebuild the Reagan coalition for 20 years now. The problem with that strategy is that, much to the dismay of people like Peggy Noonan, is that Reagan is DEAD. And a decent amount of people who voted for Reagan are also pushing up daisies. And all HRC would have tried to do is rebuild the Reagan coalition, and she would have failed at it.

  199. [re=102928]Hunter Gathers[/re]: “If blacks voted for blacks blindly, than Michael Steele would be one of Maryland’s senators by now. But he’s not.”

    Yes & Harold Ford Jr. would be a senator from TN & Alan Keyes would be less of a political punchline.

    And I can’t think of anything to add to Hunter Gathers, Strictly for the Tardcore & sati demise!

  200. [re=102931]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: One additional reason why people supported Obama:

    His speech. The speech he gave denouncing the Iraq war as a ‘dumb war’. This is the main reason he is the Democratic candidate.

    I marched with 15 million others world wide against the war starting in Iraq. Barry was marching with us. And thats where I first remember seeing Barry. I might have seen his Dem convention speech, but it was never as important as Obama standing up with all of us from the reality based community who knew Iraq was a fuc*in’ lie.

  201. [re=102931]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I must admit that when people try to come up with a simple explanation for anything, they usually get it wrong. I don’t buy into black/white, good/evil, or any other oversimplistic generalization. I see gray in just about everything, much to my own detriment. Take the bailout kerffufle. I’m not going to make a decision on it until I see what the bill looks like. I don’t enough about economics to make a gut-check level judgement on it, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Just for fun: Walnuts is a complete and utter fucktard who should be sent to the Springfield Retirement Castle so I don’t have to listen to his dumb ass anymore. Tomorrow he will talk about how when he was younger, he used to tie an onion to his belt, which was the style at the time.

  202. [re=102933]Hunter Gathers[/re]: “I don’t buy into black/white, good/evil, or any other oversimplistic generalization. I see gray in just about everything, much to my own detriment.”

    Sir (ma’am? It’s hard to tell on the InterTubes), that’s the thing that makes you a better person than WALNUTS!, Glasses!, and most of the people in this country. It’s not detrimental. It’s a testament to the strength of your character and intelligence; indeed, the character and intelligence of most of our fellow Wonketteers.

    Not counting sonofthemidbitch and vigilante, of course.

  203. [re=102936]Strictly for the Tardcore[/re]: You have no idea how often I get bitched at for not subscribing to ‘truthiness’. Of course most of the people who bitch at me couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag (wet-sack conservatives). It’s just frustrating as all hell. Makes me want to go on a multi-state killing spree.

  204. [re=102937]Hunter Gathers[/re]: You might be surprised how much I can identify with this. I come from that’s pretty much defined by social divides, and the majority side of that divide considers “city folk” to be untrustworthy. The more rural half of the population considers the Republican party to be completely on the right track, even though they’re not educated enough to even name two or three of the party’s platforms.

    The thing on the Daily Show where they went around the RNC, asking people if they could name small-town, American values, and nobody could come up with anything more substantial than “America rules!!!”? I had the worst feeling that someone transported the older population of my state, whole cloth, down to the RNC.

    Multi-state killing spree? I’m fine with a killing spree in my own state, thanks.

  205. Oh God. 60 Minutes has an interview with WALNUTS right now. They’re using a close up that make him look just frightening. His eyes are all red rimmed, and his face rivals Mad Eye Moody.

  206. Hunter: Maybe black Americans are voting for him because he was the best candidate, in their opinion. Same as me, and I’m about as white as can be. I was for Obama the first time I heard him speak at the Democrat convention four years ago because I was waiting, (yes, praying) for someone to energize the Democratic Party and speak of sincerely and eloquently speak of the real meaning of American values.

    So then the question becomes, why are white Republicans threatened by this man? The GOP is running away from President Bush and straight into the arms of his political mirror image. These same GOP voters only last year were doing everything but throwing rocks at John McCain and now he’s a saint who stands for everything they hold dear. McCain sold out to the radical rightwingnuts, and they sold out their own principles.

