Hey you know who has been douchier than usual in the last couple of days is that Mark Halperin, the famous political reporter who thinks he knows everything but is always wrong. His website has all sorts of useful information — campaign press releases, teevee schedules, etc. — but also a constantly updated cycle of crap predictions. This edition of “Halperin’s Take” is the worst thing anyone has ever written about politics. And yesterday he predicted that billion-year-old Republican Sen. Dick Lugar would be Obama’s pick. WTF? And don’t forget this gay little stunt too, in which he mocks political reporters who like to spread the shit without any factual basis. Projecting much? God he is a twit. Why are we even writing about this twit? Who? [The Page, HuffPo]

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  1. What’s the point of Halperin being a fucking loser if he can’t reinforce that fact all the time? He’s just being what he’s supposed to be and nothing more.

  2. Halperin is *almost* as annoying as Tapper. Jakey Poo is an annoying asshat. He also thinks he’s hot because he diddled with Monica. At least Halperin knows he’s not getting laid by anyone the bible says doesn’t have to.

  3. I’m pretty sure my dog Apollo could write a better blog. And wouldn’t that be sweet, Apollo hauls down the big $$ from Time, and I drink all day.

  4. I read that fictitious VP rollout schedule and got sucked into such a void of pointlessness that four about five minutes there I thought I was Jean-Paul Sartre. Does he do fictional grocery lists too?

  5. [re=66558]Scarab[/re]: Well, there are feet in the 3trd photo, if you’re into that sort of thing. And you are, because it’s elitist.

  6. [re=66558]Scarab[/re]: I guess it takes all kinds. But whatever kind it is that prefers pale musatchioed ectomorph sandwich to the beauty that is Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Shirt gal, I don’t want to know.

  7. I almost thought this post was gag, or a completely overblown exaggeration, only to find out it was neither.

    Halperin’s pick for WALNUTS!’s VP is probably John Edwards.

  8. Meh. It’s getting late. Only reason they’d wait ’til late Friday afternoon to announce the pick is if it’s this embarassing. Halpy could be right!

  9. God, between that fictional rollout raping my eyes and the photo of Halperin looking like he might be in a hotel bathrobe, I am just irrationally angry. Must. Not. Sodomize. Halperin. It’s. Too. Much.

  10. [re=66579]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I’m just happy to see a purple ass again, even if she isn’t bending over invitingly. And no, my parents weren’t baboons.

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