Oh god that horrible imitation of a human laugh. “Well, heh heh heh, at least no Arabian horses died. Heh heh heh heh.” HILARIOUS. Only thousands of poor black people died, after Katrina. And McCain made a super funny joke about how doomed flunkie Michael Brown — the FEMA chief who previously worked for an Arabian horse club — at least hadn’t killed any precious horses owned by billionaires!

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  1. This is part and parcel of how evil Walnuts! is…I figured it out…he really hates women alot..He trotted out Governor Snowbilly, fully knowing that it would blow up horribly, thus automatically disqualifying anyone with a uterus from ever attaining the office of President or VP ever!!! Damn, that fucker’s a genius…

  2. Bush waiting several days after water hit New Orleans to fly out drunk is oddly similar to Sarah Palin’s waiting several hours after her water broke to leave her energy meeting and fly to Alaska in labor.

  3. [re=78657]mookworthjwilson[/re]: You have to wonder if this isn’t the GOP’s plan… Systematically nominating incompetent and mildly retarded candidates to ensure that that demographic never has a hope of being president. Next he’ll pick some Cuban who’ll turn out to run a sex ring specializing in uni-testicled boys under the age of 6… Followed by an Asian who likes to club baby seals. We’ll have 11 or 12 VP picks by November… And a black man will be elected but will undoubtedly be assassinated by several Arizona drug addicts (Cindy McCain?) to ensure that NO NON WHITE MALE UNDER THE AGE OF 50 EVER HOLDS OFFICE AGAIN! Kennedy was obviously a mistake which was not dealt with in a timely fashion.

  4. [re=78644]Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star[/re]: I also have a visceral reation to everything about him: When he laughs, raises his eyebrows (aw shuck), breathes in that old man way when he is trying to give a speech, and as a woman (not a gal!), when he uncontrollably winks his left eye- it totally grosses me out. “Hello Ladies…Big Mac is back.” He sees himself as that sexy Marlboro man, hanging in the Hanoi Hilton, yes I respect his service to this country and how awesome it must have been for him to drop bombs on civilians, women, grandfathers, children, and babies; list all life forms in Viet Nam.

    And what the fuck is going on at the RNC- I saw at least 3 tiaras on females in just this one abbreviated day, when I briefly checked to see what they weere doing. A Hurricane is just so much sexier than old beauty queens and their white male counterparts.

  5. yes, safety nets and cradle to grave security for billionaires. their royal lineage is too fragile for adversity.

    do we have to pay for another house for trent lott?

  6. Fucking Cuervo. No Arabian horses died during Katrina because the survivors were too busy eating each other at the fucking Superdome to be bothered with grinding horsemeat up into Korean tapas and handing out tiny American flags.

    McCunt has lost his mind. Thank God I don’t have to change his diapers.

  7. BWAHAHA NO DEAD HORSES!!! *sniff* Move over Huckabee, there’s a new comedic genius in town and he’s about to win this election in a “laugher”.

    Maybe if Hopey the Islamo-Communist Coke-Whore had spent 5 1/2 years without a kitchen table, he’d be capable of “having some fun” about things like rape, lesbianism, and one of the deadliest natural disasters in US history. HAHAHA, no wonder he’s crushing Obama bin Biden in all the polls!

  8. [re=78703]foog[/re]: See? Typical liberal scum laughing about one of the deadliest natural disasters in US history. Disgusting leftist filth. No wonder General McCain is crushing Obama bin Biden in all the polls!

  9. [re=78705]Mr. Dick Sprinkles[/re]: Polls shmolls. Don’t be so cocky. If the Right can spin a teen pregnancy as the triumph of Christian Values, you damned well better BET they’ll come up with a way to paint Fowler’s attitude as a crime against humanity while McCain was, errrr, “showing humanity and humour in the face of a great crisis”. If the past 8 years are any indication, the smart money is on “you can never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public”.

  10. [re=78666]PentagonBookkeeper[/re]: Tiaras? Really? Can we get some photos of this? What being Miss Congeniality is now the ‘in’ thing at the GOP? (They were on women, right?)

  11. [re=78706]foog[/re]: foog, if this were 2004 I would begrudgingly agree with you, but I sense that the undecideds and independents who will decide this election are not *as* susceptible to the same old Rovian spin tactics. Sure, the 28-percenters will feast on Fowler’s idiocy, but so what? To a non-freeper, McCain’s insensitivity will at the very least cancel out any Fowler fallout. After all, Fowler is an unknown, disposable surrogate, whereas McCain is a candidate.

  12. McCain is vile; a s vile as a gigantic purple ad for “Choke on my Dick” or something that takes up the whole screen. Yes, that offensively vile.

  13. Ken, really now.

    “Only thousands of poor black people died, after Katrina.”

    1,000 people died in Louisiana, 51% were black, around half were over the age of 75, and a whopping 40% drowned in their homes. With New Orleans having around 70% black people, white people were actually more affected by Katrina than black people.

    Those are the FACTS, Ken. Another FACT is that none of these people would have drowned if the BLACK mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, had followed through on the city’s emergency plans, and if the DEMOCRATIC governor, Kathleen Blanco, had gotten her thumb out of her ass and listened to President Bush when he told her to enact a mandatory evacuation TWO DAYS before the storm hit.

    Blanco waited until 20 HOURS out, and Nagin left HUNDREDS of buses unused while hundreds of people drowned to death. Blanco only asked the federal government for $9 million to help prepare for the storm, including NO military forces.