    And for extra mustard, the possibility of Sarah Palin becoming President of the United States should leave everyone frightened. So, Hunter, why are rightwingnuts embracing her to the exclusion of their good sense? Sorry. End of lecture. McCain looks at Palin and dreams about drilling.

  207. oooooooo!!! There hasn’t been a post for over a half hour, is the national conversation about race over yet? Who won? I know it was a long time coming, but 24 hours should be enough to get all this racial crap out of our systems.

    HUZZAH!!! RACISM IS DEAD!!! 9/21/08 R.I.P.

  208. White Repubs will always live in fear. Period. They live their lives under the security blanket of familiarity, and nothing or nobody is going to change that. The apples don’t fall far from the tree, and you can find several generations in the same trailer court, passing their distrust onto their offspring. The kids know that they hate people, but are unable to give a valid reason why they do. Usually the answer starts as “Cuz mah diddy sez…”. Their animosity isn’t limited to race or nationality, but encompasses all outsiders. They will make sure that you completely understand that “Y’aint from ’round here!”. Repeatedly. Anybody from beyond their mentally-constructed wall is a threat to their way of life and therefore will never be welcomed.

  209. Sigh… I’ll just stay away until we get another good sex scandal or something. Wake me up when this election thingy is over. Wonkette is no place to argue politics.

  210. [re=102954]NSRose[/re]: I agree. Why don’t we speak about analingus in all of its infinite variations. I’ll start off.

    I am against giving, but might be in favor or receiving analingus. Does this make me selfish or a bad person? Discuss.

  211. [re=102958]Delicious[/re]: I’m sure half of them were there just to see her honkers. Hell, I’d go. And yeah, I wouldn’t mind poking her in the cariboose either, if ya get my snowdrift..

  212. American stooges unite. Its one party Republicans & Democrats.
    They started the Iraq war together and protected Bush from impeachment.
    Shipped the jobs to slaves in China & India and gave tax breaks to the super rich.
    They sunk the dollar and the Constitution.

    Now they’ll start writing dumb shit about swallowing jiz cauz they’re stooges.
    They want to argue about racial crap because they’re all morons.

    Nader would get 96% if the morons quit following the media propaganda that brainwashed
    the stooge party. Kiss your jobs and stocks good-bye.

  213. I want to start a new national dialogue, here and now, at 10:30 on a Sunday night, on the only serious political blog left. Subject: The Vagina.

    Are vaginas nocturnal? What do they eat? How do they reproduce? Do they have a language? Can they communicate with non-vaginas? Mating habits? Migratory patterns? What role do vaginas play in global warming?


  214. [re=102963]facehead[/re]: Well, I own one, so I am without question an expert. Yes, we do tend to awaken later in the evening- so all of you guys who awaken with what you believe is the world’s most awesomest erection each morning- stop poking us in the back.

    We do communicate with other vaginas if only to say- keep it closed, when necessary.

    We tend to mate with those that match us best, sort of a gatekeeper/keymaster thing.

    The only migrating we do is further south depending on the number of babies we’ve pushed out.

    As to global warming, the only effect I can think of is due to friction…mostly at night (see the start of this post).

  215. geez…now that i read this entire string, i’m too tired to post.
    guess i’ll smoke another doober and take it down.

    [re=102962]vigilante[/re]: congratulations for having found an
    alternate universe.

  216. [re=102962]vigilante[/re]:
    Hey, Ron Paul has a blimp you guyz could rent. Also some rooshin Spambots. After all, selling “trooth” worked so well for them.

  217. [re=102962]vigilante[/re]:
    As others have asked, what exactly has The (real chosen) One done in the past 8 years to illustrate his capacity to get things changed? Nader and the vast majority of the Nader supporters come out of the woodwork each election cycle spouting a bunch of rubbish. And the spouting of rubbish and an inability to tell people what exactly you’re going to do to make the lives of the American people better is what makes you more like some of the members of the parties you so despise than you’d ever like to admit.

