Did you see child embryo harvester loser Michele Bachmann speak, just now? She was looking pretty! Her speech was tragically boring, by Bachmann Standards, but she did say on CNN last night that Sarah Palin has more experience than “Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined.” Oh god now there is some young gal lip syncing on on the stage. Btw, look at those glass panels in front of the steps to the glossy stage. The steps are INACCESSIBLE and fraudulent, just like this whole thing, bah. AND STILL no one is here.

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  1. These up-skirt shots off that mirrored floor are a Republican Coup!

    *praying for the Bush twins to give a speech while wearing catch-me-if-you-can skirts*

  2. [re=79914]SayItWithWookies[/re]: HIS retarded son. Damn they stomped all over Chief Hanson’s appearance. Lost a vote. I suppose that’s a drink.

  3. Hilarious that they don’t trust their own delegates enough to stay behind the velvet rope–they had to put the plexiglass fence in front of the stairs on the stage, too.

  4. Oh, I forgot, it’s a FREEDOM stage that has to be contained! They’re not trying to keep people off the glass steps up to the cage, they’re trying to keep all the freedom from spilling out into the crowd…

  5. Teddy Roosevelt had a well-known motto: Speak softly and carry a big stick.
    George Bush has a similar motto: Speak loud and get your big stick caught in a stump, and let your enemies gather together and chew you to pieces. Then blame the Democrats.

  6. I know I’m the only one listening on the radio, but NPR is trying their damndest to sound like they really approve of the entire thing, complimenting the Republicans on the stark simplicity of the stage and talking about how the seats are filling up. You know what else is filling up? My throat. With bile.

  7. [re=79916]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: NPR is making it sound like repubs are united, the convention is rockin, delegates are fired up and sarah palin is god’s gift to evangelicals and disaffected pantsuits everywhere.


  8. [re=79910]SayItWithWookies[/re]: err…that whole Lincoln montage was horrifying and also confusing, kinda like McCain every time he goes off cue cards!

  9. I am impressed by the big screen on the background of the stage. But…all that water flowing? Is that for Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Sarah’s or Bristol’s tummy, or Bristol Bay, or what?

  10. [re=79941]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Oh I love it when they do that. Maybe I read too much of what I want into what they say, but they fling the backhanded compliments like pennies at poor children.

  11. that’s a turpentine shot with a glue gun chaser. and the pexiglass barricade? like they’re all going to rush the stage in their walkers and canes. very dawn of the living dead. cindy’s maid/child must of spent the whole day wiping off the fingerprints and layers of bengay.

  12. [re=79941]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: By this point in the DNC, by all accounts, you had to murder someone in ritual combat just to get standing room. How can they call “the place is filling up” this late in day two anything other than the harshest backhanded compliment they could come up with?

  13. I seriously can’t stomach any more of this….I mean who is this “Democrat” who supports John McCain? Sometimes I take Ambien to help me sleep, but this coverage of the RNC and the shots of the people in the audience are making me verrrry sleepy.

  14. I’m really sick of these Teddy Roosevelt comparisons to Palin. Roosevelt was a highly regarded historical writer and assistant secretary of the navy (actually was running the thing) before he became governor of New York. And he killed Spaniards!

  15. [re=79943]ladymacbeth[/re]: The MSM has lost the ability even to TRY to be objective. Now the only way to be “objective” is to merely say positive things about everything. It’s tragic particularly if its on NPR. I see an awful lot of tighty whiteys.

  16. [re=79953]shanadee[/re]: Seeing Barbara B. again makes me remember Imus’s remark about GWB 41. Imus said he liked him, he just didn’t know why he married his mother.

  17. WHO THE FUCK is doing the speech right now? The whole “I almost died, I almost died, I almost died, I was going to die, I was on death watch, my parents were watching me die, I was dying.” WTF?

  18. [re=79978]loquaciousmusic[/re]:

    I really don’t understand the whole Sara thing – honestly. I realize there are alot of people who love her for loving the the baby jesus so much, but I really think her ultra-conservative, trailer park lifestyle will backfire in the end. I’ll tell you if I’m right in early Nov.

    I think it has become a side show to many people in the country (much like the god-awful red Madison Ave. advertising now on Wonkette)

  19. [re=79945]btwbfdimho[/re]: I just thank Jeebus it’s not the flag background! When it isn’t trying to hypnotize me, it’s searing my retinas.

  20. [re=79981]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Sorry, my kid hit the Enter key with his Hot Wheel. Anyhoo, we’re watching Anthony Zimmers(?) Tasty Travels on the Travel Channel. He’s eating roaches & bull testicles & squid eyes, still less gross than watching the RNC’s dog & pony show.

  21. People are going crazy over the First Lady…she seems a little more awake than yesterday, which I guess is a step up from today’s earlier speeches.

  22. [re=79986]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: somebody who almost died.

    from leg bleeding.

    no offense meant leg bleeding lady.

    now i have to go eat jelly babies and hurry off to hell.

  23. [re=80080]ladymacbeth[/re]: They were up and looked like they were walking out…and then they sat back down.

    I’m so relieved this monkey won’t be in DC anymore.

  24. HAHAHA, love the plexiglass… like everything elas about the GOP – the stairs only provide the ILLUSION of access to power by the masses.

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