• POOR BABIES: Apparently all Democratic Senators are complaining about how each is allotted only eight tickets to Barack Obama’s convention speech at Invesco Field. So everyone get together, let’s say it in unison, here we go: Aww. [Ben Smith]
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  1. Wait, isn’t this actually a compliment? It implies that the DNC recognizes that liberal, highly-educated people tend to have fewer children and smaller extended families…unlike those breeders over in the GOP, who oddly enough, rely more heavily on the government programs they decry so much to support “dey chillins”

  2. …hmmmmmmm, I sense something a little fishy with the number “8”

    8 + 1= 9

    9 inverted = 6

    6 x 111= 666

    and 666 is the mark of the beast!!!

    Barack Obama is the fukking Anti-Christ people!!!

  3. Well, since at least 8 Republican Senators in races this year are avoiding McCain’s coming out party, there should be plenty of tickets to that.

  4. It’s not just that they’re limited to 8 tickets, but it’s that they’re going to have to sleep out to get them. Chris Dodd is all like “Dude, when I slept out for Dave Matthews tickets, it sucked. The sidewalk was cold and wet and the weed we got was just skank. I got more of a headache than a high. If we’re going to have to sleep out for Obama tickets, they’re going to have to let us out of line for piss breaks and stuff.”

  5. [re=63879]Scarab[/re]: Does that make Hillary Obama’s Billy Ray Cyrus? You know, the former celebrity pathetically sneaking on camera and jealous of the newbie?

  6. [re=63883]loudmouthredhead[/re]:

    I love how repubs like to talk about how crappy government programs are while taking advantage of them. My soon to be father-in-law loves to talk about how lazy people living off the government are, while he works for a military contractor at which golf rounds , expensive dinners and vacations are constantly billed to government projects. He fails to see how he is as guilty as anyone on welfare of living off the system. If he truly believed what he claimed to believe, he’d give back his $50k/year military pension (with ‘disability’) and go work somewhere that didn’t bill the government directly. We all leech in some way or another, not seeing that is just being stupid (read: republican).

    Some of these Republicans make the Paultards look downright reasonable. (did I just say that?)


  7. “You’re saying we have to eat at McDonalds?”
    Yes. This was said.

    Yes. These people need to die.
    Everyone move to France.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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