  218. [re=102962]vigilante[/re]: Fuck you. Fuck you and go to hell. You are a fucking retard from the land of palsia. Please continue this rampid bullshit. Why are you still not dead? I hope that you are lucky enough to be banned from here, as well as humanity.

  219. My 89-year-old grandmother is pretty racist, and a life-long Dem, growing up in the great Depression and all. And even she is not silly enough to vote for McCain.

  220. wow, monday morning. time to start printing money. let’s see-700 billion for paulson, 50 suitcases of hundreds for iraq, 30 duffel bags for afghanistan, and this special requirements list for friends of the administration.

    let’s see.
    green ink.
    switch it on.
    roll ’em.

  221. Mc Cain must’ve really blew it last night. Even the most raging repubs on my job are apologizing(!!) to me this morning. They’re saying ” I never listened to him before” now they are going to listen to the issues and get back to me. I say thanks, then maybe you can tell me what the hecks going on! I didn’t see the interview but he must have really blew it! Anybody see it last night? got any highlights?

  222. I didn’t see 60 Minutes last night, but I was just doing some paperwork while listening to the “Today” show. Meredith Viera was ripping McCain a new one and asking some very tough questions. I was getting scared for her, when suddenly I heard a loud SCREAAAMMM and I whipped around to see the TV, just knowing Grandpaw had lost it and was choking Meredith…but no, they had just cut to a clip of Palin speaking in front of a crowd.

    However, I have a whole new respect for Meredith Viera or however you spell it.

  223. Now I know what Palin’s voice reminds me of. When I was a kid, the neighbor lady had seven kids and all she did from dawn to dusk was scream like a fish wife. It might explain why I have the urge to drop the cookies and run every time I hear Palin.

  224. [re=102625]Strictly for the Tardcore[/re]: Funny think is that people like vigilante are always going to think that someone who’s not white will vote for someone because their the same race. I’m sure if there’s dime for every white person in this country that say black people will vote for Obama becasue he’s (half) black, we could have a surplus that will rival the Clinton Administration.

    Also, I have to wonder who’s really playing a race card in some instances. I know there’s alot of African-Americans and other people of color, who will see something that’s not really there, racsim-wise, but what about White Americans? Alot of white people are just as quick to say someone is playing the card just as fast, if not faster than the non-white person to say racism.

    It’s as if people like this saying that a non-white person is voting for a candidate because of race, who better yet, when Geralding (typo, it stays) Ferarro hemmed and hawed about people liking Obama because he was the shiny new black guy…oh, but she wasn’t behind Hillary because she’s a woman, no sir!

  225. [re=103054]lilblackcorvette[/re]: I asked it right. Most of the black people I know, myself included are voting for Obama, regardless of the amount of blackness.

  226. FWIW, Somerset, Ohio, Soy bean farmer John Clouse has altered his tune somewhat (as has the AP) since last the AP visited Somerset in August:
    Ohio swing county rejects labels, goes with gut
    August 23, 2008
    SOMERSET, Ohio (AP) — Henry George’s family has lived on the same Ohio farm for 200 years. The 69-year-old retiree drinks coffee every morning only a few miles from where he grew up in Perry County.

    The county is a confounding tract of this politically shifting state, notable for backing conservative Republican George Bush for president in 2004 and liberal Democrat Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate in 2006.

    “Our track isn’t so political,” George says by way of explanation. “Our track is more practical day-to-day life, and politics just screws it up.”

    Perry County, population 35,313, is a mix of farm fields, forest and small cities. In the past decade, the northern region has been gradually overtaken by commuters who work in Columbus about 45 miles to the west.

    That variety partly explains its political reversals. Thirty of Ohio’s 88 counties — most with the same city-country hodgepodge of ideas — flipped allegiances from the Republicans to the Democrats between 2004 and 2006.
    George and his coffee companions on this recent morning, John Clouse, 57, and Dick Turner, 71, view Obama as a “post turtle.”
    “You know when you’re driving down the road and you see a turtle on a fence post?” George asks. “Well, you know that turtle didn’t get up there by himself. Someone’s got to have put him up there. And if there’s one thing you know, it’s sooner or later that turtle’s going to fall.”