    It was only TWO DAYS after the storm that she asked for federal military assistance, since her biased view of the military left her afraid that they would do something to the poor looters in New Orleans.

    Those are the FACTS, indisputable FACTS. How much did Bush do this time around? He didn’t have to. You want to know why, Ken?

    Because this time Nagin ACTUALLY DID HIS JOB and the REPUBLICAN governor, Jindal, called for an evacuation well ahead of the storm to allow people enough time to EVACUATE.

    You know, EVACUATE, verb, meaning to get the hell away from somewhere where you are going to end up dead if you stay.


    Or are you still going to regurgitate your media-approved Narrative™ which pretends that the poor local DEMOCRATIC politicians who had the FIRST AND FOREMOST responsibility were blameless and the Evil Bush™ and his Evil Henchmen™ were the cause of people not getting the hell out of their homes?

    It’s people like you who will allow Obama to lose in November, because some of us moderate independents are just sick and tired of all your God damn bullshit. Take responsibility for your actions, or lack thereof, you God damn cowards.

  14. He’s actually wrong – I have a friend who does animal rescue in Texas and they swung in to NoLa during Katrina to rescue dogs, cats, horses, etc. and there were at least two dead Arabians (not to mention aged cart horses) she mentioned in passing.

    Clearly, John McCain must have done it.

  15. njdon, I won’t stop you from having an opinion on Bush, but there’s nothing he could or should have done that would have prevented all those people from having died three years ago. The entire reason those people died is because their local authorities failed them. If the local authorities had evacuated those people, like they did now with Gustav, only a fraction of those people would have died. In the least, those 40% of people who drowned in their homes would have been spared.

    Instead of facing that reality, Democrats continue to blame Bush for what a black mayor did to his own citizens, while Kanye West goes on national TV to seal the deal for The Narrative. I can’t wait until these same smear merchants, under an Obama administration, will be feebly explaining away why Obama isn’t responsible for loss of life in a similar situation.

    I’m tired of this bullshit partisanship where no one takes responsibility for their own actions and just blames the other party. Ken, stop being a douche bag, and try to be original for just one moment.

    Orrrrrrr, you can just be a talking parrot happily, merrily repeating the tune the media has learned you to play. Your choice.

  16. [re=78718]Seixon[/re]: too long, not funny in the least, and completely wrong. Nagin and Blanco were at least trying, but hampered by lack of cooperation from the feds, and they may well have made mistakes, but Bush was flat out AWOL.

    Now for the funny part: Suck my dick.

  17. [re=78718]Seixon[/re]: …first of all the true number of people killed during Katrina is not known, however it has been estimated at as many 4000 people were killed during the storm. This is because they can obviously only count the bodies/body parts that they find. An unknown amount of people were washed out to sea or into the surrounding swamps and will never be found(that’s a fact and every expert admits it). Also the number that quote doesn’t take into account the thousands of homeless people who obviously had no means of escape or find shelter from the storm. If they go missing no one would ever know or care that they were missing. Sniping over how many people died during Katrina is pointless because no one will ever know the true number. In regards to who is to blame, the fact that Louisiana is one of the most corrupt and ill prepared states in the country has never been secret. And the fact that Bush administration is equally incompetent only aggravated the situation. The federal government should not wait for the shit to hit the fan before they begin to mobilize that is the purpose of FEMA. And then once FEMA was finally mobilized it was horribly managed by Bushes cronies. Also the fact that NONE of National Guard units are prepared or equipped, severely impaired the governments reaction time. Living in Miamia Fl. I have seen what it looks like when the federal and state government worked the way it is intended to after a hurricane. The Bush administrations ideology has damaged our ability react to natural disasters and that’s a fact!

  18. Um, I go away for one weekend, and Wonkette is now fully owned by a strip club / porn / movie company, and there’s some douchelord regurgitating BS GOP talking points in the comments while we’re trying to joke about assfucking? Did someone break into the DC office while Ken and Sara are away and play a funny joke?


    You know, or whatever the kids say.

  19. Oh, and sex-none, or whatever the hell you’re called, I didn’t actually bother to read your crap before making fun of it, but here’s something Bush COULD have and SHOULD have done that might have prevented some of the terrible shit that went down in NOLA 3 years ago: He could have NOT hired some fucking horse trainer to be the motherfucking HEAD of the agency that is responsible for disaster response in this country, and then maybe they would have made a fucking plan and executed it so not as many people would have died. I’m sure you’d love to believe in your heart that it’s because all those BROWN people down there were so lazy and irresponsible that they couldn’t be bothered to hop in their rimmed-out welfare Hummer h3’s and only do a little light looting on their way out of town to go rape white women in Texas, but as a matter of fact there was no FUCKING WAY for a lot of them to leave. I’m sure you hopped right in your car and drove there to pitch in, though, and worked 16-hour days in the cleanup and relief effort for a week after the storm, while you and the Red Cross waited for FEMA to get off its ass and do something, right? Yeah, I think I saw you there… OH WAIT NO I DIDN’T, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  20. Simply put, Dubya merely appointed someone to “head” the agency and then gave him no political authority or support to get things done. If it falls apart there as it did, it falls apart. Nagin knew he was going to be hung out to dry. Brown was a convenient patsy.

  21. [re=78711]Mr. Dick Sprinkles[/re]: It’s exactly BECAUSE of 2004 that I have completely and utterly lost faith in the ability of people to see through even the most transparent of Rovian spin.

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