    Democrats privately worry that Obama’s skin color will lose him — and even some local Democratic candidates — votes. Only about three-tenths of a percent of county residents are black.

    “What I’m feeling is people are starting to lean toward Obama, that those who may have had some prejudices may have put those aside for the good of the country,” said Midge Palmer, a Perry County native who is volunteering for his campaign. “At least that’s what I’m hoping.”

    Perry County Republican Chairman Lowell Morrison said he doesn’t believe race will be the deciding factor between Obama and John McCain in these swing regions for the Nov. 4 election.

    “Appalachians are one of the groups of people who will vote for principle and not the pocketbook,” he said. “Patriotism is never far from the top of the list among my people. Sacrifice for country, duty, honor — that sort of stuff is huge.”

    [More at link]

  227. [re=103325]lilblackcorvette[/re]: I’ll take a “guess”

    Doesn’t have much in the way of education or intelligence, and makes no apoligies, usually like to call other people who even form a complete sentence, as trying to sound white. “Looks down” at other people who actually have some type of goals, accuses them of not keeping it “real.” Common signs are loud voices, weaves with colors not usually found in nature, and rough-looking visages. Celebrity examples include “Boots” from Flavor of Love and rapper DMX, aka Earl “What the fuck is a Barack?” Simmons.

    Non-black equivilents inclused “Trailer trash” “rednecks” and “Kenzos”, which is exclusive to Philadelphia, PA, and “chavs”, which are native to the United Kingdom.

    Rhetorical question, is this a pissing contest?

  228. I know we’re all about snark here, but I’m going to get sappy/serious on you all.

    I am a female. I am African-American. I am under thirty years of age. I live in Alabama. I work in a law firm in downtown Huntsville. I say all this to give, I guess, a bit of insight?

    Before this presidency campaign began, I had only ever experienced racism a cumulative three times in my life here. Yeah, three is still pretty negative, but compared to the norm, I have lived a ‘racially sheltered’ life. My parents raised myself and my siblings to be ‘color blind’. My father and mother have worked hard their entire lives. Both are college-graduates, both have wonderful jobs (my father recently retired from the military) and both have done, what I think to be, a kickass job in raising me. They do not ‘blame the man’ as the ever-popular adage goes. That was a mouthful and a huge sidebar to what I really want to say.

    Since Obama gained the Democratic nomination, I have never been more proud and at the same time saddened to be a Black American. Just the fact that a black nominee has a serious stake for the presidency is something commendable. I don’t understand why it has to always boil down to negativity? Yes, he is black. Many of you should simply get over it, acknowledge fully and BE PROUD THAT OUR COUNTRY HAS COME THIS FAR! We went from an era of slavery and intolerance so intense that we, black people, were marginalized as little more than property. And now today, we have a black man vying for the chance to contribute to this country’s well-being.

    I am embarrassed and saddened because in our world of politics, its okay to insinuate someone is a n*gger, lazy, ignorant, a ‘community organizer’ if it gains you a demographic. Its okay to interview hate-mongers on nationally-televised new syndicates and spread this vitriol of racism. I consider myself a person of strong character, but as of late I have grown insecure with myself. Is racism really a defunct mindset? Are the people I consider my peers also those who help to keep this mentality going? Why is there this fervent need to belittle a man based on his race or religion? Why do we place men who consider racism a virtue on pedestals? I understand we are all entitled to our freedom of speech, choice, and thoughts. Without that I wouldn’t be able to post my opinion here on Wonkette. What I don’t understand is the hatred, and yes, that is what I see every day I bother to view the news.
    We’re all trying so hard to end this dreadful war we’ve been embroiled in that we fail to see the war we’re brewing amongst ourselves. I don’t support Obama because he is a black man. I support him because his views , his plan, and his approach to the presidency are points on which I can relate.

    P.s.: Sorry for the wordy version of self-truthiness.

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